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Zippo 1941 Replica  Black Crackle Pocket Lighter
Color: Black Ice Logo|Style: 1941 Replica|Change
Price:$15.34+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 7, 2015
The Case looks great, but the insert looks like some one carried it in their pocket with their keys for a couple days (don't care about the body of the insert being scratched, but kinda annoyed by the chimney being scratched up right outta the box, oh well, I'll be adding to it soon enough). The case is solid brass, the insert is just metal colored to look brass. Would be nice if the insert was a bit more snug in the case, slides up on me from time to time. Other than that, it works like a zippo should.

Edit: Added a photo to show how great it looks lit, can't even see the scratches on the chimney.
review image
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on April 27, 2017
I love this zippo, but I'm not exactly sure how closely it resembles an actual 1935 model. I know they got the hollow pin right and the external latch, but I'm guessing the number of holes on the chimney is too many and I'm guessing the original was heavier? I'm only assuming. Also, because of the external latch (another assumption), this thing wants to open up in my pocket slightly. Not a big deal, but my 2000-model zippo doesn't do this and feels more solid/heavier. That being said, I love how I can just flick the body of this thing and the lid will open. Looks pretty gangsta. Not Snoop-Dogg gangsta but Italian mob gangsta, if you know what I mean. Anyway, this is the one and only zippo I ever use because it looks so dang sexy.
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on April 23, 2015
Zippo makes a quality product right here in the USA. I bought this lighter when my 3rd wife left me. It's been very loyal, unlike my 3rd wife.

This lighter doesn't come with lighter fluid. You have to fork up the money for some lighter fluid. I wasn't disappointed with that factor. Heck, my 79 Ford F150 didn't come with a full tank of gasoline when I bought her.

I burned 11 brand new Twilight books back-to-back before the Zippo ran out of fluid. That's pretty good in my book. But not in a Twilight book.

I don't have any friends. If I did though, I'd recommend this lighter to them.
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on October 18, 2017
I've been in possession of a stainless steel zippo for 3 years now and I've always had a dickens of a time getting it lit let alone in 1-2 attempts despite cleaning the striker wheel and trimming the wick. So I decided it's time to try something else. I wanted brass though and out of all the offerings from zippo the 1941 replica attracted my eyes the most.
This is a fine looking lighter and it lights on the first spin of the striker consistently. A closer look at the wheel and I can see that it's sharper hence more reliable.
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on June 4, 2016
This particular Zippo is my absolute favorite. The "modern" variations are much lighter in construction and easily dented compared to this one. The outer case is in fact based upon the "Armor" series which is nothing more than how Zippos were constructed years ago. Then, things changed and the Zippo became less durable. Well, you can opt for the Armor Series or one of these. The Armor Series do not possess the classic deep CLANG! sound that is soooo....Zippo....which is why I like this one. The 1941 Replica also is more rounded and shaped a little differently giving a feel I prefer to the modern versions.
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on October 30, 2015
Came with a weird matte finish that scratched very easily on both faces but not on the sides. I was initially disappointed but I hit it with a wire brush and polishing wheel and the brass underneath was beautiful. Also the hinge was loose on arrival but that's easily fixed with some needle nose pliers. I expected a better finished product from Zippo, but after a little tweaking and cleaning I am very happy with the lighter and it will replace my modern zippo as my every day carry.
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on September 13, 2013
This lighter is a beautiful replica of Zippo's 1935 design, complete with period-correct art deco graphics on the box. But that's what it is - a replica. If I were a collector of lighters, I wouldn't expect this to increase in value over the years, even if unused in original box. However, especially compared to Zippo's current models, this lighter looks like a piece of jewelry. It' so nice, I almost didn't want to use it. But I am using it, and I find myself treating it with much greater care than my other run-of-the-mill Zippos.

The hinge is completely external, which gives the lighter a rugged appearance. The sides are brushed chrome, and the four flat thinner edges are flawless, high polish chrome. This model has no slashes on the sides, which gives it a more industrial appearance. Also available with slashes, which gives it a more dressy look. The hinge is a three-bar design rather than five as on current designs, which may or may not last longer than current models. I recommend applying a Teflon lube to the hinge occasionally if the lighter sees daily use.

The flat edges and square corners may put off some who use the lighter rather than just displaying it, because those features make one-handed opening and closing very difficult...compared to the more modern designs with rounded corners. The thumb slips off the lighter's sharp corner before the lid opens. I've been using Zippos daily since 1968, and this is the only one with which I felt the need to use both hands for opening. That's not a deal breaker for me, but I thought I'd mention it. If you're into performing "Zippo Tricks," this lighter will not work for you.
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on July 28, 2015
It's a Zippo. What more do you need to say? It's quality. Why would anyone buy a lighter which wasn't a Zippo?

Among all the Zippo's I've owned, a few precious ones lost, this is my favorite. It's the lighter American GI's packed as they fought up Italy, and across France, and in the Pacific, lighting their precious cigarettes. And it lit in the wind, even in the rain; that's what makes a Zippo special. Every time I flip it open I think about those soldiers.
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on July 27, 2017
I love the Replica lighters. They're just comfortable - like an old pair of jeans. Their beauty is their simplicity. I've got several different Zippos that I use, but I always come back to the 1941 Replica for every day use. The Black Ice finish is a nice contrast from the shiny chrome or brass (not that they are not beautiful lighters themselves). I have dealt with their customer service in the past and they go above and beyond. It's refreshing to know that companies like Zippo stand behind their work in this day and age of disposable products.
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on December 3, 2017
I have nothing bad to say . It’s excellent quality and it’s made here in the USA . When a bic runs out of fluid you toss it out .... when your zippo runs out you fill it back up and your golden . Lifetime no questions asked guarantee ...., very cheap to buy replacement wicks and flints ...if your a regular smoker you owe it to yourself ! Pick one up and you won’t regret it
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