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on June 19, 2014
I received my Zetta Z16 within just a few days of ordering it and it arrived well packaged and in good condition. The included documentation is very minimal and there is no software included. The programming widget can be downloaded from the Zetta web site.

No microSD card is included. I purchased a 64gig card which according to Zetta requires formatting in a specific manner with software that again can be downloaded from their site. I followed their formatting directions and my class 10 64gig card worked fine.

The camera can be triggered by sound, motion, vibration, or via a user programmed schedule. It can also use a combination of those modes. All but the vibration activation mode constitutes continuous operation which is about 10 hours of use I get from a full battery charge. The vibration activation mode can be left on for up to several weeks depending on how often the camera triggers. I wish the motion activation was more like the game trail cameras with a separate motion sensor. That way it could be used for longer periods in that mode without draining the battery. However I also understand the camera would then likely be significantly larger.

My camera seems to record for a minimum of about 5 minutes after a trigger event activates it. The time it records for each trigger event is not user selectable and cannot be changed. I'd like to see the option to change that in the widget because less than a minute would suite my needs and result in smaller saved video files so more events could be stored on the memory card. The maximum length of the recorded video files can be set via the widget to 10, 15, and 20 minute lengths.

The quality of the video at it highest settings is pretty good as long as there is plenty of light. The video quality degrades significantly in indoor lighting though it is still useful. The 160 degree view is very wide and I would imagine cover most any room. There is some distortion as would be expected from such a wide viewing angle.

Recorded sound quality is much better than I expected though be aware of the potential legal consequences if you record someone on audio without their consent. The microphone can be disabled using the widget software.

I have not used any of the car modes so I cant comment on those features.

Overall I think this is useful camera for surveilling an area for periods of 10 hours or less. My 3 star rating was based on not being able to set the minimal triggered event record duration to less than 5 minutes (its not programmable at all), the mediocre (at best) indoor/low light video quality and I wish it had more standby time in motion trigger mode.

UPDATE (6-22-14): Based on feedback from Spy Tec I upgraded my Z16's firmware from version 1.1.002 to 1.1.003 which became available on Zetta's site a couple of days ago. The new firmware now has my Z16 recording for 2 minutes minimum after the last triggered event rather than the previous 5 minutes as reported in my review. I still wish the duration was user selectable but this firmware update is enough of an improvement for me to change my rating from 3 to 4 stars.
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on August 2, 2014
I bought one of these cameras to monitor my Mother's room in an assisted living facility. A few items have gone missing out of her room while she has been out.
I was easy to connect the camera to either the charging adapter or the USB cable. I did have a problem with the 64 GB Micro SD card. The card was formatted in exFAT, which was not recognized by the camera. I went to the Zetta web site ( and found two downloads for the camera. One was the Zetta Configuration Tool. The other as a program called HPUSBDisk.
Using the HPUSBDisk program to reformat the Micro SD card allowed the camera to recognize it. I had the card plugged into the camera and formatted the card that way. The web site warned against using the "Quick" format, so I unchecked that box. It took over three hours to format the entire card. I think it made three passes.
When I tried to download the Zetta Configuration Tool on one of my Windows 7 machines, Norton Anti-Virus kept identifying it a Trojan virus. If you don't want to customize the camera settings, you can go without this program.
The "Quick Start" sheet was a little confusing at first glace. It did not really contain step by step instructions as much as being a reference sheet. There was a section that described the "Status" of the camera but you had to pick from three different configurations: Without DC Adapter, DC Adapter Plugged in & Connected To Computer. In the "Zetta Z16 at a Glance" section, it shows a three position slide switch. You have to turn the instructions over to find out what the different settings do.
I put my camera in the "On-the-GO" setting. It was then motion activated and quit recording 20 seconds after movement stopped.
I set it up on top of a chest of drawers and left it for three days. I had run an extension chord up the back of the chest and plugged in the power adapter. That allowed me to not worry about the battery running out.
After three days, it had recorded 73 separate video files. They varied in length from 20 seconds to over 10 minutes. The camera started recording just a second or two after someone opened the door to the room. That was exactly what I wanted. I did find the picture was a little grainy. I was hoping at the "High" video quality would be a little more clear. If the picture quality had been better, I would have rated this five stars. The sound pickup was very good, It was possible to understand any conversation being held in the field of view.
One concern that I have is that if a thief sees the camera, it would be very simple for them to pick it up and carry it off with them. I set mine up to where only about the top 1/2 inch of the camera shows. I tried to "disguise" it by placing a couple of other items behind and around it. I looked at other "hidden" cameras. Many of them were twice as expensive or were buried inside of a clock. The clock models were either wall mount clocks or small electric desk/alarm clock. This camera seemed to be very acceptable performance for a reasonable price.
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on December 7, 2016
absolutely wonderful gadget. I used it many times in my living room. The night mode works only if there is at least a dim light in the area being monitored. At day time, very crisp video clips. I even tried it while driving and tried videos both the road ahead and the interior cabin. The way I attached the surveillance camera to the visor: I purchased an eyeglass holder with clip on it from a dollar store for one dollar. removed the folding portion from the clip holder and used two rubber bands to secure the surveillance camera on the remaining eyeglass clip holder.
review image review image review image review image
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on August 30, 2016
I'm very disappointed in this product. I read a lot of the reviews and a number of them were positive. A few of the reviews on here were very helpful in helping me set up the camera. I purchased a 64GB micro card to accompany it and after a conversion software download to format the card, it was ready to go...or so I thought. I needed to use this camera to monitor a front entrance hallway to my grandmother's nursing home room. The only activity it would see, would be someone entering or leaving her room. I set the device to record only upon motion activation. I set it up and came back a few days later...only to see that it had only recorded about a day's worth of activity. I have adjusted all kinds of settings to try and get this to record for more then one day (She lives 30 miles from me, so I can't stop by every day to turn it back on and she's not capable of this). I'm not sure if this is going to sleep after there has been no motion for a few hours? The memory card has lots of space and there is no problem with the playback...the video and sound quality is great on this camera. But the motion activation feature does not work for me and I've tried for weeks to try and get this to work. I can't return this item anymore, so I'm just out the money as i will need to buy another camera to replace it.
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on March 2, 2016
It's okay if you don't need to use in the motion activation mode. It's activated by moving vehicles on a road 60+ feet away, therefore it records until the battery dies. Then I have to review lot's of video clips of nothing up close captured by the wide angle lens. Form is good.

I called distributor & this mode is not adjustable.

Okay, this is a update; I finally got what I thought was the money shot...but it has not recorded in ten weeks!!! The battery kept going dead, so I connected it with a constant power supply from the cigarette lighter & figured it would just keep recording in a loop. I logged on with my laptop & realized it has not been working for months! It was set for motion detection. It's just not dependable. I gave it two stars because it has a wide angle lense.
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on April 28, 2017
Its not HD, but it does o.k. as a simple camera. Batter lasts about 6 hours with conservative settings and a full charge. Fantastic for motion detection as long as you dont mind missing the first 30 seconds of motion. Audio stopped recording within a month of use.
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on February 11, 2016
Camera and the units features works very well. The video recording quality and the quality of the playback video is not good. Yes, you can tell what you are looking at but the detail picture quality is very bad. During play back the video usable but at a reduced viewing rate such as pause or slow motion the picture quality is nonexistence.
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on August 16, 2016
Love this camera, I use it for inside my house and the picture is clear and it showed me exactly what I needed to know.
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on December 12, 2016
Small but looks resistent, I'll start recording tomorrow. Very very nice
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on July 29, 2015
works really well in lighted areas.....low light also, but not pitch black.....if you're not looking for night vision, that would be an excellent choice, its wide range, can be hidden easily. I was looking for night vision so it did not suit my need but did not return it because its really good for day and low light. I will give it a five because it does what it says, I just wish I had read more before buying it. If you are using the 64GB SD card, you have to download the app on the
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