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on February 11, 2014
After seeing the first one, I hoped there would be more detective dee films and what a great job they did with this prequel. It made my day when I saw it was available to watch. Great acting, story and I love the fight scenes. I can't recommend this series of films enough. Great stuff. I hope they make another one.

p.s. Be sure to watch the credits, there are three little funny extras clips to finish off the film, lol
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on August 17, 2014
I have been watching a lot of Chinese and Japanese theater recently. The story telling is different than the canned Hollywood scripts which may take some folks out of their comfort zone. That said, the movies I have watched have been full of great scenes, solid action, well done characters. Young Dee was no different. The action sequences were fun and I connected well with teh characters despite losing some emotional depth via subtitles. You get used to that though. The story was well told and took some fun twists and turns. The only reason I did not give this 5 stars is because I have already seen another Dee story, Phantom Flame, that I thought was slightly better and because some of the subtitles moved faster than I could read the first three words - I realize that can be a tough balance to stay with the characters on screen but I do need a moment to read what is on the screen. That only happened a few times though. About a fifth of the way through, my teen daughter plopped down beside me and started watching. She only had to ask one or two questions and part of that was because she missed the first few scenes. She really enjoyed the movie as well Overall, this was a good adventure and I hope to see more Dee movies come out in the future.
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on April 26, 2017
We don't understand the middle east, the ancient cultures. This is an example of how they make an epic movie. Simply excellent, another world...a fascinating one, misterious,enigmatic, even knowing that has to be "easy" to us (both europian and america...but america means the land from alaska to the tail of south america entre argentina y chile) america is the name after Americo Vespuccio made the first drawing of the new continent Christopher Columbus discover in 1492 in the name of the crown of Spain.....I made the history much a"like John Oliver" Last week tonight....but yes calling America as a synonimous of US is a mistake...an enormous historical mistake...and then John to close the program will joing a parade of ev'ry traditional people of country like the South america indians with their colorful cloths and hats. Don't forget the "charro" and "china Poblana" of Mexico
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on March 9, 2016
Great 3D! Really enjoyable, extremely commercial movie. But screen froze at 1:06:51. Nothing worked to get it moving. On closer examination, looks like it could be a Blu Ray-R rather than an actual Blu Ray; which makes me suspect it could also be a glorified bootleg. In any case, am returning it for a full refund.

Update: Based on others having no playback issues (and Amazon no longer carrying it), I found and purchased another new copy on E-Bay. I'm pleased to report there were no problems. So, evidently, the original disk was simply defective. For that reason, I've changed my rating from 1 star to 5. 5th star is for the 3D.
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on February 23, 2014
I bought this movie sight unseen as I loved the first Detective Dee movie so much, a lot of that was due to the presence of Andy Lau, but I really enjoyed Mark Chao in the lead here. An excellent plot, cast, and special effects makes this one worth seeing. I disagree that one must see the 3-D version to fully appreciate the movie, as this "flat" version is fine. Most movies look better at the movie theater if one wants to take that view, but how many of us own a movie theater? We must do with what he have and for me that is a "2-D" TV in my living room.

There is suspense and mystery here as Dee finds his way as a new member of the local justice department, he is aided by a somewhat humorous sidekick (medical assistant) who he meets in the infirmary and convinces to go along with him. There is a beautiful lady in distress of course, played by "Angelababy." Then there is the monster, actually two monsters, a man sized one and the sea creature, where did they come from and what will they do? One of the mysteries in the first part of the film is differentiating between the good guys and the bad guys. Carina Lau reprises her role as The Empress.

There are many awesome computer effects and some fall short of the mark, but the sheer scale of this movie makes small errors forgivable. If you liked the earlier Dee movie then you'll probably enjoy this one too, a Tsui Hark movie is usually full of action with an interesting cast, I haven't enjoyed all his films as I find them a bit too much but this one is one I'll watch over and over.
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on June 9, 2014
I love big budget oriental films whether Korean, Japanese, or in this case, Chinese. It is a portal into another world with colors, shapes, patterns, and movement. Of course it is not realistic: they didn't have washing machines or sidewalks beside the cart tracks in those days but the visuals make all the unrealism worth watching. The treachery, the heroism, the mysticism make the film worth the time spent watching. I equally loved Detective Dee: the Phantom Flame for the same reasons. They are rewarding ways to spend a quiet evening tripping out into another world. No six guns, cowboy hats, or horses here: instead, one gets wire acrobatics, exquisite costumes, social injustice, observations of the world's first acknowledged Detective!
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on October 22, 2014
Absolutely excellent. The scenery in "Young Detective Dee" is so alive it crackles with life and is just beautiful in this production.

The story is great. Detective Dee is like the James Bond of China with his cool and smarts, the difference being he is always an honorable character and doesn't indulge in tongue in cheek humor or always chasing after the women.

Detective Dee is such an unflappable hero and an admirable, respectable symbol of goodness and ethics. Because he is true to his principles and to himself, he prevails for the good of all concerned. Highly recommend both "Rise of the Sea Dragon" and "Mystery of the Phantom Flame," in which the martial arts are especially amazing.

I've looked all over for more Detective Dee movies but can't find anything but these two. If anyone knows of more, can you please post in the "Comments" section?

Thanks, and I hope you and your children enjoy these movies as much as I did.
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on April 22, 2014
Right off the bat, I am a big fan of Chinese action/mystical type movies. if you are a fan of movies like Crouching tiger etc. you will have a lot of fun with this. Terrific performances, lots of great fight scenes and plenty of action. Visually beautiful...lots of color and lots of flowing stuff! this one has sub-titles and I'm ok with that.
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on March 19, 2014
If you saw the first Detective Dee movie then I think you will like this prequel. In this movie Dee now a young detective ends up aiding in solving this sea dragon case which is more involved than I believe he had bargained for. I like this as you really get to see the extent to Dee's intelligence and sheer uncanny ability to absorb and recall small details from memory which aid him in his detective efforts. Like its predecessor Young Detective Dee does involve a bit of comedic hijinks (especially in the form of the apprentice's master) but it does not take away from the seriousness of the case or storyline.

Definitely a great buy and as a piece of advice stay tuned a bit after the credits start to roll for a few more laughs.
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on February 18, 2014
On the plus side, "Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon" is a seamless prequel to "Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom Flame" that's a lot of fun to watch. Two things of note: watch this movie through all the credits. You'll be rewarded. Also, for you K-drama fans out there, wait till you see who has a role in this movie (although he's credited under a slightly different name). Hint: his character's name begins with a "Y".

On the minus side (big time), although I enjoyed this movie immensely, I took off 1 star because the subtitles went by faster than the Roadrunner. So if you want to enjoy the dialogue as much as the visuals, be prepared to use freeze frame. A lot. Very annoying.
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