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Game play:

When the game starts you are offered three categories for the quiz, select one and the questions start. When you answer the question it tells you whether you have answered it correctly and also provides you with a bit of trivia about the question. There are 25 rounds and once you finish a round you are given a selection of three more categories to choose from. Some of the categories are abstract like Welcome to Taiwan or questions of Jewish History and Judaism. For me the worst types of questions were filling in the blank. Many questions are multiple choice selections.

This is a single player game and if you want you can play it against the world by comparing your score with other players. Each part of the quiz has 10 questions and there are over 2500 questions in the app. I did play one level on car symbols that had 20 questions. You get 40 seconds to answer the question so no using the internet for research; this is a brain game and not a cheating game.

The game controls work well and you simply have to touch the screen. I only had difficulty selecting a category as the screen touch did not seem to take the first time or the game many have been compiling a questions list.

Main Screen:

* Play
* Scoreboard - This game uses Amazon Game Circle and if you touch this you are asked to turn it On.
* News - a message from the developers
* Colors - select a color scheme for the app
* Get more - direct link to buy more of the developer's games on Amazon. Touching a game takes you to the Appstore or to the Amazon Browser.
* Sound on/off
* Question Mark - list of rules
Main screen pops up that this game uses Amazon Game Circle and your score is automatically shared on the global score board if you turn on this option

What I like:

This is a good quiz game but some of the categories are abstract and unless you are a world traveler for example, you would not know many answers in some categories. The app is entertaining as long as you know the categories. The app does contain pictures and many times the picture can give away the answers. Some of the pictures are so small though that they almost cannot be seen.

I like the trivia that is provided with the answer to the question. This makes the game a learning experience and more fun.

What I don't like:

This app has a long list of permissions that can have negative results if the developer was a data miner. This app has full internet access, access to your known accounts and thus can enter into and interact with your other accounts and it also learns your device ID and learns your IMEI and IMSI and can be used to track incoming and outgoing phone call numbers.

This game is very large and it puts a majority of the game data in an area of the Kindle Fire that I like to reserve for books and documents. I don't care for that aspect of the game and I wish developers would put the game in the Application Storage memory area and not move it into the Internal Storage Area of the Kindle Fire.

The bad part about having to type in answers is that they must be spelled correctly. That can be difficult when you are typing an obscure person's name or a trade name. In this regards I believe multiple choice is a better type of answer to select.


While this is a good quiz game and is somewhere between a 4 and a 5 star app I cannot get past the number of and the criticality of the permissions asked for. For that reason alone I cannot justifiably rate it that high. I also feel that the price is too high. If you go to the web and type, top 10 natural disasters, the answer pops up in minutes. The research to do this game is easy using the internet. To me, transforming this into a Q&A format and adding Amazon Game Circle is not worth $5.99.

Size compressed is 39.9 MB. Installed on the Kindle Fire the app puts 1.70 MB into the app memory and installs 42.652 MB in your data storage area.

Application Permissions:

* Storage - modify/delete internal storage contents
* Network communication - full internet access
* Kindle calls - Read Kindle state and identity
* Network communication - view network state, view WIFI state
* Your Accounts - discover known accounts.
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on October 9, 2012
Big Brain Quiz GOLD is actually an above average quiz game, the point of which is to play through five rounds while picking one of three categories. There seem to be plenty of topics, and the UI is very appealing, however all of that is utterly destroyed by the incredibly malicious permissions, constant data access, and an incredibly high price.

Kindle users should also be aware that this app does use Amazon's GameCircle.

The Good:

- Lots of questions and categories - this really is a must for trivia games, and Big Brain does not disappoint.

- Nice, clean UI - You can even pick the style you want!

- Good sound effects - although there is no music, the effects don't annoy or get in the way (as they do with a lot of quiz games). There is nothing overly wonky here to distract you from answering questions.

The Bad:

- The ability to purchase more games from the main menu (this is becoming a staple in Android apps).

- Annoying fact tidbits that can't be disabled - every time you answer a question, you get a little tidbit of information accompanying it, even if you answered correctly. All it does is add another button you have to press between every question.

- Overpriced at $5.99.

The Ugly:

- NASTY Permissions (explained below):
-- Read only access to phone state - This permission gives an application access to the IMEI, IMSI, and your phone number (as well as incoming and outgoing calls). So think of it as a massive tracking cookie that keeps tabs on everything you do, and that you had no choice in installing.
Many software developers use this permission to track purchases and piracy. However the potential for disaster is huge here. A lot of companies will pay good money to get the information above, and once that falls into their hands...
-- - For easy billing, etc. Usually included for IAP.
--- Open network sockets - This permission gives an application free range Internet access.
-- Access information about networks - This permissions "informs" the device on what kind of networks you are running.
-- Access the list of accounts in the Accounts Service. - Allows access to a list of ALL accounts in the Accounts Service.

I have NO idea why all these permissions are required in a single player game, this is simply ridiculous, but that's not even the best part. It gets better you say? Why yes it does:
- Constant stream of data while you play. The longer you play, the higher this goes. I wonder why... Check out the uploaded image and see for yourself.

App is a 3/5.
Permissions are a flat out 0/5.
Combined score: 1/5.

If not for the nasty permissions and constant stream of data that this app is guilty of, I would have given it a solid three stars. If you play on a rooted device with proper protection this really won't bother you much and you should download it as today's FAOTD.

I do not suggest you purchase it for the full asking price, nor do I suggest that you use it on an unprotected device.
review image
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on October 11, 2012
There are a lot of questions here. You choose between three categories for each round and answer from 10 - 20 questions. The interesting part is the information you get after you answer, right or wrong. It is nice that you can change the background, but it's really not necessary.

What I don't like is that once you play a round it's just done. It doesn't keep your score or how many categories/questions you have answered, right or wrong. Or which categories you have answered. So there really is no challenge beyond answering the one question in front of you.

I play with my wifi off and the permissions listed on my Kindle Fire are

Storage - Modify/delete internal storage contents
Network Communication - Full internet access
Kindle Calls - Read Kindle state and identity.

As I said I played with wifi off so I don't know if these would be different if wifi was on. After reading all the warnings, I'm not going to risk it.

There are very few apps I'd be willing to fork over $6.00 for and this is not one of them. If you are really into facts .99 might be OK, but otherwise not worth it.
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on October 12, 2012
Besides using too many permissions, whoever designed this trainwreck also didn't bother to edit clues/answers for misspellings. How can anyone trust a game that can't even spell certain words correctly?

Some of the answers for the quizzes are highly dubious as well, and upon checking some of the answers I found that some were just wrong. How anyone allowed this game to be released with myriad mistakes shows poor craftsmanship and insults those of us who expect better from a trivia game.

The "fill in the blank" portions of the program are nice if you can spell some of the big words required : spell it wrong and you get penalized for it. Not very intuitive at all.

Don't waste your time on this drek... the developers sure didn't. Good thing I didn't pay for it like some others have. I uninstalled this abortion an hour after installing/playing it. If this software company is truly growing like they said, then they'll be out of business shortly. They should contact me, as I at least checked their facts and caught all the spelling/grammatical mistakes for them.
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on November 4, 2012
Like many I got this as a FAOTD. Overall the game play is simple amd effective. If you know nothing about a category, it could be a disappointment, just like any trovia game.

My biggest gripe comes in round 2 and beyond, where you are expected to type in answers. Although the game does try to give numerous possible variations, sometimes just lacking a required "the" is enough to count as a wrong answer. That needs correction somehow.
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on November 28, 2012
The quizzes are just made by random people I guess because half the time the questions are not clear on what the are asking and the other half seem to be the dumbest questions that a small child could figure out. Not worth it!
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on October 9, 2012
I wanted to download and try this app, but couldn't bring myself to do so because of the unnecessary permissions. Too bad, because it sounded like fun. Not worth the risk involved.
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on December 26, 2012
It gets its own questions wrong! When the ap tells me I missed a question, then in the review tells me the answer I picked is correct, it's time to delete this piece of junk.
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on October 9, 2012
This app is about 10% quiz, 90% data mining. Don't install this game and wonder why you suddenly are bombarded with spam.
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on November 5, 2012
Have not been impressed so far. Lots of questions on items that don't interest me. Haven't played much for this reason. Probably very good for a younger person
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