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Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk
Color: Clear Glass|Style Name: Belaire L Desk|Change
Price:$159.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 10, 2013
OK, it's not Herman Miller or Steelcase. What this desk does offer is solid construction, a large amount of work surface, and a nice modern look at a reasonable price.

I put the desk together myself in about an hour - however I'm tall, moderately strong, and mechanically inclined. I can see where having a helper would come in handy for assembly for a lot of people.

The packaging was, in a word, awesome. The glass panels are well sandwiched in layers of cardboard and styrofoam, then tightly wrapped in a cardboard box with plastic bands. Then this box is put inside the main box, with all the other hardware components. The main box has corner bracing and a nice heavy layer of styrofoam on all sides. When UPS delivered the box today it had some signs of handling - some crunched corners - but nothing that even came close to damaging the contents.

A brief note about the shipping - with Amazon Prime, I ordered this on Tuesday night and had it on Thursday. It shipped UPS 2nd Day Air, likely with over-weight surcharges, all covered as part of the Amazon Prime membership. This was particularly convenient as today was my day off so a perfect time to rework my home office. Prime has paid for itself many times over, this is just one example.

As others have noted, it's simple enough to locate the monitor shelf on the right or the left. You can also position the keyboard drawer on either side; I didn't install it at all as at my height (6' 3") keyboard drawers are a hinderance.

Overall the construction is very solid. There are four main frames that appear to be moderate gauge steel, good welds, and nice gloss black powdercoating. The cross braces are of the same finish. Follow the instructions, don't tighten any screws all the way until everything is loosely assembled, and you can't go wrong.

Being a glass desk, one must take care in routing & tying up cables to prevent it from looking like a rat's nest. If you want your office to look neat, and you don't want to spend the extra time tidying up your cables, don't buy a glass desk. Simple enough.

I'm particularly impressed at the strength of the corner filler glass. Although there is no support at the back of the arc, the sticker on the glass says the shelf is good for 50 pounds. The support is strong square-tube metal, and has no tendency to bow or wobble. I'm not even close to the rated weight, but it's clearly a sturdy area and would handle heavy loads such as a laser printer easily.

As to whether this desk is a good choice for you, of course the size and layout will be the main factor. That part worked out perfectly for me. The next concern is overall construction quality, and given the price I think that it deserves a solid 5-star rating in that regard. I would not recommend it for industrial use, but for a home office it's plenty solid.
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on March 3, 2017
Absolutely beautiful glass desk for an absolutely insane price!!! Easy to put together with some customizability ( I didn't install the keyboard tray since I like to sit snug up against/under the desk) but you can put the keyboard tray on either side of the desk. The desk can also be left apart as 2 separate desks if you exclude the rounded corner piece. Holds 2 x 24 inch monitors and a 40 inch TV no problem. The two main desk surfaces are each rated for 120lbs, uppermost shelf is rated for 60lbs, rounded corner section is 50lbs and the keyboard tray is 25lbs. Some people have had issues with this desk in shipping but I think as long as your UPS/FEDEX carrier is competent and not an 800lb gorilla or a heist getaway driver it should arrive intact! Seriously if you are considering this desk just do yourself a favor and pick this one up!

Stylish design
Good construction
Large surface area
Easy to assemble
Ships fast

Glass makes cable management rough

I would recommend you remove the glass if you ever decide to move this desk. Glass panes bind in the frame and if you twist the desk the wrong way you could potentially break the glass.
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on January 21, 2016
A bit worried by ordering this desk, but when it came, it was awesome.

-Sleek look and design
-Easy to setup
-Not expensive
-Lots of room
-There are many manuals of different languages
-Very sturdy
-Came to my house fast
-Modern look
-You can put the keyboard tray on either side

-The box came beat up(The parts inside were still good)
-You can't take the shelf off(This might be fine with some people, including me)
-Glass doesn't line up perfectly(But it is very hard to notice)
-Specs of dust/fingerprints show up easily(Normal for glass, also its easy to wipe off with a cloth)
-Cable management might be hard(Still doable, but I got by fine with some zip ties attached to the underside of the glass)
Other notes
-You don't have to put the keyboard tray on
-The stickers come off with Windex and a razor(The razor does not scratch)
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on October 4, 2015
The desk overall is decent. It was cheaper for me to get this whole desk then to buy the add ons for my previous desk. The setup was pretty simple and took me about an hour by myself which included clearing off and moving my old desk. The instructions are decent and are pretty simple to follow.

There is a decent amount of space which you can see in the photos I have quite a few things on my desk. One complaint I have is that the keyboard tray hangs lower then it really needs to so had to adjust the height of my desk chair to sit comfortably. As others have noted the glass is a pain to get aligned properly but it is just a matter of making sure the desk is at the right position otherwise you get the glass overhanging either in the back or the front.

One last thing to be aware of at least in my case is that the box was pretty beat up so word of advice, check the glass before pulling everything else out.
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on May 3, 2017
Athesticly ok, but keyboard tray sits low and is not adjustable. My chair has to be in the lowest setting in order to be able to use it and not have my knees hit it. Has a good foot print to space ratio. I can put everything i need on it without having it take up too much space.

The box came completely mangled and one of the large panes of glass completely shattered. Not sure if this was a shipping problem or not. Also, parts appeared to have been assembled before. If i was getting a used or refurbished part or parts then I would have expected to have been told and received an appropriate price reduction.
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on March 17, 2017
Was a bit apprehensive when the package arrived. The box was damaged and taped up. But I did not hear any broken glass rattle, so I unpacked. Fortunately, it was very well packaged and the contents were not damaged. It took about 20 minutes to unpack and tidy up. It took less than 30 min to assemble, with a second pair of hands. The only tool I used is a power screwdriver with a hex bit and a medium size (+) bit. It felt like it took longer to unpack than to put the parts together.

No parts missing. They actually had some spare parts in a red pouch (nice touch). The parts came together well. The metal frame is well designed and painted (gloss) and fit well without having to force parts together. When I was done, the noticeable gaps between frame sections were no more than 1/8' apart. It is barely noticeable. The glass fit well with again just enough gaps to make it fit well without looking misaligned. The glass had proper beveled and buffed edges, so no chance of cuts. The instructions came in 3 languages. The quality of the instructions was in my opinion 9 out of 10. It was easy to follow, but could have used some details to make things easier.

The orientation of the table extension/dog-leg is completely reversible. It will definitely come in handy if I need to move the desk to another room. The desk is sturdy. I expected it to have a lot of flex due to the tubular frame, but was pleasantly mistaken. It is stable.

If you want a functional work desk that looks modern (and you can handle cleaning fingerprints off glass), you really can't beat this deal. I figured, it would cost $50 to ship this 100+ pound package. I paid $132 delivered. I can't get that kind of value at Ikea with a desk made of MDE. I really like it. It exceeded my expectations.
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on May 2, 2016
I finally finished my office addition and installed the desk. Well, my husband put it together. I only had to hold one end once. It was pretty easy to setup. We decided that we didn't like how it fit as a corner desk so we took out the corner piece and mounted it as a shelf. Each drywall anchor claims to hold 40lbs so we should be good. I am super happy with this desk. Mine did not come with a scratch on it. The box it was shipped in was destroyed. I was so worried. But it's perfect. I took the advice of another reviewer and unpackaged the product outside. The Styrofoam is very messy. I will definitely purchase a pad for drinks and whatnot. I added a pic so you can see it assembled a different way. Don't laugh at my outdated office equipment. I'm working on that!! lol --overall, a very good desk for the price!
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on July 6, 2017
For the price, this is quite good. It wasn't hard to put together and looks good when assembled.

While the box it arrived in was a little beat up in places, everything was fine inside with no broken or missing parts. However, the other reviews that cited Styrofoam bits getting everywhere were spot on. It was as if a popcorn popper exploded in the room by the time I got everything unpacked. Based on how thin much of it was, I'm not sure there was any gain over using cardboard packing.

When I put my desk together, I assembled it with the keyboard drawer on the same side as the monitor shelf. That will allow me to have one side for my computer and the other wing as a normal desk. To accomplish that, all you have to do is swap the two "part 5" support bars with the 2 "part 4" bars.

After assembly, I did notice one of the desktop panels didn't quite sit quite straight in the frame. It's maybe 1/8" of an inch off alignment, so it's not much. It likely won't even be noticeable once the desk has all my stuff on it.

I worried a bit about some of the reviews where people had trouble with all the stickers. However, never fear: there's an easy way to remove them without scraping, Goo Gone or a flame thrower.

Step1: Grab your hair dryer. DO NOT substitute a heat gun if you value the tempered glass on the desk. Use a hair dryer only.
Step 2: Run the hair dryer on heat mode under the desk for a good 30 seconds or until the glass on the underside is warm to the touch.
Step 3: Run the hair dryer in the same mode over the top of the sticker for 15-20 seconds or so to heat up the sticker.
Step 4: Run the hair dryer back underneath while you carefully peel back the sticker, starting at one corner and slowly pulling it away. Keep the hair dryer directly underneath the whole time you do this. If the label starts to tear, stop for a bit, then try again from another corner. Work slowly and be patient and it will come off.

Using the above method, I got all the stickers off in one piece in a matter of about 5 minutes. I attached some pictures.

In the end, the desk is almost a 5 star product. For the around $100 I paid, I can overlook the small fitment issue and the extra hassle of all the stickers and foam bits. However, those things do add up to subtracting a star from the rating.
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on October 28, 2014
it works as a desk. But it's a bit larger then I really needed, and that being said, I'll need to disassemble it to get it through doorways. The keyboard tray is set to only one part of the desk, and you have to think ahead while assembling it to determine where the tray will be. The instructions do not mention this, you have to look at the metal bars themselves to notice which one will have the holes for the keyboard tray, Also I use a GX-Gaming Manticore keyboard and it doesn't have enough space for a mouse and keyboard as you can see in the pictures I have attached, it works? but there's not much space for reasonable mobility. Thus, buy your desk BEFORE you buy your keyboard and mouse.
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on January 31, 2013
Received the desk today. With Amazon Prime I was able to have it delivered in 2 business days for 3$. UPS had delivered it to the wrong house which was unfortunate because this box is really heavy. To heavy for an average sized person like me to lift by myself. Ended up dragging it across the grass and up the stairs. The box weighs over 75 pounds. It felt more like 90+ but being that the box was so big, i was unable to get a good grip to carry it. Assembly was easy and took less than an hour. For me the instructions were very self explanatory. It even came with spare bolts and suction cups just in case and also an hex wrench like what you would get from ikea. I modified the original design so it would suit my needs. Adjustable feet on the bottom rails to help keep the table steady just incase you were on an uneven surface. Lots of foam packaging which kept the contents from being damaged. One thing i didnt like was when i opened the box with the glass surfaces...there was a layer of fiber glass on all of them. I had to remove my child and pet from the room while i assembled the desk. Over all I am pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend this desk to others.
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