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on June 10, 2013
This cooker does exactly what I want it to. I was put off by the price at first but all the other positive reviews convinced me to ignore that and now, after a year of use, I'm glad I did. Here are the useful points of my experience I feel I should share. First, I do not follow the instructions regarding water volume because the results were not good. I live near sea level and have some of the softest water in the country (Portland) so I had to adjust for ideal results and you will too. Here is what works. I always cook only one portion, 140 grams, 500 calories (approx.), one clear measuring cup full - this is the minimum you can prepare but its all I need. I have no doubt that if I scaled up the portion I would get the same excellent result. I do not use the water lines in the cooking pot, instead I use the same clear measuring cup (included) for water after I have measured the rice. The best ratios for my unique altitude and water quality are: White Rice = 1 water to 1 rice; Brown Rice = 1.5 water to 1 rice; Wild Rice = 1.75 water to 1 rice. You may wish to increase water slightly for Sushi and Risotto rice but this requires some experimenting. Remember, more water means longer cooking time and softer, stickier rice. Also, not avoidable, always rinse your rice first or the results will be sticky bad; rinse until the water runs clear. Cooking times for this volume are consistently 40 minutes for White Rice and 80 minutes for Brown Rice settings. And when cleaning this thing afterword I never use soap and I never scratch the pot. Just rinse with hot water and wipe it clean. The apparatus in the lid must also be pulled apart and wiped dry but it only takes a few seconds and is nothing to complain about. I should also add the I frequently prepare the purple heirloom variety known as Forbidden Rice and it is uses the same setting and volume as White Rice. I normally do not write reviews but I can't deny that this product was money well spent.
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on October 26, 2014
This is what i am using to supplement dinners while in college, you can put rice, vegetables, meats and seasonings right in the pot and leave it to cook, it cooks untill there is no more h20 in the food and it shuts itself off. I am very pleased with this purchase, thank you japanese people for creating good products ie honda and toyota. I think that i will have one of these around for the rest of my life.
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on February 19, 2013
I have had my rice cooker for 3 months now and don't regret a single penny I spent buying it. I cook a lot of different rice. So far I have cooked: white short grain/long grain, brown, basmati and a mixed. I have also cooked steel cut oatmeal and plan to cook congee. Every rice I cooked I rinse at least until the water becomes clear and all trace of starch is removed. I bought a 5 cup cooker and filled it up to the max, thinking it might come out mushy, but nope everything came out perfect, everytime ! The only minor thing I would have like to see is a setting where by I could switch the time from a 24 hour clock to a 12 hour. No but deal, it's just having to think in terms of converting 0400 hour to 4 AM. Have not used the timer yet because the longer cook time is not an issue with me. I will difinetly buy another one, if and when this one goes ka-poot.
Happy cooking.
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on May 23, 2017
Perfect rice every time! I've used it for jasmine, brown, and even black rice. It takes a while if you use the menu modes, but if you use the quick cook setting, it still comes out fine. No dried out crusty rice starch like in my old cheapo rice cooker!
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on January 19, 2014
Quite pleased with it so far. It is different from the less expensive $20.00 cookers. Read the instructions and invest in quality rice. Frankly, if one is buying a Zojirushi, then one is beyond the parboiled/boil-in-a-bag rice cooking. Placing the cooker under cabinets is not advised as the steam is intense (albeit silent) and caused condensation on the wood work which will drip back onto the cooker. The only advice - the company needs to get a better English translation.
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on January 17, 2014
I have been going over reviews for rice cookers for months now and decided to purchase a Zojirushi because of their quality products. After deciding on a Micom rice cooker over a cheaper type, I was extremely pleased. This model has detailed instructions with information about the different types of rice and how to cook each properly. It also comes with a rice spatula, and (2) types of measuring cups (one for rinse-free rice, one for all other rice); they also insist you use their measuring cups for proper rice cooking since other machines & measuring cups can vary. The directions were very simple to understand and the first time using it made the best rice I have ever had. I was worried about the cleanup because of issues I've had with past machines, but it was very easy with the non stick pan. This model makes cooking a variety of rices and grains troublesome, as well as a joy. If you are a first timer to rice cookers, this would be the model to purchase.
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on February 5, 2016
OMG! I just woke up to a pot of Stone Ground Grits already cooked and waiting on me to eat them. They were so fluffy that most of the "grit" was gone. Amazing taste and texture. LOVE IT! Can't wait to try cooking some Jasmine Rice for supper. I'm so glad I spent the money and bought this cooker. It's amazing.
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on May 12, 2017
Best all round Rice Cooker, hands down. Tried others( looked for one that would steam too) and always come back to the reliability of this for perfect rice and steel cut oats.
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on June 20, 2010
My Thai wife used to make fun of me because I made rice with a covered pan. For a couple of years she humored me, then told me she wanted me to get a rice cooker. After looking around some, I chose this one, and I have to give it to her, she was absolutely right. :) It is effortless to make perfect rice every time, once you learn the secret. The secret is to choose the right setting on the machine, and to use less water than you are probably used to. For Thai Jasmine rice, we use 1 measurement of rice to 1.5 measurements of water and use the white setting. (it does not matter if it is a half cup, cup, or one of the rice cookers cups, which is about 3/4 of a cup)

Just for the rice alone, this would be a good purchase, but the truth is, I use it for far more than rice. Being able to wake up to real grits, as opposed to the quick variety, steel cut oatmeal, my wife's rice porridge, etc. are all easily done with this cooker using the porridge setting. One accessory I would definitely recommend is The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook : 250 No-Fail Recipes for Pilafs, Risottos, Polenta, Chilis, Soups, Porridges, Puddings and More, from Start to Finish in Your Rice Cooker which provides a wide variety of possibilities for this handy time-saver. :) At the very least, it will give you ideas for how to use the cooker to widen your possibilities in the kitchen, though you may have to experiment a little with some of the recipes.

BTW...another reviewer said it was 'fussy to clean'. I HATE washing dishes, and I find it easy to clean. Remove the pan, wipe it down, remove the lid and wash with a kitchen sponge, rinse and dry, wipe down the lid of the cooker, and put it back together. All in all, it takes about a minute and a half. Heh, I do not consider that 'fussy'. :)

Highly recommended.
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on February 20, 2014
The directions for use were a little confusing to me at first. I prefer my brown rice to be firm and nutty, but when cooking on the brown rice setting the rice turned out very mushy. I have been cooking it on the sweet rice setting and this seems to be working fine. My first rice cooker never burned rice. My second cooker purchased at Costco for about $50 always scorched the rice, which I did not know at the time happens with cheaper models. This rice cooker has not burned the rice once. I did add onion and garlic one time and was surprised that these flavors had completely dissipated. I will continue to experiment with techniques.
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