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on April 12, 2012
Sean Platt & David Wright came up with a pretty good marketing scheme. Offer the first two episodes of Yesterdays's Gone Free and see if they could "hook" some new readers. Well, they GOT me! I really enjoyed the 1st episode and did not wait too long to get started on Episode 2. I normally like to take a pause between books in a series, but I can see that approach will not work here. I am going to break down and buy Yesterday's Gone: Season One. With 4 more episodes to go, it is cheaper to pay $5 for all 6 episodes than buy the remaining 4 books at $2.99 per ($5 vs almost $12). While I enjoyed the free episode 1, I wanted to wait until I read episode 2 to make sure the quality was still there and that the authors would not go off on a tangent somewhere. Oh, they introduced some new story elements, but the suspenseful writing and great cast of characters was still there. I will buy Season 1, but still pace out the episodes. A great series if you enjoy The Stand or Swan Song.

I did not think I would enjoy reading a story told in episodes, but it is working great with Yesterday's Gone. Now I have gone onto another series told in this format: Double Barrel: Episodes 1 & 2 by Grey West. And I still have all the episodes of Season 2 to look forward to reading. 5 stars easy.
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on January 31, 2012
The author really did what he set out to do with creating a cliff hanger series. I "purchased" episode 1 and 2 because they were free and the story sounded interesting. I love end of the world, post apocolypse, ane zombie books so this seemed to fit in. Now I'm going to have to spend some money and actually pay for additional episodes because I am hooked. I love how the story is told from all the different people. I get the feeling of Stephen King in the Stand or Swan Song.... knowing that these stories are somehow going to intersect but have no idea how or why. I only hope it isn't a let down... I say that because I really can't imagine what has actually occurred so the author must have a great imagniation or it will be a let down.

On a side note I do agree with another review that it can be difficult to keep up with who the story is being told by. THere are a wide variety of characters and without switching back to the last story (a pain to do on a kindle) it sometimes takes a page of reading to remember where that person left off in their last narrative. Great story telling though.
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on February 8, 2012
"Yesterday's Gone: Episode 2" is the second in a six part post-apocalyptic serial thriller by co-authors Sean Platt and David Wright. This book was obtained at the Kindle store... it was 242 Kb download and free at the time of writing this review.


The book continues to follow the journeys of our six protagonists and the few people they've picked-up along the way.
A strange and dangerous entity has made its appearance on a couple of occassion, making the prime goal at this point one of survival and self preservatiion. The gathering of food, water, gas and weapons while attemping to find some place of refuge has become a priority.


What gives this graphic horror tale a positive edge over many apocalyptic/nightmare type stories is its attention to the personality development of its main characters... that and the variety of personality types within this surviving group. As the old cliche says, 'It takes all types to make the world go round'... and this unsettling situation is no exception.

A great second book: a terrific series so far.

5 Stars

Ray Nicholson
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on January 7, 2013
I read episode one of this series a few days ago and eagerly wanted to get into the second. You definitely need to have read the episode one first before beginning this one as it assumes you are familiar with all the characters and doesn't waste time rehashing events of the past or introducing them to you again. The second episode introduces a few new characters as the ones from Episode one encounter them. It also becomes a bit more bizarre and they also encounter or experience other things. I would have preferred to have seen a bit more of living as last person/people on earth that they know of before this stage but that's not such a big deal. The series is also getting a little bit more complicated and out there, we haven't yet got anywhere near Lost stage of things, but there's potential for that to happen. I also thought some questions open from Episode One might have been answered such as how did the stepdad know his stepson was in the house he was, or even was still alive, but maybe they'll get answered later on. Still I've now downloaded all of the first and second season so we'll see what happens. It's an addictive series and Episode 2 definitely ends with a cliff hanger type event.
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on March 6, 2012
I received the first and second episode of this story FREE on my kindle, which is how I find a lot of new authors. I have never read a book in "episodes", so was a little surprised when book one ended so abrubtly, until I went hunting for the 2nd one. This is a really good series and will keep you wanting more. If it weren't for Kindle's TTS, I would never get any work done. This series actually makes my housework enjoyable, since the story is so exciting. This second one in the series is just as exciting as the first!!

Both my husband and I are now reading this series. He is enjoying it as much as I am. We then bought Season 1, which I was hoping was going to be the end...NOT, because its not a good IS. VERY MUCH...but I have over 700 FREE books on my kindle that need to be read...LOL
If you like "The Walking Dead", this is similar to that, except without the zombies...its a twist off of that, with something cooler, imo. I love the various characters, with more than one favorite. This is a GOOD book, but it is very addicting, since it comes in "episodes", so while the book seems short, there is more to the story. (This is my first book series that came in "episodes")
But because this is such a good, engrossing, end-of-the-world book, I relented and bought episode 7, as well, which I just finished. I think I am going to MAKE myself wait til the end of Season 2 and buy the season as a whole...that way I can savor it a bit more, vs flying through it. I can't seem to get much work done, cause I can't put the book down. It is THAT good. It would be cool to see this as a TV series some day...but now that I am hooked, I hope they can keep coming up with new episodes for this story.
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on October 28, 2012
After reading the first episode of Yesterday's Gone I had to read the second. Now that i've read the second, i'm going to just purchase the first season. I love this season so far. As far as people complaining about too many viewpoints, I think thats malarky. At first i may not have remembered the name of someone, but as I read the story I was reminded. By the end of episode 2 I had memorized most of them. So to me that was no big deal. As for the character Luca, I don't understand why people are complaining. Maybe he has autism or something, maybe he doesn't. What does it matter? I enjoyed all aspects of this story. I say, get into this series and see if you like it for yourself. I highly recommend this series! Many thanks to Sean and Dave.
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on August 10, 2012
As several other reviewers have noted, Platt & Wright have a brilliant marketing thing going on - offer the first two episodes free to get people hooked, and then many (like me) start buying the rest or adding them to wish lists.

Episode 2 continues the seemingly post-apocalyptic adventures of a random group of strangers who were left behind when the rest of the world disappeared. While following along with each individual story line is sometimes difficult, I'm finding it is an easier task now that I am getting to know the characters better. The series is definitely a page-turner and has me addicted, wanting to know what happened and what will happen next. Definitely not for everyone, but I'm enjoying it so far!
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on January 13, 2012
At first I didn't think I'd like a serialized story. What? ME wait for the next installment? Ms. Impatient! But man, am I glad I gave in. The whole series is addicting, you'll love AND hate the characters and go absolutely insane waiting for the next installment. Well, insane in a good way! Not your typical "end of the world" saga...MUCH more than that. Trust me on this one...start at #1 and you'll be begging for more. But, there ARE more installments headed our way and honestly, I'd LOVE to see this as a TV show or movie(s). Captivating! Good job guys! Now, get busy writing!
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on September 10, 2012
While I have not finished this book, let alone the whole series yet, I am enthralled in the directions this book is taking. I am incredibly hooked now & am excited to see where the adventure goes. It seems that this book is starting to take it out of typical-end-of-world series & into the sci-fi spectrum, but since I LOVE sci-fi, this is an incredibly happy surprise for me! Would absolutely recommend this series to another sci-fi enthusiast!
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on September 17, 2012
I loved the first and the second! can't wait to see what happens. it kind of reminds me of robert mccammons swan song, it has that kind of feel. i definitely recommend!
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