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on November 7, 2013
This case is a remarkable value for what you get. Paid under $40 and i was able to comfortably fit in three dslr cameras, with their original chargers, two additional chargers, 6 batteries, an audio recorder, with assorted lavaliers, a light meter. Practically my entire mobile production suite with plenty of cushioning in between each item. Feels nice and solid.
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on September 16, 2013
I was looking for a case that I could easily use to transport a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 quadcopter and all of it's accessories/flight supplies to the flying field and back. I was having trouble finding anything that was designed specifically for that purpose that wasn't ridiculously expensive. After doing some measuring, I set to Amazon to find what I was looking for.

I came across the Zeikos ZE-HC52 case and liked what I saw. I have a couple of Zeikos accessories for a Canon T3i camera, and I have had nothing but good results with them. For the money, the case seemed like it was definitely worth giving a shot.

I ordered it and it arrived quickly. I opened the box and was pleasantly surprised by the look, feel, and finish of the case. It definitely doesn't seem cheap. It seems like something that should cost a bit more than it did.

When opening it, the foam inside it is very nice. It has a sheet of Pick and Pluck (I think that's the name) foam that allows you to customize the inside so that things are held in place instead of just flopping around. I found some videos on YouTube that showed great ways to get a good fit with your equipment when using this type of foam. Basically, I used pins to form an outline of the items, then pulled the foam from inside that outline. I then was able to "fine tune" the fit by removing other pieces as necessary. Remember, when doing's easy to remove more, but not so easy to add it back in, so it's best to estimate small and then make the spots larger if need be.

Once I had all of the foam plucked, I then fit all of my items into the case. It worked GREAT. The items are all secured in place and they stay there.

I've used the case numerous times, and I haven't yet had any issues with it. The items still all fit in place and nothing is coming loose.

Overall, I really like the case. If it works this well for my quadcopter, I can't imagine it not working well for just about anything you're looking to secure!!

I've added a photo of my case with the AR.Drone inside it to the user photos section. Check it out to see the case in use for something other than photo gear!
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on March 17, 2010
Here's what you get in the box:

* Hardside Case w/ handle & wheels (all pre-assembled)
* Nylon Strap
* 6 Hard-board, foam covered, slotted Dividers:
> 2 long dividers
> 2 medium dividers
> 2 short dividers
* 3 layers of foam:
> 3" perforated, pre-diced foam sheet (this is the layer you make your custom cutouts in...)
> 2" solid foam sheet (this is untouched, NOT perforated)
> 1/2" solid foam sheet (this is thin and is also untouched, NOT perforated)

Fit & Finish:

* The exterior is finished in a plastic/vinyl like material. The color is more like a flat gun metal black almost gray.
* The edges & corners are reinforced with aluminum type metal. They are fashioned with typical punch rivets.
* The hinges for the lid seem to made of steel, although not the highest grade.
* The locks are the typical brief-case/luggage style locks. They do the job to keep the lid closed, but I wouldn't rely on them to keep a thief out!
* The hand is a mix of metal, plastic, & synthetic leather.
* The wheel assembly is mostly plastic and is attached to the case with screws. The only metal part is the extendable handle - the actual handle assembly is plastic.

Form & Function:

I would not classify this case as "road-worthy", meaning if you are looking for a case that can take a beating and withstand very rough handling, then look elsewhere - this case will not last under abusive conditions. However, if you are looking for a case to keep your gear organized and give the illusion of professionalism for a bargain, then this is the case for you.

I think the case will handle the occasional drop and mishandling, but I fear it will begin show that kind of wear-and-tear quickly. But, if cared for, you'll get some pretty good mileage out of it.

I'm not using the "dividers" so I can not comment on how well the work. I can say that they are consistent with the rest of case as far as value and construction.

Now for the important stuff - customizing the foam inserts...
1) I did not expect the 3 layers of foam, of which, only 1 is perforate, pre-diced. All 3 are removable. (Be careful not to pull up the foam backing that's covering the bottom of the case - it is the same foam as the 1/2" blanket/layer...)

2) The perforations run the whole depth of the 3" layer. So, when you start pulling the squares out to form your custom inserts, you can NOT customize how deep you need them. If wanted, you can try to cut them at the point where you want the depth to be, but I found it easier to just remove the entire section - remember, this layer is only about 3" thick anyway...

3) The 2" solid layer is removable and is laying under the 3" perforated layer. (I actually had to cut a custom insert section in this layer as well to accommodate a bigger item...)

4) The 1/2" layer is like blanket that originally lay on top of the 3" perforated layer. I've since relocated it to the bottom under the 2" layer - so that means from the bottom up, the layers are: 1/2", then 2", and 3" at the top, obviously to expose the custom inserts.


The case is a really good value. For the size, the customizable foam layers, and numerous dividers, you really get a great value for your money. Keep in mind that the case is NOT built for a rugged/rough adventure, but rather for customized organization, protective storage, and transportation of your precious equipment. I highly recommend this for amateurs & semi-pros looking to get the most bang-for-your-buck, for this I give it 5-stars!

Remember! "Measure twice. Cut once."
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on January 1, 2013
I use this case for all of my music recording equipment. I love working with my hands so this case was wonderful. I removed the "luggage style" handle (it's attached with rivets, not screws as another review had mentioned), put small pads over the holes that blend in with the exterior of the case, and customized the interior foam pieces top to bottom, added fur over all of the interior, including multi-level compartments.

(see pictures for reference)

The case itself is built of a type of pressed wood (not particle board, but basically extremely compressed saw dust+an adhesive..its holding up very well so far) so you need to be relatively gentle with it, but it's more of a way to tote your things around than it is to offer superior protection. The case looks very professional and allows for extreme modifications which again.. I loved.

I'd highly recommend this case and if mine should break I'll simply remove the interior and buy another one to replace the exterior.

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on June 22, 2015
I got the medium sized model of case expressly for making a field case for my new Parot Bebop Drone. I specifically wanted a hard case that could protect the drone as carry-on or checked baggage on flights.This case totally meets my needs and expectations for this purpose.

To note: I'm only flying with the base model Bebop and not the unit that comes with the skycontroller. If you're looking for a case that can accommodate both a Bebop AND Skyconyroller, this is not the case for you.

Here's my gear setup with this case (see photos for layout):
1 - Bebop drone (rotor removed for compactness/rotor safety)
12 - Rotors (3 flight sets, could hold more)
5 - Bebop battery packs (or 4 packs & 1 charger)
1 - SR10000 WiFi Range Extender
1 - 10 dBi flat patch antenna (~8" x 10" x 1")
1 - PS3 Gamepad
1 - 12000mAh USB/9v-12v power pack
1 - Pile-o-wires to put it all together

I fly with a WiFi extender (~800m range LoS) and gamepad wired to my android phone (nexus 6). It's a perfect control/base station combination for the Bebop and is supported by the stock Parot FreeFlight 3 app and the excellent 3rd party app ARDrone Flight Pro.

1. Solid construction
2. Highly customizable foam and panel set included
3. Shoulder strap is a nice addition
4. Can carry an entire 1080p video drone flight kit in a carry-on size case.

1. Would have preferred combo locks over the cheap key turn ones. Not worth knocking, given the price, tho...
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on December 25, 2016
Case, looks exactly how it's pictured. It's exactly what is advertised. Delivery was a day after expected but that was ups fault not the seller, i saw that it was on its way the day of delivery but some how, they went back to the hub. At 10pm, it is the holidays and i know the pressure to get packages everywhere is intense. Plus i had normal delivery. It arrived early the following day.
It's exactly what i needed for my personal business. However i think i may need two cases if I'm going for professionalism it's a tight fit for all that i put in there.
It's clean, looks pristine and this isn't a pelican case. Those are meant to throw around but if you're carrying delicate expensive items, treat the case like you would your items. This is not a throw around case, this is frank sinatra smooth. Looks Man good!
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on November 26, 2015
I knew when I bought this that it was not going to be a very robust case, and my suspicions were confirmed. I wanted something large, with a handle and pluck-out foam for storing my Nikon film scanner when not in use. The case is cosmetically attractive and sturdy enough for light duty use. But I would never use this case for traveling where anyone but myself is handling it. I doubt it would survive very long going through your typical airport checked luggage handling. I also wouldn't even want to use the wheels and handle for anything other than smooth floors; repeated use on rough pavement would probably be asking too much over the long hall. The handle and wheels prevent the case from being stable when laid on a table for packing and unloading. I remove the handle, wheels, and foot from the case but be aware that they are pop-riveted in place. Drilling out the rivets was a pain and there is no way to remove the handle and wheels without doing some cosmetic damage to the case

For my purposes of on-the-shelf dust free storage and being able to easily move it from storage to my work space, this case meets my needs.
Don't know yet if the foam is good quality or not, only time will tell if it will turn sticky and degrade over the years. I've taken precautions to guard against that so the stored equipment will not be ruined. This is not a bad case for the money so long as you have the right expectations. This is not a Pelican case by any means.
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I purchased this to compare to another case that I own - the TOUGH Cardioid Condenser Microphone Hard Case with Dense Foam for Audio-Technica AT2020 / AT2020USB / ATR2500-USB / AT2035 Studio and USB Microphones. I am using that case to house a Samson Concert 88 Handheld 16-Channel True Diversity UHF Wireless System, and it was a tight fit. This one will hold my second Concert 88 system, and it does so with a lot more room and flexibility.

This case is significantly better than the Tough case. For one thing the diced foam is easy to remove. I had to use a box cutter on the foam in the other case because it was not completely cut through. For another, the three bottom layers of foam (described in the product description) make it more convenient to work with, as well as the extra depth and overall inside dimensions of this case. Bear in mind that this and the case to which I am comparing it are the same price.

I do wish there were more dividers included, and also that the long dividers would go across the entire width. However, for my purposes what came with this case is more than sufficient.

One final point of comparison - I believe that in the long run the Tough box will outlast this one because of design and materials. That one is all plastic, while this one is a combination of materials that over time are going to break if roughly handled. That said, I prefer this case and will probably order a few more for some other microphones that I own.
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on March 19, 2013
The side eyelets that hold the carrying strap in place are very flimsy have deformed already and will break it I don't do an intervention and reinforce it with more rivets. I had a load of about 20 lbs or so in it and they have bent. The shoulder strap itself is light weight and have unhooked themselves once on me already in the two weeks I've owned this. This a poor choice for moderately weigted items like a camera gear unless you are prepared to beef up these items to a higher standard.. If you don't need the shoulder strap I guess this is ok, but I think the whole point in owning this is to easily carry valuable from place to place. I may reinforce the eyelets and use a strap from an old laptop bag, but I may just return it yet and get a better more expensive case somewhere. The rest of the case seem adequate and is cushioned nicely inside for impact protection, with flexibility to customize a fit for your gear. The shell is lightweight, which is double edged, nice because it is light in weight, not nice if puncture is a concern or abuse at the airport by luggage handlers. I will only use it for local traveling in my car if I keep it.
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on March 22, 2013
I ordered two of these. The first one turned out to be great. Hinges were straight and felt pretty rigid; lid closed down evenly; finish was nice, professional, and even;, and, overall, I was really impressed, considering the price.

So, being previously impressed, I did what any happy customer would do and ordered another. Well, this one must have come from a 'bad batch.' Upon opening the box and inspecting the product, I immediately knew something was askew. Two thirds of the top half lid is a different tint than the rest--some type of oily residue. Not only that, but the lid appears to have been damaged. It almost looks 'used.' In fact, upon initial inspection, I was concerned that I just got a used product, due to the visible blemishes and scratches across the lid. I immediately inspected the packaging to see if I could detect repacking, and or any indication of tampering because the item certainly appears used and aged. Now, having looked a bit more closely, I think I have an idea of what happened.

The case appears to have been damaged at some point (in the factory?), and it looks like someone took some type of compound to try and polish out the plastic lid in a disappointing attempt to hide the scuffs and scratches. As result of all this, the lid has a used appearance, and two thirds of it is covered in this oily film that I cannot seem to get off. Not only that, the compound application seems to have caused wear on the hinges, which are now loose and bent, causing the lid to close off centered. Also, one of the latches on the side most affected by the bent hinges doesn't quite close, and latches, but clasps loosely, leaving it dangling around when locked.

Simply put: I would have returned the second case, had this been purchased locally. However, considering its low price and needing to be shipped back, I have decided that it is not worth the time and hassle of repackaging/shipping. Quite frankly, I would have preferred that they didn't try and hide the blemishes. All this polish did was make the situation worse. The end-product is a blemished case with loose/bent hinges, covered in oily crap... One flaw is now three.

I am disappointed and will not be buying again.
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