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on December 5, 2009
I have owned this for a few weeks now. I've used it a few times with my Canon HF S10. Just recently I used it for a 2 hour tour de force real estate shoot. I filmed indoors and outdoors, low light and bright light, fixed on a tripod and hands free with panning.

The final cut (10 minutes) can be viewed on youtube if you search for "Colonial Square Model Twin Home Complete!"

Issues I've noticed include dark shadows in the upper right and left corners when at full wide (zoomed out all the way). Chromatic aberration (red, green, and blue halos around things) is particularly bad. The barrel distortion (curve of straight lines near the edges) actually isn't too bad but blurring is very noticible everywhere except the dead center of the shot.

The lens is alo extremely suseptible to lens flaring. If there there is a light source in front of or above you... you will have lens flare garanteed. The wide lens is threaded so you can use a Multi Coated UV filter to kill the lens flare.

Overall I found the quality of the video captured with this lens on to be noticably degraded.

That all said I have to agree with the video review that the build quality is spectacular. It integrates and blends with the HF S10 body very naturally. It's solid metal and glass, built like a tank. The snap on lens cap is a great inclusion. And weird as it may sound it adds enough extra weight and viewing area to the camera that it substantially reduces the amount of perceivable camera shake in my shots. If you need to go wide in some hostile environments and need a lens that can take a beating but won't make you shed any tears if it dies this would be worth having in your arsenal.

All things considered for $10 I would buy this again without hesitation. It's alright as a fail safe in the event that I absolutely have to go wide and can live with the issues the lens brings with it. Or in situations where I'm afraid the camera and the lens may be taking one for the team in the name of extreme cinematography. It's also a fantasticly cheap way to play around with different lens styles without breaking the bank.

If you're not shooting in 1080p the chromatic aberration, blurring, etc, may not be noticable. But if you need to do a lot of professional HD grade wide angle filming look to the Raynox or Canon 58mm wide angle. And be prepared to pay A LOT more.
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on December 21, 2012
I've had this lens add-on for about 3 years now. I use it on and off, depending upon the mood and circumstances, like nearly everything else in my kit bag. This lens is a 2 part add-on. the wider, front element is the wide-angle lens and the rear element is the macro lens. The lens elements must be used together to get the wide angle you strive for when you attach this add-on to your primary lens. You take this add-on apart and only attach the rear element if you are shooting close macro. This add-on, when used in the macro mode, will take your standard run of the mill lens and take you VERY close to your subject. When used as a single element, this lens will do two things for you. One - it will increase the light going into your camera and impacting your light meter, in a positive manner. Two - it will give your lens a bit wider area of focus that the lens was designed to view. You get an ever so slight curvature near the edges, but I can live with that. Getting that little bit of extra light enhances the lens' ability to shoot in lower light circumstances. Throw this baby on a 50 mm f 1.4 lens and you get excellent low light ability, while moving the lens out to about 28 mm. Keep in mind that the more glass you have before your sensor, the lower of overall quality you will have to work through. This add-on is a very inexpensive way to get that wide angle you've been drooling over. However, if you do a ton of landscape shooting, get yourself a quality wide angle lens designed to allow you to see the whole world. This is meant as a short term fix when you need it now, but don't want to dish out a grand for a quality lens just for a handful of photographs.
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on February 7, 2011
Different vendors on Amazon.com supply this 58mm wide angle adapter under several brand names. They appear to be identical. The 58mm wide angle adapter is designed for moderal wide angle lenses, such as the 36mm equivalent lense of the Canon S3 and the Canon S5. It converts them from a moderate wide angle of 36mm to a significantly wider 28mm lense. And, it does so without any loss of contrast or saturation, and only a modest and hard to detect loss of sharpness.

This adapter will NOT work well with wide angle lenses that are much wider than 35mm. If it is used with a 28mm or 24mm equivalent lense, there will be a darkening of corners and notable bending of straight lines.

Most Canon Rebel DSLR's are supplied with a zoom lense that is the equivalent of 36mm at the wide end. If those lenses have a 58mm filter thread, this adapter will convert them to a 28m lense.

NOTE: The adapter is designed to be used as a FIXED 28mm wide angle lense. If you attempt to zoom up from 28mm, you will get dark corners and blurry, unfocused photos.

Good wide angle lenses can cost hundreds of dollars. The fact this adapter converts a 35mm or 36mm lense into a 28mm wide angle lense for a trivial price makes it one of the great bargains in photo equipment.
review image
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on June 30, 2013
I purchased the Makayama Movie Mount for iPad and this lens was recommended. The base of the lens is too wide to fit on the Makayama Movie Mount. I'm now in search for an adapter or other to render the lenses useful. This said, I can't comment on the quality of the lens because I haven't been able to use the lens. I hope in the future this lens will not be recommended for use with the Makayama Movie Mount for iPad.

This was not an issue of Makayama, however their Customer Care Office was quick to offer a "work-around." See the reply below.
Dear Customer,

The easiest way to make non-fitting lenses work is to use a cheap uv-filter
between the mount and the lens, which you can get at any photo store , or
online, like this one:

Lenses that fit automatically (without filter):

Cokin 2x Zoom:

Vivitar 0.5 wide angle

HD Hat 2x Tele

Cokin 2x zoomlens

HAMA 0.5x wide-angle

Polaroid 3,5x zoom lens
Polaroid Studio 3 5x Super Telephoto
Beware that the Polaroid has strong vignetting:

best regards,

Support Team
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on March 2, 2011
This lens can perform darn near lenses that are 20x more expensive if one key aspect is understood. This lens is completely fixed, therefore at maximum focal length the image quality is fantastic, it does what is designed to do, however if an optical zoom is used the camera's lens physically moves relative to this fixed wide angle lens and the image quality begins to degrade. First the edges begin to blur, and as the cameras lens continues to zoom, eventually the entire image is soft and loses detail.

For Vixia HFS series camera owners, there is a fix though. If this Zeikos wide angle lens is on the camera and the user would like to zoom, simply turn on the 1.7x Teleconverter on the camera. This effectively cancels out the wide angle lens adapter and allows for almost the complete zoom range without image degradation (at full 10x zoom, the image still does get soft).

So with no zoom, the lens is almost perfect, and if your camera has a built in teleconverter like the Canon Vixia HFS series cameras, about a 7X zoom can be used with no image degradation.

Additionally, the lens is two piece and can be disassembled to be strictly a macro lens. The macro is perfect and worth the $$ by itself.

Construction is solid and the threads have been perfect. I've had it on a and off dozens of times with no thread galling.
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on October 22, 2010
It's an okay fisheye. It was my first fisheye I ever used, so it was good for me, but recently I started getting more advanced fisheyes like the Opteka OPT-SC37FE fisheye I just ordered that perform better, and obviously cost more. But this is definetely a good starter fisheye. The fisheye effect is basically like a lot of other fisheye's out there, but if you use your adapter ring and take of the macro on this fisheye, thread the fisheye (without macro) onto the adapter and you'll get way more vig. I'd definetely get this camera if you're on a budget, it costs at LEAST half of what so-called "cheap" fisheyes cost. After you've gotten you're kick out of this fisheye, I'd highly recomend any lens at all from Opteka. They have everyone's trust. They are one step above this fisheye.
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on February 28, 2014
It went back. Most of the third party lenses are great and good enough quality for the price you pay. This Zeikos lens was nice because it came with many different sized threaded bands (fits a wide variety of lenses-- I was using with canon's 18-55 or 55-250 IS lenses). That being said, this lens was a little loose and wobbly in its construction and therefore wasn't so much fun to work with. Plus, you had to be at a certain fstop and a limited zoom to not get a black ring around your photos. For the price it's fun to have, you'll use it in limited circumstances and mostly for a 'hey look what this lens can do' effect. It gives a little bit of a distorted fisheye, but I think you'd be better off with Zeikos' wide angle for a similar effect in a more broadly applicable execution.
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on May 16, 2012
Not too impressed with this lens but again your only paying $12 at its current price
I also get vignetting witch causes me to zoom in meaning you loose a lot of the "wide angle" from
this lens.
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on January 10, 2011
This Lens is of very good construction and works as an inexpensive wide angle lens. It works just as specified with 18-55mm lens taking great high quality photos. This lens does not work so well with any lens much larger however. I tried it on my 55-250mm telephoto lens and all the images came out blurred or too grainy to enjoy. I would recommend this item as a cheaper substitute for the expensive wide angle lenses out there though. I recommend this for the avid hobbyist or novice photographer who don't want to make huge investments quite yet.
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on August 20, 2014
Its a bit heavy on the lens but if you have one with internal focusing its nothing to worry about. Its not like a fisheye so it doesn't make the image into a circle, however there is some very noticeable vignetting. Also when you zoom in there will be some image distortion which depending on the shot could be kinda cool. and most importantly it makes your lens look like an L Lens with that red ring
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