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on February 11, 2015
I scrapped the band. To me, it looked cheap. I don't even use the watch for time. I rarely push the button to display the time (which it does uniquely...with a randomly choreographed introductory light show that is pretty cool in its own right).

But, this watch kills in its design. The way light filters through the face and reflects off the underneath surface, the glass looks convex from some angles and concave from others. (It's actually

People want to get their face right up next to it to check it out. I've had students come up to me after lecture, had doctors ask if it was "one of those new mobile phone watches", and had many people (sometimes at once) huddled over my wrist.

For the price, this is an inadvertantly brilliant, show-stoppingly designed piece. (For the band, I recommend a nice, 22mm black silicone rubber replacement. The black, in contrast, makes the light reflection from the fame that much more eye-catching.

Best $10 I've spent on a fashion piece in my life.
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on February 8, 2014
The idea behind the watch is a faceless piece of jewelry, but when the time button is pressed, a very unique display
shows the time. When I received my watch, I took the backplate off with a single edged razor. There was a flat spot
on the back cover where the razor could go to pry off the back. It uses 2 stacked batteries.

The watch works perfectly. It does show minutes (one adds the little green lights in the middle of the watch to
the 05,10,15 indicators to get the nearest minute.)

When you press the button, the LEDs light up randomly, then the actual time is shown. The bottom button can be
pressed which skips the randomness display (The random display is really to impress your friends.)

Another feature has the watch turning on for a few seconds automatically. This also is a function so people can
see your watch light up and just wonder what all the LEDs are for. (Hopefully you don't sit and wait for twenty minutes
staring at the watch waiting for the time to display.) This feature does wear down the batteries much quicker. So,
learn how to turn it off.

Very neat watch. Thanks for the amusement!!! I am very happy with it.
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on March 24, 2017
I just recieved this watch, and it came with battery dead, corrison on band and the face is scratched and the name YouYouPifa is no where on the back. I believe I recieved a used watched. And a frabrication. Now the batteries will probaly cost alot, if it is a dead battery, or just does not work. Very, very very upset, I do have a watch from YouYouPifa, and that one is great, this one has no name on it at all. Sm so mad.
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on June 3, 2017
This is the coolest looking watch I've ever had. After i received watch, i purchased a 2ND one. Easy to set up. Watch band was too stiff for me so I easily changed it to flexible band. Watch itself is large on wrist like I prefer. Fast shipping too.

Details about watch say "20mm band"...this is incorrect...correct band size is 22mm. I had bought several new bands in 20mm size only to find out that's too small. I now have new 22mm band on watch...perfect fit.
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on December 26, 2014
YES, I had receiving the box with watch. That was so perfect. Thank you.
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on April 23, 2017
Unusual but okay. The one item I don't like is the green light for the date doesn't show increasing increments. That is, if the date is the 23rd then I would expect 20 to show up in orange and three green lights to show the 23rd. Only one green light is shown. The middle one is set to represent the 23rd but the first two do not light up as it does for the time. You just have to "know" that that one is the third green light from the left. Maybe mine is broken but that's how this one works. It would be nice if the instructions came with the watch too.
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on June 9, 2015
I have given this watch a 4, but that is based on a very short time of using it. How it stands up over time is yet to be determined. Its bright mirror-like crystal and woven wire mesh band are very attractive, as is the dial when it lights up. People I've shown it too have been captivated by the method by which the time is displayed. So far it has kept excellent time, nearly mirroring the automatic time on my TV cable box. As stated, time will tell. But for under $6.00 you can't go very far wrong in purchasing this watch.
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on January 11, 2017
This Watch as of this review is the type of watch that i like. not one plastic bit in the bunch at all. it is the closest thing to a real watch that i have seen so far. also with my medical conditions being as they are, the watch ends up becoming a great way to ground myself out whenever i have seizures. (my body tends to create more electrical current than most people so when i produce too much i end up having a seizure)
since i am also a night person, having a display that does light up is very helpful.

My only complaint is the time that it took to arrive in the mail.
(1 month)

i would make the assumption that it was handmade then shipped to the U.S.

(but then thoroughly inspected by customs before various people modded the watch for certain purposes of monitoring GPS Location before it finally got to my mailbox)
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on March 19, 2015
Great, beautiful watch! I get so many compliments on it. The battery does need replacing every few months but that's because I look at it so much (Update: now that I have settled down and stopped looking at it every 15 seconds, I haven't had to replace the battery in almost half a year). I worry that the low reviews will make this watch become discontinued in the future, so I have bought 4 of them so far just in case they ever stop selling this.

Here are some things you need to know:

-The strap has metal loops on it to hold the strap in place. They are very loose at first, but you can take some pliers and squeeze them down just a bit. This will make the strap way more secure. See pic 2 for how it should look.
-The screen is slightly curved, this gives it a "magnifying glass" effect (if you hold it up to your eye you can see your cornea and eyeball really well in the reflection). See pic 1.
-You need a knife to get the back off.
-If your lights come on and wont turn off, pop the back off and remove the battery, should be fine.
-You will have to think about time in discrete chunks instead of minutes and seconds after you get used to reading the watch. Won't change your perception of time much, but it's interesting to think of time in a new way.

This is my favorite thing I've ever owned. The design factor is useful and unique enough that if a company came out with this watch for $300, people would flock to buy it. It just needs a few kinks (literally) ironed out.
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on March 9, 2014
This was a mistake! I have purchased several different watches from this company and all was great. When this came in the lights stuck on with the first button push and never went off until the battery died. I have been unsuccessful in getting the back off to change the battery. The company will give me $4 credit for a battery but won't replace it. Very disappointing.
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