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on November 21, 2015
I've had the phone for almost 2 years which I know is ancient in cell phone years. It really has been a good phone for what I use it for. You have to accept the fact that the camera is not great and there isn't a lot of space for apps. This can be frustrating, but I just keep the bare minimum of the apps I really want/need. Recently it started rebooting randomly which seems to happen with this model. I was able to fix it after much research by simply putting a folded piece of paper between the battery and the bottom (not the back) of the phone so that there is no room for it to move. It appears that it is a connection issue with the battery. I did this 3 weeks ago and it has not rebooted since. I know that the rebooting is a common problem, so I hope this will help others with the same issue. Other than that, I have gotten more than my money's worth from this phone.
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on July 18, 2017
Pure and UTTER JUNK! Couldn't register it or top it up without having "recurring payment" checked. Called Virgin Mobile who told me:

Call 1: We cant find your number. Your phone isn't active and/or will stop working itself - Yet I was calling FROM THAT PHONE
Call 2: Can't find my number, transferred to another guy who directed me to and asked me to log in. However he wouldn't listen when I told him I WANT TO CANCEL the account! He talked in broken english over the top of me and I got frustrated and hung up.
Call 3: I was told they couldn't help, in the background I could hear a lady telling the guy (maybe the first lady?) to have me call an 877 number?

Pure and utter junk a con at best. I can't seem to cancel this stupid thing and if/when it bills my card I will DISPUTE IT. Seller, stop selling this fraud of a phone.
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on August 17, 2014
I bought the AWE because i wanted to have an amazing media player but did not want to foot more than $120 for it. What I got was more than what I bargained for. First the camera takes very nice 5MP photos with little artifacts in the day and in the night. As for the video it takes 720p video at 30fps which is AWEsome for the day and night. Then this fine piece of tech sports 2 ARM cpu cores clocked at 1.2GHz which makes watching high profile h264 720p videos a smooth experience. The screen has very nice color and brightness output - and by sporting a 800x480 res it makes letters very smooth and curves look well.. curvy. Playing music lasts up to a day and browsing fhe web on wifi gave me 5 hours. And unlike somebody [i] know this fine piece of tech doubles as a freaking phone! Sure it is limited to virgin mobile but I think they are pretty cool guys with their budget friendly plans and will switch to them soon. Anyway the phone/media player is very nice and will give you the best bang for your buck, did I mention that storage space can be increased up to 32GB with a microsd card? Yeah, I only feel sadness for not being able to rate this 6 stars because while being a budget phone/media player it has exceeded my expectations.
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on November 26, 2014
Overview:For around $50 this phone is quite a steal. It has some features that will blatantly remind you that this is a bargain phone(the horrible camera)but then again it has features that will show you that there's so much more on this camera than what you paid for ,such as this camera being able to play games better than the Kindle Fire HD(1st gen) easy root access,e.t.c.

Unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky ones who got this phone for around $20 on 2013 Black Friday,but I did manage to get it for $65 at Christmas. So yeah,I have been having this phone for around 11 months.
This is also my first smart phone,so unfortunately I have absolutely no smartphone to compare it too. I will compare it to my Kindle Fire HD tablet though (Will be abbreviated as KFHD in this long review)

1 Stock Apps
Comes with Google services, a default music player,email,calculator, e.t.c. No kind of Adobe Acrobat or Word document apps built in the phone.

2 Root Access
Not that hard to root, just have to extremely make sure you know what you are doing.

3 Feel
Very nice. I guess it doesn't feel that cheap at all. The back cover on it is detachable. Multiple small grooves in a a wavy pattern.Pretty neat.

4 Cases Available
This phone has many cases available for it.I have one that I got for around 5 .Unlike some of the 15 20 dollar cases i see for fancier phones, this one has a has a kickstand ;)

For Zte Awe N800 (Virgin Mobile) Dual Layer Symbiosis Armor Impact Hybrid Soft Silicone Cover Hard Snap On Plastic Case with Kick Stand + [WORLD ACC] TM Brand LCD Screen Protector + Silver Stylus Pen + Black Dust Cap Free Gift (Black / Black Armor Stand)

5 Sturdiness
I have dropped the phone multiple times(all sitting down however) and it doesn't have a a scratch on it.Never dropped it at normal standing height however, so unfortunately I cannot comment about the sturdiness of the phone on that matter

6 Wireless
Has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Has done better than the KFHD of detecting and successfully going to the guest pages on guest wifi networks.It is not as good as thevKFHD in general wifi usage (speed, distance)
Bluetooth seems excellent.

7 Phone/Network/Call
I haven't got a plan for this smartphone as that's what my basic phone is for,so I can't comment on how the 3G speed are(yes, this phone only has 3G )

8 Display
I don't know how resistant this screen is to scratches, as i always have my screen protector on. Looks pretty good,vivid and such.I would guess that for those with large hands,it would be hard to type on the small phone.

9 Brightness
My KFHD does better for nightly use,as my phone is just a tad too bright. For outdoor use,strangely,my phone does alot better than my KFHD,of what I can kinda see the screen outdoors. With this phone I can definitively see this phone outdoors at max brightness, however i would have liked to have wen more brightness,like a 10% to 20% increase r something.

10 Storage
Phone comes with a standard mere non-changeable 2 GB of internal storage , and a micro SD card. That sounds good, doesn't it? Wrong.The phone comes with alot of stock apps like Google services that you CANNOT remove. That itself will take alot of the phone's internal memory up; nope,you can't even change the apps over to a SD card.

11 Music
The speakers on this phone are like 2x as loud as my Kindle Fire HD. I once laid this down outside,put it on max volume, and began walking away from it. At around 4m (I'm guessing the distance)this sound will hurt your ears as this thing just screeches , but as i went farther away from it,I myself could hear it more clearly.I stopped hearing traces of it around 25,30 m I would guess?
When plugging n some earbuds or something,the sound is okay.It's quite good,but the quality of the audio of when I listen to music on my KFHD is better than this phone.

12 Apps
This phone isn't locked to one app store: you can get Google Play, Amazon Appstore, or any other Appstore. It can play lots of games pretty good, in fact it actually beat my $250 KFHD in terms of performance for a particular game called Rayman origins.

13 Pictures
It takes 5mp pictures.They get the job done,like 20% of the time :( 80% of the time I'm pretty sure that even an old Kodak disposable film camera or Polaroid could look better than this camera.

Also,what's bad is the dedicated camera button:It itself works like 10% of the time. I have to go all the way into the camera app to take a picture, which i unwanted inconvenience.In the heat of the moment when you're trying to take a picture of something quick,this thing will fail you.
The camera Lags alot unless change you change the exposure to very low(you slide it to the left)

Self-timer= Off, 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds
Burst selector= Off,On
Interval Mode=Off, 30s 6 picture, 60s12pics, 90s18pics, 2m120s24pics.
Face Mode= Face detection, Blink detection, Smile detection, Red-eye reduction
Image Settings= Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness
White Balance= Auto, Incandescent, Daylight, Fluorescent, Cloudy
ISO= Auto, 100, 200, 300, 400, 800
Geo-tagging= On, Off
Shutter Tones =1,2,3

Composition Size= On, Off
Picture Size= 5M, 4M 16:9, 3M, 2M, HD720, VGA
Auto-review= Off, 2s, 5s, Always
Picture Quality= Super Fine, Fine, Normal
Anti-banding= Auto, 50Hz, 60Hz(US)
Storage location
Restore Defaults
*Shooting Modes
-Night Portrait

*Special Effects
-No Filter
You can also switch the camera to the 1MP front-facing camera.
There's also a nice Edit mode that i found very very useful for brightening up dark photos.
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on April 12, 2016
Perfect cheap Virgin phone for those with the grandfathered $25 a month. Doesn't do 4g. Over heats on hot days and refuses to charge. I dropped mine and bought another. It has devopled a issued unmounting SD card. Minor things to me but could be deal breakers for you. Everything else works good for a cheap droid.
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on October 26, 2014
Great phone for beginners at a AWEsome price. Bought as a gift, shipping was a bear but thats another matter. The phone itself is great-especially for the low price. Great way to step up from prepaid phones that dont really do much to real phones that have tons of features. Virgin has great prices for thier services. I used a ZTE AWE for about 6 months & could not really complain. After a few months the battery was an issue but it was a sturdy reliable phone as long as a charger was nearby. Great phone for a beginner, your kid, or someone looking to upgrade. Virgin has a plan for most & they are affordable. The phone does have a dual core that takes a little tinkering to access, but its twice as fast once opened up.
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on June 21, 2014
After shorting out my ZTE Supreme (which I loved), I had to get a replacement phone asap. So, went down to Radio Shack and bought a Kyrocera phone for the same price as this ZTE Awe.
After getting it home and activated, I realized I did not like the Kyrocera phone whatsoever...looked up reviews on the Kyrocera and it barely had 2 starts. One viewer said that she took off the clear protective cover on her Kyrocera because she hated her phone so much it didn't need to be protected! LOL.

Anyway, I did not like the Kyrocera and ordered this ZTE for exactly the same price. MUCH, much better phone. Glad I got it. If you like this phone, you might love the ZTE Supreme. It has a bigger screen and is a great phone, but it's 3 times as expensive (even on sale) then this one, so, I'll have to save up to get another one of those. In the meantime, this is a good substitution.
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on August 20, 2017
Well, this was my third ZTE Awe and I'm freshly on my fourth now. It's probably my favorite phone I've ever had. The size is perfect for my hands, the screen is sturdy and barely scratches. The only problem is the "encryption unsuccessful" black screen that inevitably happens after a year or so of owning the phone. The "encryption unsuccessful" is unfortunate though because of how good the phone was for me. I bought this phone October 2nd 2016 and by August of 2017 I had to buy a new one because of the "encryption unsuccessful" screen. My advice for that is to take your SD card out immediately and get a new phone after that. You'd think after three of the same phones with the same issues in the past I'd move on but it's a cheap phone that lasts about a year. Let's hope the black screen of "encryption unsuccessful" doesn't happen to me for a long time or never again :)
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on August 11, 2014
I purchased this for my mom (her first smartphone). After receiving it and setting up, I was actually impressed by how well it worked for a low budget android. The phone itself doesn't seem too under-powered and goes from screen to screen with minimal lag. My mom only uses it for calling and texting (no data plan) but she can use wifi whenever on it.

Its also a great size for her b/c she didn't want a S3 size phone and had a old flip phone prior to this, so its a great phone to start out with or to use when on a budget. Virgin Mobile plan price was also great when only needing unlimited minutes and texting.

When my wife's old iphone dies, we may replace it with this or something similiar as well.
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on December 13, 2013
Update - 12/21/14 - I gave this phone a sterling review when I first purchased it about a year ago. It was a big upgrade from my previous phone so I was a little blinded to the shortcomings, however, after a year of use, there have been some problems that have popped up due to quick deterioration.

1)After approximately 6 months, the charging socket became loose and it became difficult to charge. It still can charge, but I have to wrap the charging cord around the phone several times.

2)The phone restarts without any warning. Sometimes it restarts when I try to open an app, answer the phone or when the battery gets low. Very annoying, especially since the start up jingle is loud and a bit abrasive.

3)The camera/camcorder has underwhelmed due to the inability to focus correctly. Even if you hold your hands absolutely perfect, there is still a risk for blur. It's impossible to take a picture of anything moving without a blur trail. Does not perform well in low light. Slow shutter speed.

Honestly, even despite all of the problems, I still have enjoyed the ZTE Awe. It was only about $40 when I bought it, so it was a great deal. However, I'm going to move on to something with a bigger screen, bigger battery, better camera, bigger memory and faster processor. Probably a Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC Desire 816.
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