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VINE VOICEon July 29, 2012
The first thing I noticed when I received my earbuds was rhe fact that they don't tangle. That's because they zip up about halfway, and have a nice thick quality cord on the other half. While nicely long, they aren't the longest cords I have used, neither are they anywhere near the shortest. My cord was about four feet in total on length, plenty to use with my iPhone.

My second observation occurred when I placed these in my ears. I have trouble finding earbuds that don't hurt my small ears. Because of the styling, these work well in my ears, a pleasant surprise! Because of their shape, they aren't perfect for sleeping on, but they are very pleasant while sitting up!

The key observation was the well rounded sound when I listened to them! While I am nowhere near an audiophile, I enjoy listening to a variety of music, and these we're quality. They had difficulty with full base, but the sound was clear. It sounded best from 0 to about 75% of my total loudness, but got muddy at the higher levels of sound, not an issue for me, since that level is too loud for normal listening anyway.

Of course, besides being a way to keep your buds from tangling, the zipper makes a cute fashion statement. However the same thing that makes them unique are a bit of a problem. I didn't really enjoy the stiffness of the cord, and the zipper pull made them a bit heavy. However, they do work well in all ways besides this one feature. I think teens will especially enjoy them, not so much adults.

I actually give them five stars for noise canceling properties, since my daughter complained I wasn't listening to her when I was testing them.

I received a complementary set of these zip. Us in order to test them for a review.
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on October 29, 2012
I bought one for me and one for a birthday gift.
After getting these, I was shocked with how good the quality was.
The Zipbuds look just like the images, and they sound great. There's a lot of bass.
Some clarifications:
-Not all of the cable is made of zippers. About 1 inch from the end of the chain is normal wire attaching the earbuds, and there is maybe 6 inches of cable from the jack to the zipper.
-The earbuds are not nearly as bulging out as they look in the picture.
-The wire is sleeved in nylon, and is surprisingly nice.
-The buds do not come with a microphone, but one can be had on the Zipbuds website for $10 more. They also sell a nicer model not for sale on Amazon for whatever reason.
-Does come with extra buds.
-Day Glow green looks rather tacky (personal opinion), I suggest black.
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The gimmick behind these Zipbuds is that they have a zippered cord. The zippered cord is designed to allow you to adjust the amount of "Y" in the cable with the added benefit of preventing tangling. The description for the product makes the claim that the zipper features "feather-light flexibility." I found the zipper neither flexible or "feather-light." Quite to the contrary I found the zippered cord stiff and heavy.

The total cord length is roughly 4 feet. and is divided into three distinct sections. The plug end of the cord measures 2 feet 6 inches and is a very nice and flexible, cloth covered cable. Next is the zippered section measuring 16 inches in length. Finally a short section of cloth covered cable that goes from the top of the zippered section to the earbuds themselves.

It is nice to have an earphone cable that is essentially tangle-free, but the price you pay for that feature is that you also have a cable that because of its stiffness is very difficult to wrap up or coil for storage. The zipper adds heaviness that is quite apparent when wearing the earphones. The total weight of the earphones is 20 grams, but 13 grams of that weight is just for the zippered section. What this means is that you've got 13 grams of weight hanging from your ears and for me, there was a noticeable tug that I found objectionable.

The earbud is plastic and the earbud does stick out a bit from your ear when being worn. This means that if you're wearing these while on a plane or while lying down and you want to rest on a pillow, you may find these a little uncomfortable when in that position.

The earphones come with 3 different sized tips that should allow most people to get a comfortable, yet snug, fit. Since these are in-ear design, you get the added benefit of noise-isolation. These do a decent job of attenuating ambient noise from getting into your ear when you're listening to these earphones. The sound isolation also prevents the music from escaping out of your ear which will make people around you less likely to be bothered by the sound of whatever you may be listening to.

The sound quality of the Zipbuds is decent enough at this price. Bass was punchy and full. Mid's and High's were fairly well balanced. I did get an overall sense that the bass was slightly over-emphasized in relation to the total frequency response. By the way, the frequency response was not specified on the packaging, nor was the sensitivity, impedance or rated power handling of the earphones.

Unfortunately it is the main feature of this earphone that is also its downfall. The zippered cord is heavy, stiff and too easily transmits sound from rubbing on clothing or simply touching the zipper, up the cable and into your ears.

The earphones are made in China.

In summary, even though the sound produced by the earbuds was decent, the cord really has significant issues that ultimately cause these earphones to fall short. The zippered cord is heavy, transmits way too much sound due to rubbing on clothes into your ear and the teeth of the zipper just present too much of an opportunity for things to get tangled in them...such as long hair.

-Great sounding
-Cord does not tangle easily
-Fairly priced

-The zippered cord is quite stiff which makes for difficult coiling and storage.
-The zippered cord transmitted sound from rubbing on clothing easily into the earbuds
-Cord length could be longer

I received the Zipbuds from the manufacturer for review.
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on February 20, 2013
I have an 11 year old daughter who likes to listen to music in bed. She has destroyed a number of head sets as she would find the length of the cable from the y to the bud too small and she'd pull them apart. She'd also destroy the buds trying to untangle the cables as well.

Gave these as a Christmas present -- almost 60 days later they are still going great: no tangles, no cable degradation and she reports sound quality is still good (historically about 30 days into a pair of earbuds she'd complain that no sound was coming out of the right or left bud). She's used these with Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, iPad (1/3), iPhone 3GS/4/4S and iTouch with no issues on any device.

I did buy a second pair (great price, and a backup in case the first set failed) -- so far they are sitting in my drawer.
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The creators of the Zipbuds get kudos for coming up with a design that minimizes, even eliminates, the frustrating untangling of earbud cords. A little less than half the cord is a plastic zipper that does not tangle, even when unzipped. The remaining portion, perhaps because it's not as long as some, resists tangling as well. That said, these earbuds have some issues. First, the plastic zipper (about 3/16" zipped) is somewhat stiff, although it does relax a little with use. Second, it's difficult to store the earbuds because the stiffness pops them out of any kind of neat folding. Next, there is considerable cord noise when I move or even simply adjust the position. The issue of cord noise is one shared by many manufacturers, but this particular model has higher than average noise.

And the sound? Certainly, it cannot compete with some of the more expensive sets of earbuds that I own, but that's not surprising. In its price range, I would say that the performance is average. At lower volumes, music sounds thin, although boosting the volume improves the sound. If you listen to music at low levels, look elsewhere. Even with the volume boosted, bass is weak (try RHA MA-350 Aluminium Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones if you prefer big bass), but the middle ranges are decent, certainly better than the earbuds than come with Apple products. Upper ranges are there, but not precise.

I like the idea of these earbuds, but I feel that a softer, more pliable zipper and better sound are needed to compete against the huge array of earbuds in this price range. Note: I was given a gift certificate by the manufacturer to purchase and review this product.

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
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on October 25, 2013
These earbuds are amazing. I picked them out because I love zipper earbuds, and the reviews looked like these would be a good choice. I had never tried them before, so I was a little skeptical when I ordered them.

I bought them about 2 months ago and they are still my favorite earbuds. They are in great condition, and the sound quality is much better than I could ever expect. When you put these babies in your ears, there is no chance of any outside getting in whatsoever. There's also no sound coming from inside to the outside world where the entire place you're in can hear your music but nobody will tell you...yeah, we all know those awkward situations.

If you're looking for some great earbuds, these are fabulous. They're great quality, and not even that expensive.
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on July 25, 2012
These headphones are great for what they are orginally made for. No tangling earphones.

These aren't what I called, stereo junkies headphones. There no setting to change the sounds coming out of the headphones.

The earphones do come with 3 sets of different sized rubber earbuds. I will admit, there are times where the sounds coming from the ear phones sound like echos. But I think that is more dependent on the genre of song being played.

90% of the time, the earphones are perfectly fine with any type of music being played.

The upsides and downsides to these earphones are that they are actually like ear plugs. You can have a moderate volume level on your IPOD and if you are outside, you can't hear people talking to you/surroundings. Good if you want to focus in on music. So its great on noise cancellation, if you like that. Bad if you actually want to hear other sounds around you in your environment.

The rubber earbuds also act like cushions/buffer for your inner ear, so even if you accidently hit the volume too loud, it never comes off as shreiking/screaming your ears off like other traditional earphones. Perhaps because the rubber ear buds act like cushion = occassional distortion/lack of clarity in some genre of songs.

But overall, this is a nice and different product for those who hate tangling their earphones. Plus it looks cool and because it has a zipper which by the way is made very strong, its very adjustable to any type of clothing you wear. Plus you can zip them up all the way and put it in your pocket and not have to worry that the earphones are all tangled up.

It works as intended. Nothing more, nothing less.
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on September 25, 2013
Like most people, I bought these for the tangle-free zipper, but it turns out that they're quite nice in other ways as well. For one thing, the zipper not only prevents tangles but also makes it easy to figure out which bud is left or right - something that's often tedious especially when it's dark. The sound quality is more than adequate. Yeah, they're still earbuds so they don't have the power of over-the-ear headphones, but they're quite good for the category. My favorite feature is that their shape allows them to fit quite snugly against that little cartilaginous nub where the ear canal meets the lobe. (I just found out that's called the antitragus. Cool.) That helps them stay in with a good seal. I imagine that could be uncomfortable for people who would then have to leave them hanging out more, hence four stars instead of five, but I have a larger than average ear canal and keeping a proper seal is often a problem with other buds. Of the several brands I own, these are by far the best in terms of simply staying in my ears. That's why I'm using them right now.
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on April 19, 2013
I keep my headphones in my purse and they always got tangled. This design keeps them untangled and working great. I switched out the headphone size to the smallest earpieces and they fit perfectly. I wasn't buying these to use in workouts or being active, rather I bought them to listen on my train commute and they certainly do the trick. I'd recommend them.
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on August 26, 2013
I have had more than a dozen different earbuds and had always been disappointed, they didn't fit my ears, were uncomfortable, sounds wasn't good. I ORDERED A PAIR OF ZIPBUDS more out of curiocidy over the "tangle free" feature, I thought I would sent them back after trying them. When I took them out of the box and put them in my ears I was amazed, they fit and were comfortable. I experimented with the cables and they were really tangle free. I then plugged them in to the Kindle and watched "The Avengers" and the sound was very good, and confortable throughout without a single fall out. I am a very satisfied customer and they are NOT going back but there is likely more coming my way to use as stocking stuffers this year. One truth negative point, these do produce more than normal mechanical noise. I found that if I zip them up and limit somewhat my movement this is not objectionable. All in all these are great!! I will use these for all my recreational listening from now on and wil recommend them to others as well as give them as gifts. I am a video editor and will continue using my Bose noise canceling overear headphones for working however.
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