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on May 23, 2017
I wanted to make sure I put some thought into this review as I was once just like you. I was on the fence about buying a bed
from Amazon. If your reading this, good job trying to educate yourself on this purchase! There are THOUSANDS of positive
reviews on this bed and as of 5/19/17 mine is one of them. I set a Google calander reminder to update this review 6 months
from today.

The wife and I purchased the Zinus 14" metal platform (no headboard) instead of using our old boxspring. We wanted to have
the extra bed available in case we had over night guests. The bed frame was easy enough to put together, I'm pretty sure its
only 20 wing nuts and bolts. I took the additional step of brushing thread sealant on the bolts to reduce the possiblity of
*squeeks* and vibration as other reviewers have suggested.

Unboxing the mattress was pretty straight forward. I watched a few Youtube videos and I suggest you do the same. Carefully
cut the tape on the cardboard box and dump out the big heavy white bag. The mattress itself is inside the white plastic bag
that you rip open once you have the bag on the frame. Repeat. Open once you have the bag on the frame. DO NOT CUT THE WHITE
BAG, RIP IT ALONG THE SEAM! Align the mattress on the frame and remove the clear plastic bag. Once the bed is completely
removed from the packaging, measure the mattress thickness, do another alignment, pull the corners up toward you if they are
folded under and start the clock.

I purchased the bed set in early April and the temperature wasn't exactly warm. As other reviewers have done, I brought in a
small space heater to warm up the room. This seemed to help expand the foam faster and uniformly. After 2 hours the mattress
was about 8 inches and I went to work leaving this project until later in the evening. Upon returning home, I found the bed
had expanded to 11 1/2 inches! I was very tempted to sleep on the bed that night but my wife reminded me that I shouldn't
ruin our new bed.

...a total of 36 hours have gone by...

The wife has agreed that the bed is now ready to sleep on! I measured the thickness of the bed in 4 different locations all
of which were over 12 inches. I'd say our bed has expanded to 12 1/4 inches! There didn't seem to be any visible dips or
lumps in the mattress.

I'm 6'4" 235lbs side sleeper, wifey is 5'9" 130lbs back sleeper and both found the bed to be very comfortable. I did not find
the bed to be "marshmallow" soft, but more on the medium soft/firm level. Is this a complaint? Nope. If you've never slept on
a memory foam mattress there is a bit of getting used to. It's not bad, the bed just doesn't react like a tradtional
boxspring would. I was shocked at how well my wife and I both slept that night. Yes, there are a few days to acclimate
yourself to this bed so don't jump into it expecting the magic floating marshmallow unicorn will usher you off to the deepest
sleep you ever had on the first rainbow star lit night of spring. Did I sleep incredibly well the first few nights? You
friggen bet Mr. Lahey!

Regarding heat... I read where others had to change how they layered the bed sheets/comforter and will agree with that. While
this bed is not HOT it is warm so you may have to rethink having 6 layers of bed sheets. I sleep hot, but once I rethought my
bedding heat was no longer an issue.

For people wondering how this bed handles adult fun play time I wouldn't worry. The wife and I made sure to diligently test
this aspect of mattress performance and are happy to report... neither of us really noticed a difference. Our only real
complaint was more with the bed frame than the mattress. There are no grooves/slots/tabs to secure the mattress to the frame
or vice versa. Hence, the bed can move if your really really into adult fun play time.

I can say after a solid month of sleeping on this bed that it's amazing. I wake up rested, no hip pain, and groggy from the
mass amount of REM sleep I just experienced. Only time will tell how this mattress holds up. Right now, it fit the bill and
our budget. I will update everyone in 6 months.
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on November 29, 2015
Well, I want to be very conservative here, so I will be reviewing this mattress now and I will do the same a few month ahead.
However, so far so good.
It ships from California via FedEx Ground. So if you live in South Florida it will take a few days to arrive to you. Please be patient it is worthy.
The mattress is more towards the firm side, but extremely comfortable; no smell whatsoever, I read a few reviews of people complainant about the smell; none or so little that you won't noticed.
I will grow up to its advertised size in 24hrs or less, in less than an hour was between 10" and 11".
It is worth to give a try.
User Review a week later:
After a full week of sleeping on this mattress, I can't be more please with this purchase. I want one more time to clarify, that this mattress is NOT Soft, is medium-firm, more towards the firm side without any questions. Is not HOT neither, I live in South Florida (yes we use AC to sleep, and the room temp. is around 70-75°), humidity is high, and I don't feel hot at all sleeping on this mattress.
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on June 18, 2017
I've been sleeping on the 12" mattress for about two weeks now and I am beyond thrilled with this mattress! If anything changes I'll update my review but for the time being here's my honest opinion...

I researched and read hundreds of reviews over the course of three months before I made this purchase. I even wavered between paying as much as $1200 for a pricier brand.

I went to visit a friend who had just replaced all the mattresses in her house with memory foam mattresses from amazon. I got to test drive a different version for three nights and I honestly didn't sleep well because it felt too firm.

I searched and searched and read every detail I could about at least a dozen other mattresses until I discovered this one. Amazon rated it as medium to plush and many reviews echoed that it was not too firm but not too soft. I generally prefer a plush mattress so I was pretty reluctant to buy a bed I couldn't lay on first.

Despite all the amazing reviews I was still skeptical when I pulled the trigger and fully expected to be sending it back - either it would be too firm or it wouldn't fully decompress.

I bought an 18" base from Zinus at the same time and it was supposed to take several additional days to arrive. However, like clockwork, I came home after two days to see two large boxes waiting for me. I immediately took them upstairs and began the process. Within an hour the frame was put together, in place and the mattress was unwrapped.

I let it sit for about 5 hours and checked the size and it had already decompressed to the full 12 inches. I expected to need to let it air out for a day or two but I put sheets on it and began sleeping on it that night. The smell was minimal and dissipated entirely by the next night.

It took a day or two to get used to it but now I absolutely LOVE it!! I am still in awe that I purchased a complete bed set for just over $300 and it is the most comfortable bed I've ever owned. My previous mattress cost significantly more and didn't provide the quality of support this one does.

I won't say it's like sleeping on a cloud because that's stupid - clouds are water vapor and nobody knows what sleeping on a cloud actually feels like. But I tend to agree that it reminds me of a marshmallow, in that it's squishy, responds to pressure and returns to its original shape nicely.

If given the choice I would buy this mattress again and again. It's by far the best purchase I've made on amazon. My only regret is that it's now become that much harder to get out of bed in the mornings. I'm so glad I saved myself $1000 and purchased this mattress!!
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on June 2, 2017
I bought this foam mattress back in 2015 and It still feels like when i first got it!!! i haven't even flipped the mattress. And everyone who lays on my bed compliments the mattress and starts asking me where I got it from. Its an excellent buy!!!!
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on February 7, 2017
I bought the 12" memory foam 'green tea' bed and all I can seem to say lately is... oh bed, I love you. I was used to sleeping on a very old tempur bed that had been breaking down over the past year. it was basically like sleeping on a hot lumpy sponge and I was waking up with a sore back after only about 4 hours of sleep. So I decided to upgrade myself. I did my research, spent three days talking to mattress stores, reading reviews and talking to people who had bought different beds. I tested beds, I checked prices, I looked at options, everything. I wanted to make sure I was buying a good bed that wouldn't leave me in agony like my old bed. I knew two people who'd bought beds from this company. So, I looked at all the options they offered and what they were made of and how people reviewed them. I ended up choosing the 12 inch memory foam green tea one. The price was right, and shipping wasn't terrible. I expected to get my bed in about a week... which would give me time to prepare to set it up. I got my bed in about 3 days from the point I submitted my order. I decided not to buy the bedframe they offer, as I still had my box from my last mattress. I kinda wish I'd bought their frame, as it sits higher than my current frame, but that's beside the point. I got everything set and ready to go, and opened my box. My mother laughed at the fact that a bed came in that small of a box and she was skeptical of it's quality. I was a bit cautious, but felt confident in my choice.

The bed is a bit difficult to get out of the box, and then the bag that it comes in. I can't see anyone being able to do so alone. once out of it's shipping bag, it's still sealed and fairly easy to just situate on the frame before opening. I highly recommend you don't unseal the mattress until you have it where you want it. once I cut into the plastic seal wrap, it instantly started to 'inflate' again. got the plastic pulled off of it and watched as within moments it was already filling out. There was barely any smell to it at all. I left my window cracked open just a bit that night just in case, but honestly, unless I had pressed my face up against it, I couldn't smell anything from it. I followed the instructions that came with it (yes, they send you instructions and care information) and I let it be for the remainder of that day, that night, and the following day. In total I think I left it just lay there and settle for about 30 hours. I'm extremely glad I did because it allowed the foam to expand to 11.75 inches. I wasn't gonna complain about the loss of a quarter of an inch. So i finally got to lay down on my bed!

The top layer of the bed is so nice and squishy that you don't even take notice that there's hard foam in the base layers. this nice super squishy top layer of foam makes the bed totally conform to you. the layer just under that is the typical memory foam, so even after the squishy foam sinks in, you've got regular memory foam to support you. If you sit on the edge it does sink in (but that's perfectly normal of any sort of foam edge) but as soon as you get up you can see it just fluff right back up. it's actually kinda fun to push down on it and watch how quick it recovers. you can kinda 'see' where the layers are when you look at the side. It comes with a nice cover, but when you're first looking it over, some of the layers aren't cut exactly to match at the sides. this didn't trouble me as once the sheets were on, you can't even tell. Oh yeah... for the 12 inch, buy deep pocket sheets. I got sheets with pockets up to 14", and they fit just perfectly.

I'm a side and back sleeper... so having a bad bed is like a cruel form of daily torture. This bed... oh man, this bed is great for side and back sleeping. I've gained over an hour of restful sleep each night, and I find I don't toss and turn as much. . my dog even loves this bed. she has her own bed to sleep on, but I still find her constantly sleeping in a corner of my bed. For the first time in years I find myself falling asleep in one position, and waking up hours later in the same position. I get up in the morning without back pain. I nearly cried that first morning when I got up and could just walk out of my room without being hunched over or limping from my back being so sore. It's been glorious to just simply get up and walk off without any pain. These days I have more issues waking up with 'dead arm' from sleeping on one side for too long... a problem I haven't had in years because my mattress kept me tossing all night. This bed also breathes so much better. My tempur bed usually left me sweaty as it just radiated my body heat back at me so I'd wake up sweltering. In summer I'd change out my sheets, make my bed and for about 5 months, I wouldn't even sleep in the bed because I needed the blankets and comforter under me to keep the bed from getting so hot. This bed doesn't have that issue. while it's still foam, it doesn't trap the heat in. Makes a huge difference in sleep quality when the temperature stays fairly regulated.

I find myself looking forward to laying on my bed each night. I sleep better and for longer intervals. I wake up with less pain in my body. I sleep on my sides without the constant ache in my hip from pressure. I'm not as exhausted as I have been in the past because I'm getting better sleep at night now. Seriously, I've recommended this mattress to many people already. it was so easy to buy, sets up without too much difficulty (with two people unpacking it) and it sleeps wonderfully. It's been a month now and I have absolutely no regrets with buying this bed. In fact, I'm hoping that they still make this bed when I need a new one, because I'd buy another one without hesitation.
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on May 29, 2017
After searching thru all the reviews I decided this may be the best bed for the price. Bed is very easy to set up. There was no strong odor. Thought at first it would not expand all the way but waited 72 hours and looks great. My bed doesn't have smooth edges can see the layers but not a deal breaker. A lot of the reviews said the bed was firm but its softer than I expected. My son weighs over 200 pounds and seems to sink in it. Overall so far so good.
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on May 6, 2017
pay over $1000! This mattress has been amazing so far! The odor people were referencing is slighty true but has went away after two days (as I followed the directions to let us magically fluff into shape. But it seriously took about 10min for it to look full/complete) Mattress is soft but firm. The frame in the pic is also Zinus. I've never heard of them until I read all of these amazing reviews, so I thought I'd add to the experience. The box is heavy but I just slid it up the stairs and I'm 215lbs of pure muscle lol. Speaking of muscles, this may be a mental thing but I wake up feeling more recovered after my workouts. I do have back issues and it didn't instantly cure my pain, but after a few days it feels better (no I'm not going to lie and say I can do backflips and karate kicks all of a sudden as a testimonial). Purchased a mattress pad and all parts of this mattress are proportional. Fast shipping from my homies at Amazon #respeck. Frame, bed and comforter set cost about $550-$625. Not too shabby for erythang! #getsome #teamZinus
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on June 3, 2017
I was not sure about this, bought it because the sale price was worth taking a chance. After a couple of months of use, this is a great mattress at a good price. Would buy again.
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on May 4, 2017
Very large box for delivery. Easy to put on the bed and it started expanding within minutes. We slept on it that night after just a few hours.
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on July 16, 2017
After I ordered this mattress, I thought I selected the wrong one, & it was already on the way. I read the reviews again, while biting my nails as I really needed a firm mattress, & this Zinus mattress description said "Plush Firm". This mattress and the amazing price makes me wonder why I waited so long to change out my old so called firm mattress that was 11 years old, & cost me over $2500 - on sale back then. I took the Zinus mattress out of the box, followed the directions, & in two days slept on it. I awoke without the usual neck & back pain, the first time in a long time!!!! No funny smell at all & so easy to deal with & set up. I had my adult son help me as I'm over 60, don't have the upper body strength I used to have, but if you have muscles you can take it out of the box, & pop it on the bed yourself. Follow the directions to set it all up & take the rest out to the trash. (Literally takes 15 minutes which includes reading the directions)!! I've slept on this mattress for over a month & can truely say, it is as comfortable and FIRM, as anyone needs. I'm thin & this mattress helps support all of my bony prominences, supports my head, neck, shoulders & lower back for which I had surgery on. I also purchased a mattress cover as I want to protect this mattress for a long time. I highly recommend this mattress if you are looking for a good affordable firm mattress. I'm hard to please & I give this one 5 STARS!!
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