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on August 3, 2015
Okay... wow. I don't know how else to describe this show. It is just phenomenal. Young Justice is about 3 young sidekicks: Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad. They are tired of being treated like second-class heroes, and strike out on there own. In the process, they bring new member Superboy, and he is soon followed by Miss Martian and Artemis. This show is serialized instead of starting a whole new thing in each episode. I had never read any DC comics prior to watching this, but they made it very easy to follow and understand. The characters were unique, and the plot was well-written. Action-packed, and sprinkled with comedy, drama, and even romance, I recommend Young Justice to kids, teens, DC fans, and people that like good TV shows.
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on August 3, 2017
Firstly, WB released the volumes for this first season in sets of 4: season 1, vol1, season 1, vol2 and season 1 vol. 3 (to be released in a couple of weeks). People cried foul!, because of the pricing (about 15 bucks, sometimes 11). Now, WB finally listened to its consumers, released a complete season set (a barebone one, but I digress) and people are still crying foul!! Unbelievable.

Look, this is a nice set. If you are a fan of the series, buy it. As this title racks up more sales, chances are that they will release a Blue-Ray, with more stuff at some point.
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on August 23, 2014
The Teen Titans was a very similar comic book to this and a similar cartoon as well. The older version of The Teen Titans was more gritty and teenage. The newer version of The Teen Titans is more childish and comedy. Young Justice, thank goodness, is a welcome switch back to the first animated Teen Titans that I remember watching. MUCH more grit and violence. Imagine Robin martial arts fighting Slade in an extended battle while Slade is possessed by Raven's demon father. How is that for action?! THAT is the first cartoon of The Teen Titans and now Young Justice. No cutesy funny storylines like the newer Teen Titans which is more like The Powerpuff Girls. Teen superpower angst! Trained by the Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice is like 21 Jumpstreet in that they are very young heroes. Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad are all invited to the Hall of Justice to save Superboy, a "clone" of Superman, from a laboratory. Martian Manhunter's female version called Miss Martian joins the team along with Artemis, a Green Arrow style female hero. They build a new base called Mt. Justice embedded in a mountain in the U.S just for the younger team but keep the Hall of Justice for the elders(Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc.). As they learn how to better use their abilities much like the New Mutants in Marvel Comics fame, they run into seriously strong enemies like androids, wizards, and robots. Some names you will DEFINITELY recognize! These heroes are the future of the Superfriends/Justice League!
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on June 15, 2012
I purchased this boxset the day before pre-order ended, directly after I finished watching all of Season 1. Although this set IS only half of season 1, $13.99 really isn't that bad for a new release boxset. The second half is currently on pre-order, and I'm awaiting it's arrival after release. $28.00 for a full season is pretty typical, so no complaints.

This show was good enough for me to buy the sets brand new. Typically I buy DVD boxsets here on Amazon used because I'm not one to pay full price for things as I rarely have money on hand to blow on my DVD/Book collection.

Young Justice is one of those shows where several age groups can enjoy it. It was paced well, and not overly childish, nor 'old' enough to get children confused at parts.

Some comic fans were perturbed that this series did not start off true to the comics at all (wrong cast), but with the introduction of Season 2, a lot of that anger can be put to rest as most of the original cast from the comics make their appearance. Some plot elements still deviant, but as with all cartoon/movie/tv series adaptations, that should be expected.

Looking forward to the rest of the series!
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on January 6, 2013
I enjoyed Young Justice for its plot line, characters, and background and introductions of not so much known characters. There are three DVDS with four episodes in each one. Many people do complain about it not being the full season but beggars can't be choosers. Currently Young Justice is in Season Two and Part One is will be out in January which contains ten episodes. Right now there is no release of a one set of Season one. To me I'm alright with it because it does beat the DVDs separately. The price is reasonable for twelve episodes considering how low the price is now. The DVDs do not include anything except episodes and trailers and mini preview comics. If they do release a season box, it may have commentary, behind the scenes or even the DC shorts. Maybe that might encourage you to wait but I just want to watch Young Justice all the time like the geek I am. I did buy Part Two so I do have a full season of episodes. I'm not asking for much.

Each of the disks has a picture cover or art. Disk one is my favorite because it is a collage of the YJ team while the other two are a bit plain. The first disk sates YOUNG JUSTICE season one * volume one. It has from left to right: Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash (Top), Miss Martian (Bottom), Superboy (Top) and Artemis (Bottom). The color is red and the DC comics and WB emblems are on the disk also. The second disk has the art work of a spiderweb or the rays of the light and is orange while the third disk looks reminds me a computer in red. The cover of the DVD is simple and bold. Since it hold all three disks of Young Justice from volumes 1 to 3 it has all the artworks from the DVD covers. The case itself is pretty sturdy but do not step on it or lean on it. I invited a friend over one day and that was when my disks came in the mail. She was being herself and sat her arm over the box which had to bubble wrap at all. I discovered this when I opened it. The case Is clear but the containment inside seems a little weak. The end piece securing the disks broke. So be mindful and careful.
There's no extra paper entailing which disk is what but that's because it's on the back.

Main Menu in all the Disks is a picture of the team. From left to right: Robin, Artemis, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Aqualad. Everybody looks serious and in the background is the theme of Young Justice. The main menu has all the basic buttons: Play, Episodes, Tailors, and Settings.
Maybe you want to watch all the episodes, click play. It starts from the beginning of the DVD depending on which DVD you play.
If you only want to see a particular episode, choose episodes. The background is Aqualad in fighting mode.
Trailers are trailers. The background is Kid Flash in action mode.

Settings are if you are bilingual or curious to see how it sounds in Spanish, Portugoal or French. There are subtitles if you want to know what was said. The background is Robin hacking the motion sensors.

Young Justice Season Vol. 1
Episodes: Independence Day, Fireworks, Welcome to Happy Harbor and Drop Zone

Young Justice Season Vol. 2
Episodes: Schooled, Infiltrator, Denial and Downtime

Young Justice Season 1 Vol. 3
Episodes: Bereft, Targets, Terrors, and Home Front

I would recommend people who just want to watch the show and do not want a full season box.
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on August 25, 2017
This doesn't have the complete season 1 series the rest of season 1 is called "young justice dangerous secrets" do if you buy this. I advise you to get the second half before going onto season 2
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on January 24, 2013
Its so much better then justice league. Its a bit different then the new 52 comic books but its nothing to cringe over. I enjoy the story line. Quite honestly this is the best show out there now in days. Its not that corney, its appropiate for all audiences (in my opinion).
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on August 11, 2012
I always have loved the DCAU, but I never would have expected this show to be as great as it is! Just as dramatic, entertaining and action packed as the classic shows that have came before it.

I feel what makes this show so great, is that unlike a show like Teen Titans is the fact that these young heroes are incorporated with their senior counterparts. They face the same rogues galleries as they do and have just as many life/death situations. Along with being teenagers it adds an extra dimension to them characters and heroes. The packaging for this dvd set and even the following dvd with the rest of the first season is stupid. Still, the show itself makes you forget about all that junk. Watch this show it is fantastic!

Oh yea and the rest of Season 1 is pretty awesome too. A fantastic twist!
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on August 6, 2012
WB should be ashamed of themselves for not just going ahead and releasing the whole YJ season one instead of dragging it out the way they did. Anyway, I have the whole season now and am eager to get the second season. In the first season, I thought the art style and animation were spot on, over the top, in fact, more anime than plain cartoonish. The portrayal of the characters and story lines is first rate. That alone lent great credibility to the serious effort the producer and all the worker bees put into the series. For the episodes themselves and the plot lines, I have no criticisms. I get along with most of WB's animated series. They need to treat the fans - read "customers", you know, the ones with MONEY - better and not be so stinkin' greedy. The series gets five full stars from me. "Nuff said.
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on May 4, 2015
Excellent series, well packaged. Well written episodes with dynamic subplots.

My only problem with the series is that it seems a bit heavily weighted towards Superboy. His subplots get more screen time than the subplots of the rest of the team combined, but the main plots carry the show. There is also the group plot of the strained dynamics between the adult and teenaged superheroes. The Justice League is portrayed as a clear force for good, but also unknowable, distant, and frightening. That's a very realistic portrayal.

My only real issue with the DVD set is why they just couldn't sell all of season one in a single set.
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