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I have purchased a Zagg screen for 5 different devices over the years. This is a product where it is absolutely essential that you read and follow the instructions completely. Most of the negative comments are related to not following the directions or not waiting a few days before judging the finished product. Also, it isn't completely invisible - but it will look better in the end than a device with all kinds of scratches on the glass. Consider the alternative to not installing one.

1) Install in a dust-free clean area (i.e. clean things up first with an air-can if you have one)
2) Wet your fingers gernerously with the spray provided.
3) Wait. Once installed it takes a few (2-3) days for the air bubbles to disappear. It will be worth it in the end.
4) If you purchase the front and back cover. Install the back first. It will give you some experience when installing the front.
5) Enjoy. I sold a device on Ebay and I cannot tell you how perfect the screen was when I ripped the Zagg off. It looked brand new.
6) Touch is not significantly affected. I use a stylus tip and my finger with no problems. A little oil from your finger reduces most of the friction.
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on April 28, 2010
These comments are about my use of the product with an iPad. The product was a little tricky to install. The adhesive back is quite adhesive ... this is like static cling material with an adhesive back. I found that more liquid spray, that came with the product, is better than less liquid when installing the product. It took a few tries to get it properly in place on the iPad, but I got it in-place. I tried it for a few days, but have now removed it. There is a slight visual distortion when the material is applied. I liken this distortion to what one may observe with a clear bra applied to a car. Also, there was some reduced touch sensitivity. It seemed to take slightly more finger pressure to operate the iPad. I think the product does protect the glass, but the visual distortion and reduced touch sensitivity led me to remove it.
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on August 21, 2010
First of all, have Best Buy mobile apply these, because doing it yourself is a recipe for disaster. Watching the pros do it I saw that you need a HUGE bottle of that magic Zagg juice that they use and what is included is simply not enough. You're begging to be ordering a replacement right away if you attempt this yourself!

Don't be taken in by the videos on Zagg's site showing no scratches in just the right lighting and at just the right camera angles. I put these protectors on both my iPad, and my wife's iPad. Neither one of them was scratch free within the first two weeks. Both have multiple large scratches that are visible and disturb the viewing experience if there's any reflective light. In a very dark situation, it's hard to see any scratches and the visual disturbance isn't as severe. Regardless, advertising this as "scratch proof your iPad" is a complete and utter lie--pure unbridled false advertising. I tell you this first hand.

Additionally, I'd like to add that if you use the officle Apple case for the iPad in conjunction with the Zagg full body iPad product, we've found that the dye from the Apple case leeches off into the Zagg shield. Thus my wife's iPad has blue dye marks all over the back. While this isn't a huge issue because you can't see it with the case on, it's worth noting that the shield stains easily.

Here is the biggest scam of all, their "lifetime guarantee". It may be true in the most technical sense, but the hurdles you have to jump through are ridiculous and there are costs every time you replace the protectors. Currently both my and my wife's iPads need their screens replaced. To do this I have to file a replacement claim on their website, and they want $3.95 shipping for each replacement screen protector. In addition, they put a holding charge on your credit card, and if you do not send back the old mangled messed up ones after you remove them, they charge you for an entirely new product. Lastly, please note that they don't even pay return shipping on your used protectors, no RMA or anything so you have additional cost beyond the $4 shipping per replacement.

I thought by having Best Buy install them I could avoid this, and was told so when they sold me the installation service, however it turns out that I have to order them myself and wait for them to arrive to have them reinstalled.

This product is almost completely a scam. It does protect your screen, but it damages easily and scratches easily. Replacement is difficult, tedious, and not free (just discounted). I can't recommend against Zagg screen protectors enough, if they were more durable, and/or the replacement process was easier then I could be persuaded otherwise. All in all, this is a terrible choice for protecting your iPad.

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for Apple iPad (Full Body)

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for Apple iPad (Front)
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on February 28, 2015
My worst ZAGG product experience ever. The pack was sent with an empty, dried up bottle of the installation spray. Don't bother trying to follow the 'dry' installations instructions from the ZAGG website, with a large device like the iPad it is virtually impossible to install the screen saver dry. After almost an hour of messing around trying to install the protector, I finally gave up in frustration and stuffed the useless protector into the original cardboard sleeve since there was no hope of salvaging the protector.

This was my second ZAGG protector for my 1st generation iPad. The original one went on easily using the installation spray, but after a few years of hard use (and my kids peeling up the corners of the protector) it was time to put on a fresh one. Big mistake as I now have no protector on the iPad. I would guess the majority of these protectors are old stock that were produced when the iPad was new, and that most of what is shipped today suffers the same problem of dried up installation spray. Too bad ZAGG doesn't just ship a fresh version of their 'installation kit' with the screen saver. It honestly goes on fairly easily when you use the spray.
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on October 8, 2013
This ZAGG shield does take a bit of practice. You have to have a completely clean I-pad and then know how to spray the water on and press the Sheild on. Using a credit card's side to smooth out all the bumps helps. I asked the guy at Best Buy how to do it and he was really helpful. That said, I think next time I will just pay the extra $15 and let him do it. He did one of my I-Pads for free when he wasn't busy, and did it very quickly and it worked perfectly,but I could see how it might not if you hadn't done this many times before.
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on October 10, 2010
If you're at all good with your hands the Zagg full body shield is a no-brainer. If you're not confident in your abilities, many shopping malls have kiosks where they'll sell you the kit and you can pay them to install it.

I have installed this on my iPod, MacBook Pro (full body shield), and I just installed my iPad full body shield. Here's some advice for doing your own install:
1) Don't worry about the air bubbles. It can take a week or two, but they will eventually all dissipate.
2) *Do* worry about dust and lint. Work in a clean area away from fans and keep a can of air spray (or a bike pump) handy. Once sealed under the shield, that dust isn't going away on its own. Have good lighting or a bright flashlight handy so you don't need to power up the device to check for dust on the display.
3) Before you start, go to their website and watch their videos. It's important to squeegee from the middle toward the edges.
4) Roll the kit in the opposite direction from how it was shipped before peeling it off the backing to try to flatten it out. If it touches itself it sticks like crazy!
5) Place a dry towel under your device while you work to catch water and prevent slipping or scratching.
6) Keep your fingers wet at all times. The kit includes a spray bottle. Use it liberally on both sides of the shield and your hands. Avoid spraying the device if possible.
7) Don't be afraid to lift up a corner all the way to the middle of the shield, spay underneath, and re-squeegee if you want to remove dust or want to reposition it slightly. It's very durable. In fact you can do this after it's completely dried if necessary.
8) Press with your thumbs to stretch and fit to the edges. Don't be afraid to stretch the plastic. After it's dry, if there is an edge hanging over the body, carefully use a single edge razor blade to trim it so it doesn't collect dirt.
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on June 28, 2016
Don't, don't, don't believe the HYPE!!!! I couldn't leave 1/2 a star. It was HORRIBLE trying to put this thing on my ipad. After trying several times I just balled it up and threw it away. 15$ down the drain. If I want to irritate myself I could do it for less than 15 bucks. If you managed to put this thing on I most definitely tip my hat to you. Instructions were practically useless. I'll be heading to Ebay for a 3$ one next time that's for sure.
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on January 3, 2011
I have used zagg for iPhone twice. I like their products. I was surprised to see that it has not so positive rating here. But then most of it is due to 2 reasons: Difficult to install and too little fluid. I thought I would share my installation tips here.

Two tips for Zagg:

1. Clean the ipad well. Do not start with any finger prints, lint, dust etc. Soak your hands with plenty of fluid that they supply with the product, before peeling the skin. I used a little less and as a result I left my finger print in a corner. Use the liquid they give you liberally before peeling the skin. I would also suggest spraying the skin/ fingers ample, before attempting to peel it. Also once you peel it, place the skin on a flat clean (very clean) surface. And spray more fluid on it. You almost want to soak/ immerse the film completely with the liquid before you apply. This gives you the ability to slide and place accurately. The liquid temporarily makes the film less sticky, which buys you the needed time to align the film. And it keeps the film from sticking to itself+ prevents it from your finger prints. I find it easier to align one of the longer edges first before aligning the shorter side and the on/off hole. Follow this one tip and you will not need the second. (Caution: Watch out for your clothing. Let it not touch the sticky surface of the skin. It is a lint trap).

2. If you get it wrong like I did the first time, do not worry. I almost gave up. The first time I did, I did not use enough fluid so it had several air pockets and white spots all over the face of the iPad. So I thought it is over, I should toss this one out and buy a new Zagg. (why would I?). But I just peeled it off. And sprayed it all over, this time more fluid, like in my tip above. And all of a sudden I can move the skin easily in the ipad surface. And in 30 seconds there is enough grip to start flushing out the liquid. And in one minute I had a great installation. The only sore point is the very first finger print that I left on the top skin when peeling, without enough fluid.

Hope these two tips will help you in installing. Good luck wi your Zagg.

Oh and definitely buy it in Amazon. The price in amazon is 22. And the price in is 39. Go figure that! Happy new year!!
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on January 6, 2011
This screen is phenomenal. I had it for my first iPod, and I return to it for every device I care about protecting. It tunes down a little of the uber-glossy finish of the ipad's screen, but that's precisely one of the features I'm looking for. It is virtually fingerprint-resistant, and it's indestructible. For those of you who rushed into an early judgement... the tiny milimetric imperfections that are left right after installation DO go away in the first day or two, and no... the fact that the screen needs to be moistened before application DOES NOT affect your precious device. Now, on to most people's critique of this product: its installation ease. Well... what can I say, this is not for the blunderous, heavy-handed, gawkish, graceless, ill-shaped, undexterous, sausage-handed user. But come on! you don't need to be a gifted surgeon either. Just follow the instructions (there even is a video on youtube!!) be careful, and you will be just fine. I'm happy (once more) with the "invisible shield" and I would buy it again if I needed to. If they made one for my 50 inch flat screen TV... I'd be the first one to order!!
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on February 4, 2015
Waste of money. It took me 10 minutes to pry the backing off. I thought it was just me but my wife had the same problem. By the time I finally pealed it off the shield was crimped on the corner. Tried to place the shield on the screen and there were so many bubbles that would not squeeze out I took it off and threw it away. Brought the IPad to Verizon and for $11 the Verizon girl put one on for me and gave me two extras. Don't waste your money.
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