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on April 23, 2016
I actually listened to the audio version. I was a little confused at first because I expected a "narrative" like most "how to" books. But this was different. It was actually a well told and thought provoking story that brings the reader into a life situation and walks us through problem and solutions in an intriguing way. The lessons it presents and teaches, you "live through" in the story and I think the impact was much greater than having a "guru" walk you through logic and effect. Assuming the part of the lead character in the story you're brought through life changing wisdom. Highly recommend it. If you're on the road a lot, the audio version is a great way to take advantage of unproductive driving time.
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on April 29, 2017
As a real estate broker who suffers from an irrational fear of prospecting, this book was very empowering.

"Your fear of hearing the word NO is the only thing standing between you and greatness." Love this.

A willingness to fail isn’t enough. A wantingness to fail, actually seeking “no’s is what’s needed. When you develop a true wantingness to fail, rejection starts being fun! You can decide to make each no you receive and every rejection you encounter something that empowers you so that instead of avoiding rejection, you decide to seek rejection.

The most empowering word in the world is not yes… the most empowering word in the world is NO.

This was a very quick, easy read. I also recommend their companion book, The Fear Factory. Both are short, quick reads with lots of great content.
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on July 18, 2017
This was a GREAT book that totally made me view rejection/failure in a different light. Studies show that 80-98% of prospects a salesperson calls, say NO on the first call, funny thing, the one's that do say yes on the first call, you probably don't want anyway, with that being said, rejection can still sting a bit. This book definitely makes you view getting a 'no' differently, it takes the fear out of it, makes you reexamine yourself and your mindset.
I would recommend this book to anyone, not just if you're in sales, if you're fearful of hearing NO or getting rejected then get this book!!
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on October 5, 2015
This book is a must read for ANYONE in sales, customer acquisition/retention, or MLM. It is a relatively quick read, but thoroughly enjoyable. I was challenged to "go for no" by my Sr. Vice President prior to reading the book. I discovered that "yes" showed up when I wasn't hunting for it. I needed to meet our team's "no" quotient before the deadline and time was running out! The fear to dial disappeared because the thing I was afraid of (hearing a rejection) was now what I was searching for instead! Powerful!
The authors explain why rethinking long established concepts of rejection and failure is foundational to securing success. I'm glad I purchased this book!
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I'm not a salesman YET but trying to get up to speed on how to be a great one if for nothing else to know how to market and help serve people better with integrity. People can't buy and use things that will make their life easier without someone bringing it to their attention. So I'm researching the best way to do that.

I found this book to be really easy to read, read it in one sitting which is rare for me. It was really some great stuff to think about and helped me see things in a different way. I gave this book out to several people because I felt that it could really help them and they loved it to. Is it the best book I've read, no but it was good enough to earn 5 stars from me. It's really about pushing yourself past the lid and finding that you can do more than you ever thought or imagined possible. I hope you love this book and get a lot of yes in the midst of the sea of no's ;)
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on June 18, 2014
I've been pretty successful over the past 24 years in sales. I've got an office full of awards and boxes more at home. I've been exposed to some powerful teaching and learned I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.

What I DIDN'T do was 'go for no' - I hated no! This book taught me to embrace it. It also slapped me upside the head! I can't tell you the number of times I quit on a phone session or called it a great day just because I had a few yes replies or sold a few.

As I am building a sales department now - we are all using this book for our model. We talk in terms of NO's we've gotten - we challenge each other for more No's - and our sales are ridiculous - even by our prior (very) successful standards!

My last buy was 5 copies....we will need more!
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on September 17, 2016
This book, is by far the most memorable. The author(Richard Fenton), portrays himself in an alternate life. What better way to illustrate the difference in life choices?! The principles in this book are both practical, and life changing! Don't take my word for it, get a copy for yourself. You will not regret it!

Two things will happen if you read this book... You will either realize what you could be doing, and do it; or choose to ignore the principals. I have used them, and they never fail to pull through.
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on September 16, 2012
Before you buy this book, you need to know that this is not written as an informational book but as a novel-type in its style. Second, you must understand that early on the novel is not exactly super easy to follow, until he gets to the meatier part of the book near chapter 10 or so (however, you need to read the early chapters).

I actually bought - and finished - this book in two sittings this afternoon (I was interrupted by needing to run an errand or two). That's saying a lot, as I'm not generally a very focused reader. I usually have to pause a lot but with this book I was able to stay focused and read right through.

Many of the things he says are echoed by many other sales experts, so the foundation is quite solid.

What makes this book unique is that you are taught to pursue "NO"s in your goals and quotas for the day or week, and that you can get multiples from the same person to be included in that quota (if a person tells you "NO" multiple times, that means you're being persistent and that's a good thing, given that the average person closes after the 5th attempt to close them, which few people ever get to).

In short, by way of story, you learn how to rethink and refocus your goals - and that's a good thing.

I am extremely glad I read this book and when I have a sales team in the future, they'll be reading this too.

Buy it, read it, digest it, and let it change your goals - and your life.
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on April 5, 2013
If you knew there was a single book that had the potential to forever change your thinking about success and failure and propel you to CERTAIN success would you want to know more about it?
If you knew there was a single book that had the potential to forever change your thinking about success and failure and propel you to CERTAIN success would you want to read it? Where to get it? How much it costs? Listen UP. Business owner or not-- here is GOOD stuff coming to you. I recently read a book by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. It is listed on and has 197 reviews, which in and of itself is incredible. Almost 200 reviews. A whopping 168 of those are five stars. Another 22 are four stars. So, 190 out of 197 reviews are above 4 stars. What's the book? "Go For No." How you have been taught to think about success and more importantly "failure" has probably been backward. Warning--the book is great BUT the concept is addicting. If you are a high functioning performer you need only read the book. But then if you are a 'performer' you will probably WANT more. If you, like me, have had "issues" getting out your front door you NEED this. There is plenty more training on their website which is phenomenal. For the timid among you-- here is my testimonial. I completed the bulk of the training yesterday-- in a single day!! This morning I put it into practice "collecting" no after no, maintaining a perfectly calm attitude. In the end I didn't get what I was 'wanting' I got something far more valuable. Through the training I had BECOME someone different, able to 'collect' no's calmly, indifferently and most importantly ENJOYING the process. I will continue to reprogram my mind to incorporate this into my everyday experience. Yes, there is a product for that too.

Oh, but I am NOT in sales!! Yes, you are. If you have ever tried to influence another person--to buy a product, see a movie, go to your favorite restaurant, see your point of view or encouraged a child to eat peas-- YOU are in sales.

Oh, you are BRAINWASHED!! I agree and admit my brain needed washing.

I have no affiliate connection and will not profit in any way from the sale of this book. I WILL sleep better knowing I tried to influence you in a right direction.
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Very powerful. Very short. About 1 hour. That is why I gave this 4☆'so instead of 5☆'s.
I would buy this again.
Just been programmed throughout life to expect an audiook to be 10 to 12 hours long.
This does exactly what it is supposed to do in 1 hour, and actually, only the last 20 minutes finally get to the meat.
But... those last 20 minutes are honest-to-God life changing.
Wish I had this back as a young man.
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