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on October 27, 2016
My wife and I have gradually gotten more into board games, because we're old and lame and that's ok. She's a bit ... competitive, however, so even playing a game like Settlers can put me on the edge of the seat a little bit if I'm winning. Some of you know what I'm talking about. Board games kept popping up in my Amazon recommendations, and I kept seeing this one (nice work, Amazon ad algorythms). Cooperative? Sounds good!

There went that Sunday. I even stopped watching football, BECAUSE CHILDREN ARE DYING IN ISTANBUL OR CONSTANTINOPLE. We played several games. We lost our first few, then kept winning. Our kids were annoying us with petty stuff like, "Daddy, I'm hungry" and "Mommy, my toe fell off" but sometimes you just have to tell your kids that now isn't a good time, because Daddy is building a research center and then has to fly to meet Mommy in Milan, and there is leftover ham in the refrigerator.

I do question whether the game will keep its challenge. We've won our only two games on the hardest difficulty, but it felt suspenseful and like we could have lost, so I think it'll still be fun to play. Regardless, we've already gotten our money's worth out of this game. I think my daughter (six) will be able to learn it now or shortly as well, which will be cool and we can monitor her toe situation better.
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on November 10, 2014
This is a really fun game that can either end really quickly or take up to an hour. It also can stress you out to no end watching as the virus just spreads and there is nothing you can do about it. My only gripe about it is to really get a good game experience you have to play on the hardest level--which is fine, just a little frustrating. I've mostly played it two player and it works well (we usually loose quickly but its a lot of fun) but have played it with four players. Four players is fun as well, but its a lot easier to win that way. I've seen the expansion pack for this and I'm considering getting it with the hope the game is a little more challenging. I've never seen this game in the stores, but I have seen it go on sale here on Amazon a couple times in the year since I bought it. So if you're considering it watch it for a few months and get it at a lower price.
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on April 20, 2016
This game shipped quickly and arrived as described. The game itself is a lot of fun for groups to play, in part because it is a collaborative effort that requires everyone playing to discuss strategies. The gameplay involves moving around a world map and trying to stop the spread of diseases. The game develops so that the group never has enough players or moves to easily fight the disease. My family (who are all brilliant except for my brother) found the game to be a nice challenge -- not easy enough to win every game but not so difficult that it becomes frustrating. The game has decent replay value. It has been fun for several replays, but we eventually have started to figure out a good strategy so we win most games. This is common for these types of co-op board games. I have played Forbidden Island a lot with the family, too, and we enjoyed this game slightly more.
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on March 9, 2017
We love this game. We will get into a groove of playing it several nights in a row. It's so much fun to play a collaborative game. This game's mechanic is perfect--it seems like every time we play it comes down to the wire for us, whether we win or the game wins. Because you can be different characters and the starting board changes, it's never the same game twice. I like that you can adjust the difficulty. Some nights I just want to save the world, so we adjust the difficulty to make it easier. This is just an super fun, intense, well-designed game that is easy to learn and addictive.
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Enthusiast: Board Gameson August 11, 2016
I have played so many co-op like games, from zombicide, and mysterium, and dead of winter, and I think this is probably my favorite one. The set up is easy once you play it multiple times, although I do have trouble remembering how to play if I don't play it in say 2 months. However, it is pretty easy to rejog my memory and the game is all easy to play again. There is so much tension every time I play. I mean, you are playing to save the world! Every move counts and each game is completely different. I love how there are so many roles to recycle through that even after playing this game 50 times, it still feels fresh because there is so much different strategy you can play like just because a different role is in the game or not.
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on January 26, 2016
Pros: High quality components, challenging, requires strategy
Cons: Can be too random, one person can take over if you're not careful

Excellent cooperative game. I got this to play with my girlfriend, and we've played with our families and some friends as well. It is very easy to teach since you're all on the same team, so you can show people how to play as you play. It also lets you choose how difficult you want it to be by letting you decide how many Epidemic cards you add to the player deck. When these are drawn, they will make you infect more cities each turn and they will cause all the cities you have already infected to be shuffled and placed back on top, so they will keep getting more disease added to them. The more Epidemic cards there are, the harder the game gets because this happens more often.

It requires a lot of foresight and strategy if you want to win, as you always have to be aware of what cities are potentially going to be drawn, and if you get close to the end you need to remember that there are only a set number of turns. Each player has a different ability that they can use, so we have found that it can be easier to play with more people, as this gives you access to more abilities. However, in the games I have played, we have both won and lost with 2, 3, and 4 people playing. It can certainly be tough depending on the game.

And that's why I'm rating it 4 stars. I really like the game, and, as a side note, the physical game itself is outstanding. The box is very sturdy with spaces inside for all the pieces and cards. The cards are sturdy and the player pieces and "disease cubes" are all beautiful (everyone comments on how nice the components are). However, the game play can vary greatly. Sometimes you'll win easily, sometimes you'll win at the last second, sometimes you'll get crushed early, sometimes you'll lose just when you think you've won it. This can be a good and bad thing. I like that there's no way to "figure it out" and win every time, but it would be nice if it wasn't as random. (I suppose you could decide where to put the Epidemic cards in the deck, but we haven't tried that.) I played with my brother once and we won very easily, and now he's convinced that it is too trivial.

All in all, I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a challenging co-op game.
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Enthusiast: Board Gameson October 5, 2016
I checked out this game at my local library & took it on a road trip. My wife & me met up with friends & decided to try this game out. It was an instant success! We finished the first game & played it again the next night with just as much excitement. It is a fantastic cooperative game where you must work together to save the world from outbreaks of deadly diseases. After the trip, our friends & us bought copies of the game & play it regularly. It played great with two players, three, or four! My wife loves this game & we play it often with just the two of us. The tension of every game is amazing. Wonderful game mechanics & wonderful components. A must own for anyone who loves board games.
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this game is becoming a game night favorite. it is so hard on normal difficulty, or maybe we just aren't great. haha. but i think we've played about 6 times and won twice. the last couple games we were one or two disease cures away from winning and would hit an epidemic card that would screw us over and run us out of blocks or flip an infection card that would cause a chain reaction of outbreaks and kill us that way. all that work for nothing right at the end! oh well, it's a blast and we have a good time strategizing. definitely worth it and looking forward to the expansions.
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on April 23, 2017
THIS GAME IS THE BEST. We have played several games from this maker and have enjoyed them all. This one is a bit of a challenge but is extremely fun to play. One thing though... the Contingency Planner is the worst role ever... IDK maybe I don't know how to use it right but I'd much rather be the Quarantine Specialist!
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on September 23, 2015
I got this game to give my wife and I something to play cooperatively rather than competitively. Everyone plays on the same side - you either all win or all lose. To that end, it's awesomely different.


My wife was skeptical based on the product images she saw. When it arrived, however, we were blown away by the quality. The colors are fantastic and the set pieces are well machined. The disease cubes look so good they almost look like shiny candies on your game board. The board is solid. The cards are not flimsy. The game box provides sufficient protection and is thick enough to protect everything inside. Fantastic.


There is a lot of variety to this game. The inclusion of multiple roles, which you assign at random, creates a variety of play styles and strategy.

The game also supports three difficulty modes (represented by the quantity of certain cards you mix into the deck). Once you get the hang of the rules, it's fairly easy on the lowest difficulty level (until you get the hang of all the ways you can lose, however, you'll find that you'll only win about 75% of the time). Ratcheting up the difficulty satisfyingly makes the game more challenging. It's not a given that you'll win, which makes it more appealing for replayability.

Maxing out the number of players also makes the game more difficult, because you have less rounds by which to complete your objectives and win the game.


I've played this game with family and friends, and everyone immediately wants to play another round. That's partly because it really takes playing a round to get the hang of the rules, but mostly because it is really different from the normal game. The cooperative aspect allows for a lot of group discussion, strategy, what-if scenarios, and so on. As soon as you've seen it in action - win or lose - you'll want to play again just to see what happens if different decisions are made or different roles are selected.

Long-term, I'm still addicted to this game. My wife no longer is, and only feels like playing it every once in a while. It's still a welcome break from Settlers of Catan, which has been the game that I typically measure of my games against.

Ease of play:

There are a lot of rules to this game, which feels kind of overwhelming when you first play it. You absolutely do have to play at least a round to get the hang of the rules. Once you do, however, they don't feel all that bad at all. I've actually played this game successfully with younger children (since it is cooperative, you can do most of the thinking for them, yet still make them feel like they contributed and made decisions). At least one of my friends has purchase the game for himself and his kids after playing with me.


Overall, this game is different. The cooperative element alone is worth the price of admission. Stay for the fun and the challenge. And the build quality makes it feel like it will last a long time in your possession.
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