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on September 5, 2016
I grew up with one of these, and I just bought one for my college dorm. Zojirushi is such a nice company—I love all of their products. Typical Japanese high-quality product. For a while I was using an electric kettle to make tea, but I got so tired of boiling water every time I wanted it. So I decided to splurge and get this. It is totally worth it! I also like the different temp settings, which are perfect for me, because different teas need different temperatures. For example, most green teas are best at 175 degrees, and oolong is best at 195, etc. I drink at least three cups of tea per day so this water heater saves me a solid 30-45 minutes, as opposed to the days when I had to boil water each time and let it cool.

The only thing that can be annoying is that if you want to go from 175 to 195 degrees, or from just added cold water to 175 degrees, the machine will reboil the water, bringing the temp up to 212, and then cooling back down to the target temp. I don't know why they didn't make it so that it just heats up the the target temp without reboiling. It's annoying, but you can trick the machine by unplugging it to stop the reboil process. For example, if you're heating from 175 to 195, just pull the plug a few seconds after it gets to 190, and when you plug it back in the temp should be 195.
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on March 12, 2010
Positive reviews are 100% correct regarding this product. We can't live without it. I do have one thing to say, though. Since it is not a thermal pot, it uses approx 90 watts to maintain a constant water temperature. I bought an International P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor here on Amazon and this was the first product that I measured. My plugged in laptop only generated 40 watts of power....half of what this pot generates in standby mode. It comes in at 731 watts to boil water (my toaster takes 457 watts). We use the timer feature at night, but keep it on all day. So, figuring 16 hours of standby use and throwing in an average of three boils a day, we figure that it costs approx $12-15 per month to operate. We COULD take it off standby mode when not in use, but then it takes longer to boil....catch 22.

Bottom line? The product is so darn good at what it does, that we are willing to forgive the energy consumption cost.
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on July 15, 2016
Once you have one of these water heaters you can never go back. I drink so much more tea now that I have this thing. I also use it for making french press coffee. You can have fresh coffee in just the few minutes you have to let it steep. My mom always used to heat tea up in the microwave and then forget about it and leave it there. Now she can actually get hot water on demand and drink her tea!

The swivel base is great and lets you turn and pull the thing out to easily refill it. It plays a lovely song when the water is warmed up so you know its time for tea. Maybe its just the water at our house, but I have never had a problem with scaling or corrosion or any of that.

Zojirushi makes really nice water heaters and they have the awesome elephant logo so you know its good.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 15, 2014
We were using a Keurig Limited for about 5 years before it just died on us. My mother, who lives with us, used the Keurig for hot water for tea and coffee. Looking for a high capacity water boiler/water warmer for tea, hot water and for soups, I stumbled upon this particular device.

There is a 3 liter version, as well as a 4 liter model. Thinking bigger is better, I chose the 4 liter model. The items that were included in the box were the magnetic power plug and water warmer.

Initial use required boiling a liter of water and then discarding. We have a faucet with a reverse osmosis filter so I decided to use that for our water source. It is recommended that water is changed daily.

After turning on the unit with fresh water, it didn't take long at all to heat the water to a boil. When the water is ready, simply push the unlock button which is a safety mechanism to prevent accidental burns. Water flow is perfect (not too slow, and not too fast to cause undue splashing).

One negative is that this doesn't have a clock function or memory function, if the device is unplugged.

Removing the water is simple, if there is a residual amount. Lift the lift at a 45 degree angle and push the button to release the lid. The container is lined with something similar to Teflon.

Overall, I am very pleased with this high end gadget, though I would prefer a clock function over a 4-10 hour delay timer. Great product!
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on November 21, 2016
I had an older Zojirushi and lasted me well over 5 years before it started rusting away. I bought this model to replace that old one. in less than a year, the bottom rusted already. They said I didn't maintain it well enough. I didn't do alot of cleaning for my older one and it was fine. They told me that they will replace the inner lining for me. but it's not covered in the warranty. what a joke! For a well named brand... this is really a big joke!... I would not recommend this at all.. where was the quality and excellent customer service that once upon a time they had?
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 24, 2014
# UPDATE # After 3 years my Zoji is finally wearing down. There is rust on the top of the tank, and the water doesn't taste clean anymore, even though I have been regularly and thoroughly cleaning it with citric acid from day 1.

I have been using this daily for the last 2 years and it is still going strong. I make coffee in the morning for my husband, make several cups of tea for myself throughout the day, and also use the heated water for cooking purposes. I got a 5 lb bag of citric acid for cleaning my Zoji and it works awesome and lasts forever Milliard Citric Acid - 5 Pound - 100% Pure Food Grade NON-GMO (5 Pound) and is WAY CHEAPER than the brands recommended cleaner.

I was hoping it was a fluke for some, but the reviews are right about the temperatures being wrong. I used a heated cup (so that the cup temperature would not change the water reading) and did many temperature readings. The manual warns to throw out every first cup whenever you use it, because it will be colder (which is pretty annoying), but all the proceeding cups are still not the advertised temperature! This may not matter for some, but I like to use the correct water temperature for coffee and tea. I used to be a professional barista, so I'm pretty picky about water temperature. If you are too, then you know that you can totally taste the difference when coffee or tea is made with the wrong temperature than what it was designed for. So I have to use it on the highest setting, 208 degrees: the first cup is 140+, then the proceeding cups are anywhere between 170-180, not even close to 208. This is fine for my (aeropress) coffee and green tea, but I am bummed that I can never get the higher temperatures for proper Black and Oolong tea.

I can't help wonder if Zojirushi is aware of this and assumes most of us will not think to test the temperature. Zojirushi used to make these in Japan, but now makes them in China; it makes me wonder if these will not last longer than a year, as other reviews have pointed out. I'll update my review if this holds out over time.

Overall, this product works for me, I will only use it for (aeropress) coffee & green tea, but for the price, I really would have liked the option to have hotter water for other things.
review image
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on May 25, 2017
Why this one ? Mother wore the old hot pot out ( actually it didn't last and started leaking ) , and replacement was needed.

I didn't want to buy the same one again and decided to spend more to see if we could get better quality.
Mother, 83 and very active, uses this for tea doesn't have to stand around over hot stove or get the kettle which makes me feel better ( every little bit counts and decreases any accidents or oopses - Mr Miyagi said it best... "Best defense is not be there" :)

Hot-pot nice quality, no issues so far, mother likes it and it keeps little grand and great grand kiddos a bit safer should they get near it and are tempted to press buttons.

At this moment I will say I will buy again, that is NOW, I a'm looking forward to THEN... when it comes I will share again how I feel..
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on March 26, 2017
It has been working great for 4 years now. my family enjoy hot team almost everyday.

I'd like to add some new feature I just discovered today...

Today i open the wall cabinet above the boiler but didn't expect a small bottle dropped. i was trying to catch it with my hand and i missed.. what's worse is i accidentally push this water boiler off the cabinet top and it falls down to the floor, with about 1L hot water in it!! at that moment all i had in my mind is darn here goes my boiler.. but this baby did a 360 turn (because of the cable pulling off while falling off) and STAND STILL on my wood floor with only few drops hot water spilled.. what a miracle!

the base did have a bit misplaced. i use my hand to push it back and plug it back on and it continued working like nothing happened..

if you need a water boiler or maybe just a water container just give them the money. it won't break. cheers
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on August 16, 2016
I don't know how anyone lives without one of these. Hot water dispensers, IMO, should be as essential to a household as a microwave is. While the instructions for this machine says one should descale it every 3 months and wash it, blah blah blah, I figured it is boiling hot water and therefore sterilizing itself every day, so I never wash mine. I have hard water, so calcium does build up on the walls of the inside of the hot water heater. When they flake off, I just rinse them off. I had mine for a year and I haven't washed it once.

If the water being dispensed slows down, you can descale with vinegar easily.

Zojirushi is a trusted brand and I highly recommend this unit.
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on September 14, 2014
I have only owned this warmer for about a week, but I am already in love with it and wonder why I waited so long to buy it. Well, I know why I waited so long to buy it - I was waiting to see if the price would come down, even though Amazon by far has the lowest price around.

When I first took the warmer out of the box, I looked at the owner's manual that comes with the device and was surprised how much reading was involved. I quickly read the booklet and was a little confused by some of the instructions, but I figured that once I started playing with it, I would understand it better. I did. I also have to admit that after reading the booklet, I wondered why did I buy this thing, it's just a very expensive water heater, how lazy can I be.

Well, let me tell you, I no longer feel that way. This thing has won me over. This is how I use it. The night before, I set the timer to warm my water to 208 degrees and be ready when I get up. I have 1-2 cups of tea that requires that temperature of water and then if I feel that I am going to have green tea during the day, I set the temperature to 175. After we get through the afternoon, I reset the warmer back to 208 so that it is ready for me for the evening and my night time teas. By that time, the water is very low or gone so I dump out what is left and fill it back up and set the timer around 11 p.m. for the next morning.

Did I say that I just love this warmer? With winter and cool weather coming, this thing is going to get a lot of use.
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