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on July 30, 2015
I purchased the Zeikos battery pack for a Nikon D600 while I was traveling. I had left the camera's recharger at home, and buying another recharger was more expensive and unneeded after the trip. The Zeikos power grip appealed to me because it was less expensive than a charger and could be used with 6 AA batteries that are readily available while I was on vacation. The Zeikos was also much less expensive than the Nikon battery grip that is available for the Nikon D600/610.

The unit was delivered to the hotel where I was staying on time and as expected. Packaging consisted of branded box and internally contained the main grip in plastic with a silica dry bag and then enclosed with bubble wrap; the AA battery tray was inserted in the grip. A separate bag contained the EN-EL15 tray, which holds two rechargeable batteries.

The grip has a rubber coating, wheel to turn hold the grip to the tripod mount on the D600 body, a pin to keep the grip from rotating and controls for a vertical shutter release (with a concentric on/off switch for the shutter release), AE/AF hold button and joy stick to control some functions. Installation of the grip on the body required removing a rubber contact cover on the bottom of the D600 body and a plastic protector over the connector on the grip. I installed 6AA batteries in the tray, inserted it into the grip and then attached the grip to the body. The camera battery sensor showed a "full charge". I've been using the grip on my camera for a few days and am pleased.

The grip adds weight and bulk to the camera body, but the grip feels rugged and consistent with the camera body's grip. I did not over tighten the wheel on the grip which turns the screw connected to the tripod mount. Overall, I was pleased and would buy the grip again. The quality is good, and the grip works as I expected/wanted.

Attached are a few photos of the grip on the D600, as well as the packaging, and AA battery tray.
8/7/2015: Revised from 5 stars to 1

This really showed promise, and I was very pleased. However, after an initial 36 hours of good experience with the grip in light shooting, it stopped working so I am returning it. There appears to be some issue with the electrical contacts between the grip and the camera body. After shooting with it for a few minutes, the camera body seems to lose contact with the grip, so the extended battery (I was using the AA battery tray) and shutter release on the grip no longer function. Removing the grip and re-seating it intermittently allows the camera to recognize the grip for a short while but then the battery indicator drops back down and the shutter release on the grip stops working.

It's possible I just got a bad unit, but some other reviewers seem to have similar issues so rather than exchange it, I decided to just return it. Oh well...
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on September 25, 2016
I bought this for Canon SL1. First problem, the picture on Amazon did not match the actual product. The picture included is what it actually looks like. As you can see, it does not match what is on the website (no control wheel, no zoom buttons, only a shutter control). The FAQs were mixed as whether an additional cable is needed to use the shutter button. On SL1, you need a remote cable (the included cable is a bit too long, so it buckles when all hooked up).

Returned within minutes of opening the package.
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on October 22, 2015
Got mine for the d7100 and mistakenly I thought that it would be of similar build/functionality like a battery grip I have for my d5200( allowing two batteries to be placed in the grip); it is not.

I am not dissatisfied with the product, nor do I think that the seller/manufacturer mislead me into thinking this - it was simply my own mistake. And after further research, I discovered that most/all grips for the d7100 are made this way.

So keep in mind, if you're buying this for your Nikon d7100 and you prefer your battery grip holstering both your EN-EL 15 Li-Ion batteries, it does not. One is keep in the battery chamber in the camera, and one in the grip.


I am not quite sure what it is but the battery grip registers up in the menu of the camera perfectly fine but i see constant drains on the body battery rather than the battery grip's. After some research, I've read that some people experience this problem( across the board with all battery grips, even Nikon and Canon's).

This might be a return for me, but I'll give customer service a call and see what can be done
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on April 29, 2012
We are professional photographers and use the 5d Mark ii for weddings and commercial shoots. We have been using the Zeikos Battery Grip for 3 months and had no problems. Until today when we were testing a few photography setups and all the sudden the shutter wheel stopped working. We started freaking out because the camera is only 6 months old and was working yesterday fine. We found a few forums and people had the same problem with the Zeikos Battery Grip. So we put the battery in with the Canon Standard battery door and it worked fine as you can see in the video. I would highly NOT recommend this grip. We had no problems for 3 months and then it won't work randomly. So, imagine being in the middle of a wedding and this happens.. DON'T BUY!!!
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on February 2, 2015
The battery grip pictured is for a Canon body, not a Nikon body The D7100 grip I received does not have the electrical connections that extend into the body through the battery compartment, as do Canon grips. So 1 star off for that. The grip performs well but, as others have mentioned, there's a lot of "wiggle" in it, as though the only thing connecting it to the camera is the 1/4 x 20 screw. I own Canon cameras and have grips on every one of them, and Canon grips - even the cheap knockoffs - feel a lot more sturdy than this one. So 1 star off for an ill-fitting, wiggly mount, although this may be more due to Nikon's poor attachment design than this company's execution of it.

Finally, it's composed of hard plastic in areas where there should be nice tacky rubber, and even where there is rubber, it has a smooth, slippery feel to it rather than something that engenders confidence in holding it. Even my Canon knock-off grips have a much better feel to them.

Aside from fit and finish issues, it does power the camera and provide all the button functions one needs in a vertical grip. However, I simply don't like the fit or feel as well as my Canon grips. I really think Nikon needs to take a page or two from Canon's book on battery grip design.
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on November 24, 2014
Ordered this to prepare for a wedding that was going to be pretty fast paced , so I did not want to fuss with battery changes. It worked like a champ and ran 14 hours on two en-el15 batteries. First off, adding one of these to a D800, and shooting a big lens, makes the whole contraption a monster of weight to be lugging about. So think about that when you are trying to decide if you "need" this. Portrait orientation controls worked perfectly out of the box (once you remember to unlock them). Unit fits OK to d800. Its not like a "can't fit a piece of paper in the crack' tight, but it marries up fine. My biggest concern came when I mounted a strobist flash bracket off of the bottom of this unit. With the flash bracket on and a flash unit mounted, and a 28-70 "Big Bertha" Nikor for a lens, I was feeling a noticeable flexing in the unit when I was walking around holding the assembly by the flash bracket, meaning the "single screw / metal plate in plastic" assembly was definitely deflecting under the load. Later on when I mounted the camera to the tripod, I was noticing a slight amount of flex. Not tremendous, but definitely noticeable. Make sure that mount screw is tight as possible. Also keep in mind that this puppy changes the center of gravity on your camera, so heed my warning about your tripod balance if you use this in a portrait orientation on your tripod and compensate accordingly. Needless to say, while I like the unit, I will likely not use it in a scenario where It is carrying a high weight load and I am putting a $2,000 lens at The flex seems a little to obvious to think it might not eventually lead to problems. Ultimately your equipment security is dependent on a single screw and if that is flexing, then that security is questionable. I will continue to use it, but I will likely "respect" when to use it and detach it when I am working in certain ways with the camera.
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on February 27, 2012
Alright so I really wanted to love this grip, as im def the type of person that thinks there are certain 3rd party products that are just as good as the canon main brand for a slightly cheaper price. This grip is not one of them. Well for a full time shooter. Im a nightlife and portrait photographer. Im basically shooting all the time. during the season im shooting 5 to 8 events weekly as well as 1 to 2 catalog/marketing shoots. So im def working 40+ hours a week. And this grip was awesome at first, rubber was nice, softer than the canon, everything worked awesome. After about 4 to 5 months the AF button started loosing tension, basically right now it barely pops out and so it gets activated with barely touching it, which sucks. right now after about 6 months the rubber is completely peeling away from the grip. Its not a huge problem i can buy some rubber cement and bam fixed. But the AF button is a huge pain and one I cant get around. Basically if your a full time shooter this grip is not for you at all, buy the canon(not actually sure how dependable it is). If your just starting or shooting 20 hours or so a week, this grip will last you a year or more no problem. If your shooting in a studio only this grip would be awesome for you. So I will give it a 3. Will most likely get a canon grip next see how it holds up to my amount of work load.
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on May 19, 2017
I received my Zeikos grip for the D750. First of all the good stuff. It fits fine. I used it with my heavy lenses the 24-70mm 2.8 and 70-200mm 2.8 to see if there would be any wobble. No worries. The feeling of it is sturdy. Of course its not as good as the original grip, but I think its fine.

The bad:

-Wheels don't work well when using them quickly. Example: I wanted to go from F/16 down to f/2.8. I went down as I normally did but the wheel would go back and forth on the aperture. It would go from f/16 - f/14 - f/16 - f/14 - f/13- f/14 - f/13.. etc etc. Never happens with my official grips or wheels on camera.

-The biggest let down is that it somehow makes a shadow on the image sensor. When testing it out with the 24-70mm I noticed it made shadow in all the photos. See for yourself in the photos. I updated my firmware thinking it might have been something to do with it. Nope. I tried all my lenses from manual focus AI-S to D lenses, G lenses: they all produced the shadow. I even tried in Live View. The shadow was there. When I removed the Zeikos grip, the shadow was gone. While in live view, I removed the grip, and the shadow was still there. After turning of the camera, the shadow was gone. I don't know what is causing it, but I am certain it is the grip. Almost forgot to mention, that I'm using authentic En-EL15 batteries. If you use the grip without the battery, it works fine! But whats the point in that? We buy the grip for that extra battery compartment. There must be some electrical issue that grip is causing with the camera. It might end up damaging the camera itself. This is why I cannot recommend the Zeikos grip, not even for amateur use.
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on March 20, 2017
This item was very cheap for what it is and what it does. It holds two batteries doubling your shooting or filming time. I did get an error when I upgraded the firmware so I just rolled it back and now everything is fine. What i also love about this is there is a tiny bit of room between the batteries to conceal a Micro SD card, in case you run out of room on your card. The cord is annoying so I don't use it and I just use the original shutter release. It also makes you look like a professional to your customers. That sounds silly, I know, but it works.
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on July 17, 2016
This unit seems well built. It has a metal plate under the tripod screw to reinforce the connection and make it more solid. The switches and dials are not as nice as the Nikon ones but they're pretty close. I bought this unit not so much for sports but more for ease of use when shooting verticals, such as portraits and headshots.

The main issue I'm having with it is that every once in a while the camera locks up or slows down considerably. The remedy is to remove the unit from the camera, remove the camera battery, then replace everything. It doesn't do it all the time, but it happens often enough that I can't rely on it when doing commercial work.
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