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on March 11, 2017
I work residential construction and have been dragging my Yellow Jacket 25', 50' and 50' 10/3 cords around job sites for about 12-14 years, and the casings has finally split on my 25', which is a OSHA and WISHA violation.
I take care of my cords as best I can, when rolling them up I do it neatly, don't let them get knots, wipe them down when muddy.
They can spend weeks and months rolled out on the job site getting walked on, lumber drug over and dropped on, driven over by trucks, used and drug through the dirt, gravel, mud, snagged on any many of things, spend weeks outside in the rain and snow., they really do take a lot of abuse. They roll up easy in freezing temperatures, and better then many, so called, cold temp. cords.
There was no question what brand to get when I needed to replace a cord.
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on May 7, 2014
I use this Extension cord on my battery maintainer on one of my cars that I don't drive all the time, so I use this extension cord to hook up my battery maintainer that I have hooked to my car battery to keep it charged at all times & to keep it from draining. It works excellent. It's is really thick & heavy gauge type wire & it is really well made & I am totally satisfied with it. Yes it is a bit on the expensive side, but for my use to use outside I wanted a good heavy indoor outdoor extension cord that could hold up in all kinds of weather & this one is most definitely it. What more can I say about this Extension cord, but it's the best quality extension cord that I have ever purchased & If I ever need another I will most definitely purchase another one, because this company makes a quality extension cord that is built like a tank. Go buy yours!
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on January 6, 2015
I really like and feel safe with this cord. I finally was educated on wire size. I always wondered why previous cords got hot. It was because they were never meant to be used with small powrt tools. This cord can take almost anything you can plug into a 110 outlet. I will never buy another cord that isnt at least 12 gauge wire. I cant beleive other brands sell 16gauge extension cords. They catch fire. Ive had two. I never knew it had to do with wire size.
I am an educated consumer now.
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on September 13, 2017
I love all my Yellow Jacket extension cords.

I own this cord, a super duty 10/3 50ft (not found here at Amazon), and the 3-plug Yellow Jacket 2882 12/3 Heavy-Duty 15-Amp SJTW so I can run multiple tools.

Let me say or suggest that you will be MUCH HAPPIER with the 12/3 than the 14/3 for a very little price difference. The 12 is much beefier.
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on January 23, 2018
I purchased my yellow jacket 12/3 cord in October of 2014. It is now January 2018. I am a contractor and use this cord 6 day a week. The yellow jacket cord stays flexible and easy to wrap up down to about 15*Fahrenheit . I only use this brand of cord, " all cords colored yellow are not the same " .
Today I had to order new Yellow Jacket cords, " mine disappeared yesterday" .
In the 4.5 years of life of my cord there has been only 1 issue, the ground prong fell out, " a helper stepped on plug".
I own Yellow Jacket cords that are over 10 years old. I buy only Yellow Jacket cords "accept no substitute "
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on October 8, 2011
The "Yellow Jacket 100' 12/3 extension cord was a replacement for the 2 each 50' Yellow Jacket 12/3 cords. During power outages my neighbor allows me to connect an extension cord to his patio outlet. This allows me to power my fridge and freezer. During "IRENE" we lost power. My neighbor is on a different electrical feed so electrical service had not been interrupted. He was expecting me so I connected one 50' section to the patio outlet, threw it over the fence, ran the second 50' section to my back door. I duct taped the connections to keep out the heavy rain, raised it off the wet grass and then connected my fridge and freezer. I ordered the 100' section so that it would be a continuous run with no male/female connections that could fail. Handling one cord is easier then unwinding 2 50' sections. The 12/3 100' heavier wire prevents overheating. The lighted end shows the power is on and flowing. The yellow jacket stays flexible during the colder months. It should also be mentioned that after IRENE everyone was sold out of extension cords. AMAZON had it in stock plus lots more emergency items. AMAZON recommended the "QUICK WIND" to help wind/unwind this 100' cord that could easily tangle. The QUICK WIND is perfect.
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on October 9, 2011
This is a basic HEAVY DUTY 100foot extension cord with a 12/3 wire size. For those new to extension cord wire sizes, the lower the first number, the better... so 10 is better than 12, and 8 is better than 10. When I say better, I mean that the lower gauge (lower numbered) cords actually use a thicker wire, which contains more metal, (hopefully copper!) and thus have a better ability to conduct electricity flow, which means more power to that item which is being supplied electricity by the cord. Many home power outlets supply a maximum of 15 amps of electricity, which is about 1875 watts, but in order to convey "all" of that electricity through an extension cord, without excessive losses, the cord must be a bit heftier than the 16/3 size 100ft. cords you buy for $20 to $30 at hardware stores, warehouse clubs, and various other stores.

You really don't need a cord this thick to power most home appliances, and tools. You can run almost any 120volt device with a 16/3 thickness extension cord; however there are some applications which call for a cord of this thickness. Once such application is an electric chainsaw I recently purchased which draws a full 15 amps of power. This was the minimum thickness of 100 foot cord that was advisable for said electric chainsaw.

Extension cords are not high on features. This one does have lighted ends, which are nice "let's say" if you have a power outage, and you turn on your generator, at night, and then run an extension cord from your generator into the house... at least you'll be able to see the female end of the cord, in the dark, so that you may plug a light into it, or instead plug in your TV if that has a higher priority.

This is a nice extension cord and there are many cords, at local stores, which are less expensive but appear to have the same thickness as this one. This is an illusion! If stores are selling a 100ft. cord which is as thick as this one, and the price is much lower, it's because their cord is a small wire cord which has a very very thick plastic insulation around it. Thick plastic insulation is a gimmick and is no substitute for the numbers. The numbers for this cord are 12/3 and the numbers for the cheaper immitation at your local store are probably much higher and thus much inferior. Remember, plastic does not conduct electricity, so you don't want thick plastic... you want thick metal. With quality cords, such as this one, the metal wire inside the plastic insulation is copper and thick copper at that! Copper is super expensive, so when you pay that extra money to get this cord, it's because you are paying for all that copper... and you will know it when you hold this cord because it is noticeably heavier than the cheapy cords. Buy this cord and hold onto it for 20 years, and you might be able to melt it down, for the copper, and finance your kid's education with the money from selling the copper... but, don't hold your breath on the price of copper going to $6000 per pound.

If you do buy this 12/3 cord, you'll appreciate that it is almost impossible to get this cord permanently twisted and tangled, which invariably happens to the 16/3 cheapy cords.

Seniors would do well to think twice before buying this cord, though, because some may liken moving this cord around to dragging an elephant by the tail. For everyone else who needs a thick, quality, HEAVY DUTY extension cord, this one fits the bill nicely.
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on December 12, 2017
The thing that I really LIKE about this extension cord is that I feel safe using it... "safe" in that it will NOT cause my barn to burn down by being under size and unable to carry a load. Been there , done that -- with another brand / and size of wire.
This cord has some balls. I bought THREE of them to reach out 150 feel.
I especially like the power on indicator light, built into the clear plastic plug. If it ain't glowing , you ain't mowing.
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on July 28, 2013
This cord is a nice cord. I was worried about the other reviews which cast some doubt in my mind whether this cord would measure up. I am doing woodworking in my garage and my planer uses a lot of current. My 14 gauge cord was heating up. I wanted a 12 gauge cord which is the same size conducter as the circuit in the wall. I did not like having a voltage drop significant enough to heat the cord. I am pretty fussy about my tools and if there was something to complain about, I would. I feel lucky to have found a 25 foot cord with 12 gauge wire. I like mine so well that I have ordered a second one. I will update this review if either of the cord ends fail. If they do fail, I will replace them with high quality Coleman Cable 05991 Replacement Yellow Nylon NEMA 5-15R 15-Amp Dust-Tight Cord End, Female Outlet cord ends.
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on January 28, 2017
Used the cable for a Snow Joe electric snowthrower. It worked well in the snow, retaining flexibility in single digit temperatures (F). I haven't had occasion to use it in the summer yet, but it shouldn't have any issues (MI summers aren't known for being 100+ degrees). The lights aren't that great/bright, but I didn't really need them in the first place. They'd probably show up just fine in the dark, for what it's worth.
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