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on November 29, 2015
I agree with other 1 star reviewers - Zocdoc only posts positive reviews and their review of the same doctor could be complete opposite from reviews from other websites.
I posted 2 reviews about 2 doctors with my negative experience. These are the only 2 reviews I tried to post on ZocDoc. Both times, I got a call from ZocDoc customer service telling me my review did not meet their standards and will be taken down. While they apologized for my bad experience, they had no intention to have my truthful review posted. One of my reviews was about a doctor with whom I made an appointment and only found out from that doctor's office that he never works at that location. I ended up with someone else in that office and had 3 horrible visits. After my review was removed, I informed ZocDoc about the misleading information about doctor's practice location. I was told by ZocDoc that they would contact the doctor's office and have it corrected. Now it's been 4 months and after 4-5 follow up contacts with ZocDoc trying to have the misleading information corrected, that doctor is still "practicing" at that location on ZocDoc website.
I also saw some reviews about a few doctors I visited (not booked through ZocDoc) with negative experience have 5 star rating on ZocDoc. Also there are times when I made the appointment on ZocDoc, but only found out the office was closed on that day.
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on March 17, 2015
Did you read their terms of service? They retain the right to sell, trade or otherwise dispose of your social security number, address and contact info, and protected health information INDEFINITELY. Be wary, be very wary.
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on July 28, 2015
It's somewhat convenient, but they don't allow patients to write negative reviews, which defeats the entire experience. I saw a dentist who charged my insurance an astronomical amount, but I said screw it, it's the end of the year and I won't need any other procedures anyway. So I made one appointment for some of the procedures and another 2 weeks later for the remaining (both appointments were made on ZocDoc). The first one went ok, but the second one was a mess. I drove for an hour for this appointment and TEN MINUTES before the appointment their office called me asking if I was going to be on time, and I said yes. They said, oh good; the doctor is waiting for you. So, when I show up about 9 minutes later, they're like sorry the doctor left 15 minutes ago to pick up her kids from school, and I'm like so when is she coming back, and they're like we don't know. I'm like is it half an hour, an hour, two hours, and they're like it could be any of those. So, I left and tried to leave a negative review and ZocDoc wouldn't let me. We went back and forth 10 times and they said nope. Their final excuse was that since the doctor didn't see me, I can't leave a review. I'm like are you kidding me? I showed up and Dr decided to leave, even though they called to make sure I was on time, and I can't leave a review. They said nope. Not gonna happen. The doctor wouldn't even send my XRays to another office, so I tried leaving another negative review and they said no way no how. Pretty much it's impossible to leave a negative review on their site. So, I stopped using them. Prior to that I used their service about 8 times in total.
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on May 30, 2015
The following review was rejected by ZocDoc in 5/2015 because "it does not meet our guidelines" but I disagree with ZocDoc interpretation of their own guidelines referring to a requirement to see a doctor before being able to publish a review. I did go to see the doctor! After reading on Amazon the doctor side of the ZocDoc story I better understand the ZocDoc revenue model (doctors pay ZocDoc about $3000/year for listing) and motivation to reject my review. I paid with my 1) personal information submitted to ZocDoc, 2) time lost driving for appointment and discussing "insurance verification" with front staff - 3h, 3) time spent discussing my feedback with ZocDoc - 2h. I asked ZocDoc customer service to remove doctor's affiliation with my insurance network from ZocDoc database. ZocDoc agreed with me by email but did not do anything to modify their database at the time of this writing.

My rejected review:

Beware: Bite and switch payment tactics

I found Dr. Khuu listed as in-network on ZocDoc and provided my insurance information to the front desk before appointment.
When I checked in to see Dr. Khuu his front desk asked me to wait while they're calling my insurance to verify my eligibility for benefits.
After 30 min. I was told that my member id was invalid and therefore I had to pay an out-of-network price before treatment.

In the presence of the front desk staff I logged into my insurance website to proof that my member id was valid and active. I showed the front desk an option to log into my insurance website as "service provider" to verify my coverage online. I offered to get coverage confirmation in writing and return later for treatment.

The front desk still insisted on payment of an out-of-network price before treatment and refused to accept my co-payment AFTER their bill was processed by my insurance.
I left without seeing dr. Khuu under the impression that the front desk only pretended to "verify my eligibility" while in reality trying to manipulate me into paying up front a higher than contractual in-network price. I have a major insurance accepted for example by the Stanford University Clinic and most medical providers in Silicon Valley.

IMO the verification of coverage should be done BEFORE appointment and not started AFTER patient arrived for consultation.
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on May 16, 2015
They are marketing off america's hypochondriasis, and ineffectively, at that. They've made several appointments that I arrive to and they inform Me are in fact invalid. There is also new information suggesting that this app holds your medical information. Just look online by specialty & insurance, make phone calls and book appointments. You dont need this terrible gimmick.
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on December 8, 2014
Wasted my time. I took off an entire afternoon based on Zocdoc appointment confirmation. I wasted valuable time and money. The doctor's office told me that they never received any information from zocdoc. Zocodoc caustomer service called next day to say they will send me $5 as compensation which in spite of acute frustration I declined.
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on May 6, 2016
ZocDoc's patient support protocol is broken.

If a doctor booked via zocdoc doesn't fulfill his appointment obligation (leaving the patient in the dust and inconvenienced), then the doctor can just say the patient never showed up. This results in an automatic disqualification of the patient's review on zocdoc and a skewed review system.

Again, I repeat: if you miss an appointment, whether by your doing or the doctor's doing, then zocdoc AUTOMATICALLY TRASHES YOUR REVIEW. Think about that. That means a doctor can just up and decide he doesn't want to see you with no notification whatsoever. Then, to avoid the consequences of an angry patient, can claim the patient never showed up so that any negative reviews from said patient will never reach the light of day.

I called zocdoc and their literal response was: "We get with the doctor and try to help them improve their business product". So I asked what kind of time frame doctors have to get their stuff together to which they replied "there is no timeline". This means the doctor has ZERO accountability and can just skip his zocdoc appointment obligations.

The doctor that I booked never returned any of my 4 initial calls, including one time WITH zocdoc reps. Then when I left a voicemail (admittedly, curt but in no way attacking) I finally received a call from the office that said I was the one that missed the appointment and that I had no grounds for having an attitude. His name was Dr. GK Ravichandran from Houston, TX off of 59 south. His building is dingy. The pictures of his office look like a college kids dorm room, and his staff members sound lazy and selfish.

Everyone, think of it this way: if you spend your money at this office, you pay someone that thinks of themselves before anyone else.
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on March 11, 2013
Read a doctor's reviews on ZocDoc and then read reviews for that same doctor elsewhere on the internet, and you may see a big difference. Virtually all ZocDoc reviews of doctors are five stars. Patients should be aware that doctors pay $3000 per year to ZocDoc, and as such any negative review they attempt to submit may not be published. ZocDoc is a marketing tool for doctors; not an accurate unbiased source of patient reviews.
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on June 24, 2016
If you are a doctor or other provider of services you should be very wary of using Zocdoc. They allow anonymous reviews to be posted and do not allow you to reply to them. As we all know reviews are usually posted when the patient has a complaint. Recently, a very negative review was posted not by the patient but by his girlfriend who became enraged that her boyfriend did not want to be in therapy as she had urged him to do. Zocdoc identified this post as having been that of the "verified patient". They refused to delist it even though it was written by the girlfriend and not "the verified patient" whom I contacted and said he was unaware of the review posting. Zocdoc is very expensive, but their allegiance is to people who use their app without paying anything.
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on August 10, 2017
I love, love, love ZocDoc! It's easy to find doctors in my area who take my insurance, and making appointments online is the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously--no more having to call during business hours (which are always different, depending on the day or the office), being put on hold, or going back and forth to search for available appointments. Plus, ZocDoc has excellent customer service. They always follow up to make sure you're happy. I wish more doctors would work with ZocDoc!
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