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on September 3, 2015
I love that this is an "everybody works together" game. It is a good option to diffuse tension with uber competitive board gamers. I like that you can scale the difficulty level by changing the amount of Epidemic cards- you can't garuntee that you will always win! The game takes while to wrap your head around because it is different from that standard genre of board games. If you can't read through a 4 page instruction booklet, stay away. If you are willing to make a bit of a time investment figuring out the rules, go for it!
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on January 10, 2014
Purchased to play while on vacation, this game contained the right amount of strategy for our family. Our kids, age 13 and 15, had no problem jumping right in and I'm sure kids as young as 10 could play easily. (It's rated for age 8+.) Though we lost our first game it gave us a good sense of how to play without having to read every page of the directions. Having never played a cooperative game before, it was refreshing to work as a team. All moves were deployed individually, but not until discussed and agreed upon by all players. It had the feel of Risk with the strategy of Chess; we were able to predict the game's "moves" knowing that an "Epidemic" card may show up to throw the entire board into chaos at which time we'd have to stop and talk before making our moves. The more conversation that went into each turn the better we did.

I gave Pandemic four stars because, after a while, it might become tedious. To make the game harder additional "Epidemic" cards may be added but I think it would only make the game longer rather than more difficult. I read on-line to expect to loose the first few games yet we only lost once (and we played it four times within a three day period.) I would be interested in the "add-on" to see if it makes the game more difficult.

If you're looking for a quick game to play with the relatives you rarely see, I wouldn't recommend it- stick with Pictionary, Outburst, etc. But, if you're looking for a low key game to play for family night and are tired of always loosing at Sorry or never finishing a game of Monopoly, then this is the game to get. It does take quite a bit of concentration and deliberation and what I loved most was that my idea of what should be done was not always the best for everyone and one of the kid's ideas helped us all win the game.
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on March 13, 2014
I was a little concerned as apparently there were some early boards that had an error, but mine was fine (purchased in early 2014). This is a COOPERATIVE game, so some people that just are not into competition with others and therefore not into gaming will like this. It's "you and me against the world", or more precisely "trying to save the world", and if we fail ... somehow it doesn't hurt as much as losing to someone else I guess.

I don't mind losing or winning and like games, but I still find this one fun. I probably would have given it 5 stars, but I saw that the original version came with wooden disease cubes packaged in petri dishes which is cool, but now they the cubes are plastic (which I don't mind that much) but come in little plastic bags, which are a real pain to open, and then the pieces are easier to lose when playing (keeping 24 cubes of each color is critical too, as when a color is gone the game is over). It's not a cheap game, would they really have missed the extra 7 cents or whatever it costs for the better packaging? I ended up finding some little plastic dishes (that they ship fishing flie orders in) that I had around that work fine, but like I say for the price I expect better packaging.

Also, the game board is warping a little, doesn't lay perfectly flat anymore. I see this a lot recently on game boards regardless or price ... again I suspect they cheapen as much as they possibly can (or a little more). I have game boards from 40 years ago that are still flat, so it's not moisture in my house or mistreatment and I know it can be done and that's a little frustrating when a game costs this much.

Game play is good. There are videos about how to play on YouTube and it doesn't hurt to look at them but you really only learn by diving in and playing a few games ... go ahead and play, you will figure out what's important and what works/doesn't as you play. It's supposed to take about an hour to play a game and that has been pretty accurate, sometimes a little less. There are a number of ways to lose this game, so basically you have to win within so many moves or you lose, which I like as it just isn't going to drag on for many hours like Monopoly or something like that might.

Also a good game to introduce someone to, as they don't have to "get it" right off - they can jump in the game and as it's cooperative others can help them with their moves until they are more comfortable; and there is a fait amount of discussion anyway in a normal game. I have played with 2, 3, and 4 players and it was fun in all cases.
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on April 21, 2014
Save the world before infection reaches Pandemic! Our family loves this game! It starts off with laughter and calm play but quickly becomes a flurry of excitement and debate on the course of action! This is a cooperative game, all players either win the game together or lose together. It strengthens the concept of working together to solve issues in such a fun and exciting manner. There is also a benefit of younger (and sometimes older) players to brush up and strengthen geographic skills! we use game-time to read off the cities and the countries they are located in to our preschoolers (at least until bedtime when the frenzy of beating the game consumes us)! It is a fun game, with unlimited replay value. The game is for 2 to 4 players, at the beginning of game play each player is randomly assigned a role to play from a pool of seven roles. Each time you start a game you have a different combination of roles as well as different cities that will begin a possible outbreak of infection. No game will be quite like the preceding games. The included rulebook is well written and easy to understand. Expect the first game to take longer than the estimated 45 minutes of gameplay but after playing a couple times that is an accurate estimate. the rulebook is so well written, I recommend that as soon as you get the game, open box, pull out the rulebook and start with section one which will take you through setting up the board and just follow though the numbered sections which will take you though the end of a full "turn"! this is a great game for a family or group of friends. There are two expansion sets as of the time of this review, so adding additional players and expanding the variations of play is easy, but this game in and of itself is full of possibilities right from the start!
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on May 7, 2014
This is the type of game that I need to break out when playing with super competitive people or sore losers. I'm sure anyone reading this has already pictured a particular face.
A big part of this game is about discussing options and coordinating plans. You'll do pretty badly if no one communicates. Keep this in mind if you have a particularly dominant person in the group. You win and lose together, but if one guy wants to run the show, it can get a bit hairy.

- Solid construction of board, pieces, cards, and tokens (they're made of that layered cardboard material, so it tends to fray if handled roughly.
-The game works with all the recommended group sizes. I've played with 2 and I've played with 5. It's well tuned for everything in between, too.
- Well designed rules and mechanics, with the possibility to adjust the difficulty for larger groups or more skilled players.
-Cooperative, for those sore losers/winners.

-The learning curve is a bit more than most people are used to. You'll find yourself coming up with a list of questions that end up being much more conveniently found in a google search than a rulebook search.
-Cooperative. Yes, it's also a con. Consider group dynamics when you consider playing this.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this game. After you have learned the rules, which can take a bit, a game session for me and 3 other friends I play with takes roughly an hour to an hour and a half, when we ramp up the difficulty.
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on January 5, 2014
This game is very fun to play and can be very challenging to win when playing with 5 or 6 epidemic cards. Cooperative concept is well implemented and requires the players to really work together. The game rules take a bit of time to learn and may take a couple of practice rounds to get down. I definitely recommend this game for anyone who likes strategy games.

Game play:
The objective of the game is to cure four diseases. Players can lose either by running out of time, too many outbreaks, or too many infections. The game takes about an hour to play depending on how fast the turns take.

This game is very well constructed and feels very solid. The box has a very nice sturdy feel and texture to it. The board also feels nice and thick and well made. It feels like the board should be able to last a long time and won't peel apart. The pieces are made of plastic and wood. They feel nice and smooth and don't any any splinters. The one thing I wish was included is something to organize the disease cubes during game play.
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on September 24, 2013
Pandemic is one of the best starter Co-op Board games you can get. It's easy enough to teach to new players and it not so brutal that they feel like they are just getting rolled. Plus you get the help them on their turn. With the expansions, you have enough variety to keep it interesting for seasoned board gamers. I would say this is an essential game to own for any board game collector. If you are looking for something for the kids though, I would try Forbidden Island by the same designer.
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on February 15, 2014
1) The game: * * * * * / 5
It's a fantastic game and it's great to play even by yourself "against the clock".

2) The game "hardware": * * / 5
I can't believe how cheap the infection markers are. Tiny, clear plastic cubes, translucent with a whisper of dye mixed in. You can fit four on the nail of your little finger. These plastic cubes are just crappy, compared to the rest of the items in the box. The board and cards are printed on nice laminated paper and cardboard. To use these cubes it's like they had printed the board on tissue paper. Used tissue paper.

I'm not sure if this is just a feature of the 2nd edition or if this has always been this way. I'd highly advise to get the 1st, or go to your local game store and buy a bunch of small, colored wood cubes.
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on January 7, 2014
I have been playing boardgames for over 30 years, Pandemic was the first of the new wave of designs that I had the opportunity to play after returning to gaming from a 10 year hiatus, this new version remains the same mechanics with 2 new characters that allow the players to actually win more often.
I play this with my son who is 7 years old and my brother during the holidays and both of them really like it, 15 min explanation, 1 game to clarify things and then we played it everyday for the last 2 weeks.
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on September 19, 2014
This is a game that pits you and your friends against the board. You have to work together , and stop being selfish jerk bags, to save the world before it comes to a catastrophic end. Personally I like to name the diseases in the book . I make on the common cold, the other is STD's, one of them is bird flue and another aids , but his year I might change aids to ebola. Y'know b/c it's so popular .

Disclaimer: I , personally , am a horrible and morbid person. But that doesn't mean this game isn't heart pumping fun. Don't judge the game by me. Buy it, play it and judge it for yourself. You'll get my "jokes" after you play the game.
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