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on April 19, 2012
Over 40 now, I have always been active, but this winter I had a sudden onset of back pain and weakness in my muscles. This DVD is not difficult, but the stretches you do, do amazing things for your body. I could feel and briefly hear things realign the first time I used it. With each use I gained even more flexibility, and pain dissipated after the first viewing and disappeared after the second! Amazing... when you do the exercises you think they are so easy... but the results are literally healing! This DVD is for everyone - young or old! Highly Recommend!
p.s. DVD works well on Mac.

Hello again... I see some follow-up questions are being asked, so posting the DVD description to clarify.

"In Easy Yoga for Easing Pain, Peggy provides a path to relief for you if you suffer from varying levels of pain in your muscles or joints. Peggy's newest routine demonstrates yoga movements that can increase your flexibility, reduce joint pain, even combat fatigue and enhance overall wellbeing.

Unrelenting joint pain can be a result of arthritis, injury, or repetitive motion, and it can affect anyone. All too often, pain becomes a vicious cycle, making us hesitant to be active.

This gentle yoga workout presents a reasonable plan to help pain sufferers overcome this cycle and transform their lives.

This four-part yoga routine includes:

Seated exercises and yoga poses for the upper body.
Seated exercise and yoga poses for the lower body.
Standing yoga sequence for the hips and legs, with the aid of a chair if needed.
Relaxation and meditation.

Plus, there are 3 BONUS sections on Easy Yoga for Easing Pain:

Resistance Band Exercise, using stretchy bands to both warm-up and strengthen core muscles in your shoulders, upper back, and chest.
Bounce and Shake, a tried-and-true, simple exercise from Qi Gong that is fun, easy, and has the ability to generate energy throughout your body.
Documentary: Meet Peggy's real-life students whose aches and pains were eased with the introduction of a simple yoga routine.

Easy Yoga for Easing Pain - Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD Contents
Track Title/Description Time
1 Introduction 6:20
2 Part 1: Upper Body: Seated Exercises and Yoga Poses 11:30
3 Part 2: Lower Body: Seated Exercises and Yoga Poses 14:34
4 Part 3: Standing Yoga Sequence for the Hips and Legs 18:44
5 Part 4: Relaxation and Meditation 9:31
6 Bonus - Resistance Band Exercises 13:38
7 Bonus - Bounce and Shake 4:54
8 Bonus - Documentary: Easing Pain Through Yoga 37:30
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on August 5, 2012
Upon receiving Peggy Cappy's DVD I was hesitate not knowing if it would suit me. I am a sixty-four year old who walks every day and tries to stay healthy for my grandchildren. I did the first exercise of stretching and quickly felt the results in my body to know how out of shape I really was. Knowing walking alone just didn't cut it, that I needed to relax those muscles that Peggy talks about. I love the meditation at the end, it is truly a great DVD for anyone who is beginning Yoga as I am. I would say get this DVD (as advertised on PBS) and you will love it. There is so much on it to stretching, to meditation, bouncing, and using tension bands. Well worth the money compared to some of the nonsense out there. I hope this review helps since I also turn to reviews to see how people like different products, it's very helpful. Good luck, as I am thrilled with this DVD.
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on April 23, 2012
Yoga is slower than msny other forms of exercise - more stretching than many./ This is even easier - lots of time in chairs - not all up and down using your legs - easier that a lot of other tapes/dvd. Easier on older bones & joints.
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on October 6, 2017
I'd pretty much mastered Penny's Yoga for Arthritis DVD, so I thought I'd graduate to this one. Not my favorite. Warm up is too short for my liking and having been in severe pain before a joint replacement, there is no way someone in pain can do some of these exercises. While I do like the hip exercises, the balance exercises would be nearly impossible for someone in pain. Now that I recovered, I'll practice to achieve the poses. Plus it's just too short in duration. About a quarter is relaxation. As for the production, one minor annoyance is that the camera concentrates on the faces and you're left guessing on placement of anything above or below the area the camera concentrates on. You never see the entire pose to check your own placement.
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on April 22, 2014
Peggy Cappy is amazing. She seems to "get it" where so many others do not understand what it is like for those of us with chronic pain. She goes just slow enough for us to keep up, yet not so slow that we're bored. Her voice is nice, and calming. I've done many of these type of videos, but have lost interest in the first couple times that I did it....not so with this one. I wake up WANTING to do yoga with Peggy!

Fibromyalgia has taken a good bit of my life, a good decade...and I KNOW the less I move, the LESS I MOVE. This video makes me WANT to move....and I feel better after I do the entire video!! It's amazing... :) I have hope that this video will begin to give me my life back. I want to walk my dog without having to stop and take a pain break every 5 minutes. I want to clean my kitchen floor without having to put pain patches all over my achey body. I want to take a bath because I want a bath, not because I must have a medicated bath to ease the pain that seizes my entire body, from head to toe. My wants are simple for most people...but for those of us with Chronic pain, it seems miraculous.

Finally a video that really motivates me. Instead of taking my morning medications today, then laying back down for an hour for them to kick in, I did this video. This is a major thing for me....I actually did the exercises and stretching routines BEFORE my morning medictions kicked in.

I found that I felt much better than I have in the MORNING than I have in a decade. Mornings are notoriously bad for those of us with fibro and arthritis. We've been in one position all night, and I can barely walk most mornings much less think about doing an exercise video.

You might want to invest in a foam block to use for some of the stretches because it works much better than a folded blanket that is the alternative. You also need a stretch band/exercise band. I got mine for free in physical therapy...Btw, THIS video has done more for me in two days than a month of physical therapy did!

If you have chronic pain, fibro/arthritis/gout/RA/OA anything that causes your body pain, please do yourself a favor and spend the 10 bucks and do this video every day. I will update in about a month, and I know that I will feel better...mind, and body!

I finally have hope....and that is saying a lot. Fibro takes hope away from many of us....Peggy Cappy has found a way to give it back!! Saying this is a miracle is not a stretch for me!
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on May 26, 2012
I was so happy to see this on Amazon - best price. This EASY YOGA for EASING PAIN is a great workout. I have vertigo so I can't do all the yoga workouts I used to do. The older I get -63 - the more I need to stretch. I felt like I got a good stretch workout from this DVD. [[ASIN:B000V5YP1O Yoga for the Rest of Us - Back Care Basics]
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on April 15, 2012
I got this for my mom that can't walk very well and has breathing problems. She loves it. It really does ease pain and her breathing has improved. She look forward to doing yoga now. She was in so much pain before and didn't want to workout. Now she does workouts everyday since it makes her feel so much better. This video is a must have for people with limited mobility!
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on July 22, 2015
I wanted to add to the reviews here because this DVD is already doing wonderful things for me. I'm 30, and was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis last year - I've had chronic pain issues for about 4 years. Before my pain started, I loved yoga and had gotten into doing it regularly - I was still a beginner and most of what I did was quite gentle, but I knew what I was doing. Over the last few years, whenever I've tried to do any kind of poses on my own or following my old favorite DVD's, no matter how gentle, I would be in pain afterward (and not the good kind of pain either). It was extraordinarily frustrating, but I finally figured that I needed to find DVD routines specifically targeted for people with chronic pain and/or arthritis so that the poses that could hurt me or aggravate my pain could be automatically weeded out.

I saw this DVD here on Amazon, and after I read the description I was a bit skeptical. The routines seemed fairly basic, on the shorter side, and the hurt pride part of me was sort of offended at the idea of doing yoga in a chair =). Hard to get used to the limitations your body can set on you. In any case, I decided to pick this up based solely on the reviews and how enthusiastic people seemed to be about Peggy Cappy's materials.

And the enthusiasm was warranted. This ended up being precisely what I needed. I needed a set of routines that could be strung together if I wanted to do them all the way through, or broken up if I only felt up to doing one or two at a time. I actually didn't realize I needed this until I used the DVD =). I also needed a practitioner who felt calming and friendly and like someone who's face I wanted to look at every day to get into a regular practice - so far so good, I really like her style. And her sidekick who demonstrates alternative poses is pretty funny =).

Finally and most important, I really needed a routine that would get to the point and guide me carefully through poses that both respected the limitations of my body, but also challenged it to function better. After making it all the way through her set of routines, I have to say this really does both. I was pretty surprised. Even the chair stuff really challenged my joints, muscles, and muscle attachments in a positive way. The after-effect lasts for a few days - my anxiety has gone down, and I'm actually sore in a POSITIVE way that I remember from having done yoga before - she's gently challenging my body in a way it truly needed.

So in sum this is really great for me - if there's anyone out there who's story is similar to mine, this might be a great fit. The only thing wrong with this DVD is that I wish there was more on it!
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on April 17, 2013
For someone that has never ever done yoga before, I was having a hard time keeping up, thinking it was just me I kept trying. My husband walked in and didn't see it, just heard her and said "she needs to go slower". I thought the breathing was suppose to be slow and deep, I almost felt like I was panting to keep up. I will probably save this Dvd for when I get better at it but I don't feel this was a good one for true beginners. I'm also not sure I was doing some correctly because my back hurt for several days after.
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on July 11, 2016
If you are a senior in pain and want to become flexible again , this is the DVD for you. I am recovering from cancer and surgery and this is really helping me to do that. She eases you into everything and you can tell that she knows how to help older people without hurting you. I will probably get more in this series after I do this for awhile. There is also bonus features on this using resistance bands I am finding very useful. I cannot say enough about how good this DVD is for people in pain and seniors who need to really start out slow. I still find it challenging even though I used to teach yoga myself, but that was a long time ago. I have arthiritic thumb joints and she doesn't strain any part of the body while still giving you a good workout. Too many yoga tapes are one downward dog , plank, and floor exercises after another which is almost impossible for some people who are older. Peggy warms you up and works you out while taking care that you don't hurt yourself.
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