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on January 27, 2013
I originally got the "Your Are Your Own Gym" book, and while I liked it, trying to figure out exactly how to do the exercises correctly just by reading about them was daunting. Plus I have a Kindle edition, so it was difficult to flip back and forth from the exercise descriptions to the lists of workouts he recommends. Frankly, I gave up.

When I found out there would be a DVD, I ordered it as soon as it was available - and it's GREAT. Being able to see the exercises eliminated all my confusion. There are three discs, and I've only done the Novice one (Disc 1), but IT IS A WORKOUT. Or it can be, if you try to get your form as correct as possible. Don't worry if you're really out of shape, Mark tells you to take things at your own pace and slowly build your strength and endurance. He's also big on safety and avoiding injury.

I like the simplicity of the individual workouts - nothing fancy, no crazy moves, nothing complicated (at least at the Novice level). The workouts can be intense, but they're short: 20-30 minutes from Warm Up through the exercises and the Cool Down. It's something I can see myself doing over the long term and sticking to, with room to move up to the Intermediate and Advanced levels. I also like the music.

Most of all, I like Mark's demeanor. He's very calm, low-key, but keeps urging you (not in a macho way, more of a supportive way) to push through discomfort and do your best. I've got a fitness product by another guy, and while it's good, I don't like the over-the-top "HOO-YAH! YEAAAHHHH!" tone the other guy takes. Mark is non-intimidating, totally real and down-to-earth, but firm and no-nonsense. It's the difference between, "Okay, let's do this" (Mark) and "YEAAAAH, BOO-YAH, COME ON, ARRRRRR!" (other dude). I like the calmer approach. And I like that his recurring message is, "Just keep coming back. Consistency is what's going to make you better." It's a nice way to motivate you to make a big life change.
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on August 28, 2014
Honestly, I have never enjoyed working out until now. I'm not just saying that. I've tried nearly every workout program under the sun it seems, and I've even had a personal trainer who got me tremendous results, but I never ENJOYED it and they usually cost me an arm and a leg.

The problem with the most popular workout DVDs (P90X, Insanity, 30 Day Shred, etc.) is that they were promising this incredible transformation in such a short amount of time, but at the expense of usually an hour of my day around 6 days a week. Sure, I've tried to convince myself to commit to the program, stop making excuses, and stick with it... but what ends up happening? I burned out. It wasn't for beginners, and those immediate results are often what beginners crave. I, like many other, thought more exercise meant better, faster results. But instead I ended up getting sick from pushing myself too hard, too soon, and eventually would quit after a couple of weeks. I've tried running on my own, but I found that cardio simply didn't shape my body the way I wanted it to look. My body didn't feel strong as a whole and running became very monotonous and boring. I did tons of research and decided that I wanted to go back to the basics and build a strong foundation of strength through bodyweight workouts. This is when I found You Are Your Own Gym.

I have only been using this DVD for 6 weeks, but I feel that this is just the beginning to what I feel is a lifelong love for bodyweight exercises. It's perfect really -- it requires no equipment, much less time than cardio, and it's a better full body workout. Using your own bodyweight allows you to use several different muscle groups at once, as opposed to isolating a particular muscle like your biceps doing dumbbell curls. One exercise in You Are Your Own Gym, for example, is a mountain climber variation in which you stand in a push up position, and alternate bringing one knee to the opposite elbow and repeating on the other side. This uses not only your core, but also your shoulders, your hips, your arms, etc. And the way that Mark Lauren explains and demonstrates each move is spot on. He performs them with you so you are just following along, and each move is performed perfectly. The pace at which is performs each rep is a bit slower, but not too slow. Basically, it's just fast enough to know that I am focusing on performing each rep correctly, safely, and that each rep is effective. Why waste your time rushing through a workout so quickly, risking injury? When you perform each move correctly, the right muscles are being engaged.

The format of You Are Your Own Gym is laid out perfectly, allowing someone like myself who hadn't worked out much for nearly a year, to start with the basics and build from that when I was ready. I will admit that the Novice DVD will be difficult for TRUE beginners, but I think it is well worth it to modify each move as best as possible, or just do less reps and do more each time as your body is ready.

I am completely serious when I say that I look forward to every single one of my workouts and I have to stop myself from doing them too often. Your body needs time to recover muscles. I'm on the Intermediate DVD and feeling my body getting stronger with each workout. I have shed a very noticeable amount of fat so far (with a clean diet) and now the definition in my muscles are beginning to show. My legs are no longer jiggly and the cellulite is disappearing. I feel solid and I have so much energy every day. I can't believe I am finally one of those people that LIKES working out. I give 100% of the credit to this DVD. I plan on buying the EFX DVD after I complete You Are Your Own Gym, and I can't wait to see how far I can get with my progressions. I highly recommend this DVD. Do yourself a favor and try it out. It's a one time fee and so reasonably priced anyway. Good luck!
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on March 20, 2014
I am in the 5th week of using the Novice workout. I do each of the Novice workouts once each week. My shoulder that I was suffering from tendinitis is almost healed from these workouts. My back has never felt better (I 'm a former Marine and get shots for my lower back at the VA once every 8 weeks. I'm starting to see some shape in the midsection and I've lost 16 lbs. Not any extreme difference in bodyfat yet but I am definitely getting toned. It appears I need to up my protein if the bodyfat is going to come off. FYI, I went to college to be a fitness specialist and have been a big advocate of weightlifting for years and no more. You will find these exercises require the body to actual do something other than lying on a weight bench and more muscle groups are brought into play because of the physical nature of this video. I have the book also and will be using those workouts programs once I make it through all three dvd's of this collection.
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on March 24, 2017
I ordered this video because I was looking to start weight-training again, but didn't want to go to the gym and worry about equipment. I was doing heavy lifting and cardio in my program previously, focusing on heavy loads. I'm a former advanced exerciser who took a loooong break due to burnout physically and mentally. I thought maybe Mark's program would help me begin again, in a more balanced fashion.

Mark's program is fantastic. I left my ego at the door and started with the Novice level, just to make sure I was up to this. It was the right decision. His workouts are easy to understand (not always easy to follow because he demands HARD WORK from you) and I LOVE that he does the whole thing, rep for rep, right there with you. He demonstrates each move so that you know proper form. He explains in simple terms so you understand and follow quickly. He's not obnoxious with the motivation and encouragement - he's low-key and sincere. The variety is great, I find myself excited to get up and put his video in on training mornings.

The DVDS have a warm-up, 3 different workouts, and a cool down. I love that the cool down comes on immediately after the workout portion so that I don't have to stop, pick up the remote, and select it from the main menu. The time goes really fast - it's always a surprise to me when he says the workout is over.

The program is set for you to work out every other day - like MWF, or T TH S. I find that I am challenged enough to feel like I got a great workout, but I'm not wasted at the end. I feel invigorated. I am able to do other workouts on the off days like bootcamp cardio (running, jumping jacks, squat thrusts, agility drills, etc), yoga, etc.

I'm 40 years old, female. I found the Novice level challenging enough as I retrain myself and rebuild my endurance and strength. I look forward to dominating the Novice level and progressing to Intermediate.
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on January 20, 2014
Mr. Lauren is very encouraging, and a much different way of keeping the participant motivated. He offered encouragement to keep going during the exercises and to hopefully keep trying and returning to use this DVD. It was NOT what I expected from someone who trains military personnel. It seems as though he WANTS you to be successful. I like the varying "experience" levels of the DVD, so that as you master one part of the "program", it takes you to a new level! It doesn't just pound you to the ground right out of the starting blocks!
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on August 31, 2013
I'm going to be 58 in a month and I decided to give myself a fitter body for my birthday, so I bought all 3--the DVD, book and app. I'm in moderately good shape already--I walk regularly and lift weights (although I'm no body builder, by any means). I've been eating Paleo (which is what Mark seems to recommend) for over a year now, with good results, mainly in feeling better (not weight loss). I'm 5'9" and 162 lbs, BMI of 23.9 (at the top of the healthy range). My measurements are 40.5, 33, 41. According to my scale, I've got 24.3% body fat and 32.6% muscle. Haven't yet tried the workouts, but can give feedback from having looked carefully at all three. Will edit this after my first 10 week cycle, to report the results.

First, I thought the DVD was a video version of the book. It isn't. It draws from the set of exercises described and pictured in the book, but the workouts are not the same as the workouts in the book. They consist of different exercises and they recommend fewer sessions per week. The book, for example, recommends 4-5 20-30 minute sessions/week, while the video recommends 3 sessions/week. In the novice section, which I've watched but not yet tried, the workouts vary from 22-27 minutes/day. The book has 4 levels of fitness, while the DVD has 3.

The strengths of the DVD over the book are: 1) It starts each exercise with an anatomical visual of Mark's body with the muscles that are being worked out highlighted. I think this will help me with proper form, because I'll know which muscle groups should be getting more tired. 2) The exercises are right there, being enacted in front of you, so you learn by watching and doing. Reading descriptions in a book just can't be as effective a way to learn. With the DVD, you don't have to page back and forth between the chart of program exercises and the description of the exercise and try to figure out how to do it. You just watch and do. 3) The DVD times your workout, so you can focus on learning proper form instead of timing.

Second, while the DVD and book aren't just 2 different versions of the same thing, the book and app do seem to be just that. The 10 week programs are the same, but the app gives little video demonstrations of each exercise (if you remember to download the separate, free video add in). The app also has a timer, so you don't have to think about timing yourself.

I think all 3 forms are valuable, for different points in the process of learning a new training program, and for people who have different learning styles. The video is great for the complete beginner, since it spells everything out and times you and takes you through the workouts. You don't have to page back and forth or time yourself, or mess with your phone, pushing on the next exercise. With only 3 workouts/week, it also allows for more recovery time during the period where your body is making the most adjustment to a new training system.

The book/app has greater variety and allows someone who wants to to design their own program. I'd recommend it to people who have greater experience with this kind of training. If you want to keep the cost really low, the app seems to have most of the info you'd need to get going and see results. But the book has a lot of great info that's not in the app--detailed descriptions of the exercises, for example. I think they deliver the program best in combination--study the book and video portions of the app as you learn the exercises, and then use the app to guide you through individual workout sessions.

To the folks who put these materials together, I'd recommend that you do the following:
1) The video needs more clear information about how to use it. It's set up in 5 sections: warm up, timed sets, ladder sets, circuit training, cool down. You don't say how to use these, so the viewer wonders, do I do all of these each of the 3 days? From having the book, I can figure that it makes sense to do the warm up and cool down and one of the other sections each day. But it's best to spell these kinds of things out.
2) Repeat the index of exercises (p. 55) back near the program chapter of the book and/or list it in the Table of Contents. I didn't see it at first, looked for it in the back of the book. People don't look at a book like this from one page to the next to the next. This is a really important page, so you want to make sure people find it. And it would be easier if it were located right by the programs. Less paging around to do.

Okay, that's it. My morning coffee has settled in. It's time for me to hit my YAYOG gym! I'll report back after 10 weeks.
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on December 9, 2015
I am really a big fan of Mark Lauren. I've done his EFX and mobility workouts. I just ordered this DVD set a month or so ago, and wish I had purchased it first. It's really a much better starting point than EFX, and serves as a great workout when you are in a time crunch. These workouts are shorter, but they can bring plenty of intensity. I have not done the advanced workouts yet, but imagine they are closer to the EFX workouts which can be VERY intense.

I am fairly experienced weight lifter, and have found great benefit by doing these body weight workouts. They are deceptively hard, and will challenge your strength, mobility and cardio. Some of the moves may be difficult because of lack of mobility, but there are ways of modifying, I suggest you check out the book for potential substitutes (I have trouble with his Military press, so I modify a bit). I like Mark's calm demeanor during the videos and his instruction is great. He only recommends doing these workouts 3 days a week, but I think you'd be okay upping it 4-6 days a week as you progress. I'm currently trying to get in 3-4 a week with some additional work on off days or after the DVD (I typically do a couple sets of heavy Goblet squats and ab roll outs post YAYOG workout).

As an added benefit, I've noticed since starting Mark's workouts, I'm in a lot less pain. Less shoulder pain, back pain and knee pain.

My only slight knock on the DVD set is the cooldown. I really like the longer cool down from EFX with a lot of hip stretches (a tough spot for me).

For anyone considering any of Mark's DVDs, I say go for it. Start here, unless your a phenomenal athlete (then start with EFX). Do EFX second, and consider supplementing with his mobility DVD on off days particularly if you have mobility issues. I haven't tried the app yet, but plan on giving that a try once I'm a little further along.
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on March 29, 2017
I received the dvd set on time, no problems. I just started using the novice routine and it is really great.
I am 66 years old and I have always worked out since my teens. Recently I became very ill and could not workout for months. Now I am getting back into shape and feeling much better.
What is great about this workout ? You don't need anything but you. No hoopla, just simple excerises that Mr.Lauren explains in detail and shows how to perform them correctly. I recomend these dvds.
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on March 8, 2017
I started the YAYOG dvds this week...the novice dvd. The workouts sound easy in theory, but be prepared to be sore the next day! I love that its not too hard/long where I get discouraged. Mark is encouraging throughout the workout and the time flies by. I like the look of the dvd- good quality, timer/graphics to let you know what to do, the music isnt annoying or distracting, and I really appreciate that Mark does the entire workout with you. I actually look forward to this workout in the morning :)
Ill try to add an update in a few weeks.
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on January 14, 2014
My 14 year old son and I workout together before school/work. We have tried other programs that have you working out 6 days per week for up to an hour a day, and with a busy schedule this can be a bit much. Not to mention I have knee problems and these other workouts are high impact and have caused pain. We started out working with the novice DVD's for several weeks and are now using the Intermediate, and whoa are they challenging! In a good way!! I am definitely seeing increases in strength, endurance and also positive changes in my body composition. This is only working out 3 days per week, for 30 minutes per session (including the warm up and cool down). And did I mention that this is without ANY pain in my knees? I highly recommend these DVD's to anyone that wants to get into shape without sacrificing too much time or experiencing injury. Once my son and I reach the advanced level and can successfully perform those exercises with ease, we plan to purchase Mark's EFX program to challenge ourselves further! Hooyah!!
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