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on June 4, 2014
Lots of mixed reviews here on this on... The game IMO is great if your a old school fan of the original resident evil games before they made it a run and gun... This game requires you to actually think about wasting ammo. The downside is like many have stated there is way to many bug and glitches for a release game. This game is IMO a beta game that got published. With that said ubisoft or Nintendo has zero updates and will not refund for the game. I was at the very last step of the game and fell through the floor and since the way the game works with starting over when you die and having to find your prior dead character kill it to regain your inventory, it had a required piece for me to complete the game, since it was stuck I was never able to complete it. So I had to watch the ending on YouTube rather than my wii. Play at your own risk.
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on December 14, 2012
You! Yes, over there! The one who bought the WiiU and needs something to play by themselves! Something different, something that takes advantage of the Gamepad, something that scares the everliving **** out of you, right? This is it. Ignore some of the earlier reviews... This isn't CoD: Zombies or Left 4 Dead... You are not invincible... You are helpless and need supplies, ammo, and more to keep the Zombies at bay! Every run-in with a zombie can possibly mean the end of your life!

Don't expect to feel like Rambo at the end of it... Expect to feel like the many survivors you'll control during this adventure... Cold, alone, and scared... Mostly scared...

Challenging gameplay
Unique Survivor Gameplay (Sortof like Demon's Souls... When you die, you are a new survivor and need to get back to your old self to get ALL of your loot back!)
Proper Use of the Gamepad (Maps, backpacks, picking locks, scanning areas for clues, etc)
AWESOME MULTIPLAYER! (Gamepad unleashes zombies onto the map while the second person using the WiiU Pro Controller or Wii Motion Plus + Nunchuk must fight off the zombies and take back control of the area)

Few technical hiccups (Weird loading areas)
No online multiplayer
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on September 20, 2013
I'm sure other reviewers have gone deep into why this game is worth your time, so I'll try to steer clear of the more technical mechanics of the gameplay. I'll just chime in that this game is not a run-and-gun experience like many modern horror games. Players must tread carefully if they want to really understand what ZombiU is about. For example, it's best to lure zombies out one-by-one, since too many will certainly overcome the player (and result in a frustrating experience). Most importantly, one bite and it's over for you. With that in mind, you have to truly act like a survivor to make any progress in the game. Keep your ears alert and eyes on the tracking radar, which is displayed on the Wii U tablet. Aesthetically, the game definitely gives me a 28 Days Later-vibe with its post-rock soundtrack and dimly lit areas. In fact, zombies are very sensitive to your flashlight so be careful with that as well. I do wonder if we'll look back on ZombiU as a game that we took for granted. It has the trappings of a game that is initially difficult to appreciate but full of substance and enjoyment for those who persevere.
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on January 8, 2014
I I can't believe this game got such negative press reviews. I'm not sure what game they were playing, but this certainly is a gem of a title. This is survival horror in its truest form. I love games like RE1, 2 and 3, Fatal Frame, Kuon, and Haunting Ground. Unfortunately the survival horror genre doesn't really live up to its name anymore, containing run-and-gun action adventure shooters with maybe some atmosphere and creepy stuff thrown in. ZombiU is a rare exception. It's not all that creepy, but it doesn't hold your hand and there are few second chances for each unlucky survivor.

You wake up as a randomly generated survivor, with little background information (name and occupation only). You could be male or female, and things like hair, features, and race are random. ZombiU features perma-death. Once your survivor dies, you wake up as a different survivor in the base holding only a gun, a few bullets, a flashlight and a cricket bat. Key items and weapon upgrades are retained, but any weapons other than the basic handgun that the previous survivor was holding will have to be retrieved. To get your gear back you must go back to where your previous survivor died and kill their zombie. Each survivor can build up weapon skills, but these skills are not passed on when you die. Each time you die you will receive a score which goes on the leaderboard. Your score is based on weapon skills, number of kills, etc. In story mode, your progress is retained, you just pick up with a different survivor.

You can survive a few hits but one bite and you're dead (until you get the Virucide shot, which gives you one chance to stab a zombie before it bites you and instantly kill it).

There is a metal container in the base where you can store some items that will remain there even if you die. I like to leave found weapons, ammo, land mines and large medipacks there for when I really need them, since anything you carry has the potential for being permanently lost.

You will not end up significantly stronger later on, and the game doesn't get easier. You have to plan, conserve, and strategize. Most enemies will not drop anything when you kill them. Some might only drop one handgun round or a tiny health boost. If you get overrun and have no way out or no ammo, you're probably dead. If you have no patience, this game is not for you. If you're one of those casual gamers who only plays shooters and sports games, chances are this will frustrate you very quickly. If you're an old school survival horror fan, give it a try - you will probably love it!

I only gave this 4 stars because amazon doesn't have a 4.5 option. It's not a perfect game - though the gamepad works pretty well, it can be clunky at times. The game doesn't pause when you loot, and sometimes trying desperately to swipe the gamepad to close the backpack (or BOB - Bug-Out Bag) doesn't work right (I found out you can solve this by moving the control stick backwards to close the BOB). Sometimes you can't swing the cricket bat because you hit the button ever so slightly too early and the animation didn't fully reset, resulting in death. However these are small complaints and can be worked around with some practice. Sometimes zombies walking up angled planks or on the edge of things causes them to walk on air, but it doesn't happen often. Don't let the critic reviews fool you - this is a wonderful game. If you have a Wii U and love survival horror, don't miss ZombiU!
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The game is one of the more hardcore game exclusive titles for the Wii U and I have to say it shows the power of the WiiU console just great though some of the gameplay does lower some of the entertainment of the game. Like with most Zombie games your character starts off by him/herself and a secured(For now) area and is awaken by an apparently helpful person who gives advice and information to keep you alive as the city's undead search for a new meal primarily you. The game uses the abilities of the WiiU tablet pretty well from scanning an area or room to keeping your inventory and stock in check.

The zombies are relentless in their hunt and while expected there seem to sometimes be a glitch once and awhile though not too many times, when you take down a zombie and as far as it seems you've finished it off just to hear a noise and turn around to see it right in your face attacking you again.While these are the undead the game itself says that once the head is pretty much taken care of the zombie is no longer a threat so why is it that sometimes it proves to be false?

Still the game is a good addition to the zombie game franchise and with the exception of this glitch that happened at the maximum of four times(Seems) there really wasn't any other problem with the game. Of course this is not a game meant for the younger children and if you have kids in their teens you might want to check on the info and gamesite reviews of the game. For other WiiU owners I'd say this one is worth adding to the WiiU game library as a good hardcore zombie game that equals to that of Resident Evil,Dead Rising and Dead Island.
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on December 4, 2012
ZombiU is definitely not for everyone. While I wasn't sure what to expect upon loading the disc (short of the ever-so-necessary patch), I am pleasantly surprised with the fun to be had while playing. There are a ton of full reviews on this game, so I'm going to stick on the type of game and the worth of the $60 pricetag.

Single-Player Experience:
You play the role of a survivor, with a name, and an inferred backstory. The original survivor makes his way to a panic-room and is greeted by the "Prepper". Who simply gives you objectives in a loosely generated story that is told as each... single.. survivor... is inevitably killed.

Which is important to note. You will die and there will be plenty of eerie, scary, and cheap moments that can get you killed. My first deaths were due to simply not understanding what was being asked while a hoard of Zombies wanted my face in their mouth. This may frustrate some, but it's all part of the game. When you die, the last survivor is now a zombie for you to kill (it only saves the LAST survivor, so if you die getting to your survivor the old one is now gone) and subsequently loot to get your stuff back. Have friends in the Nintendo Network? Great! Their survivor zombies end up in your game for you to pillage as well. Once connected, you'll also notice leaderboards, challenges, and messages from other survivors painted on the walls trying to be helpful or harmful to your judgement skills.

What else is important to note, is this is NOT Call of Duty: Zombie Mode. This is a slower paced survival horror. Don't expect to run and gun. Each bullet, item, and healing kit are all important to your survival. That means you'll use the cricket bat a lot, killing zombies one by one and trying not to let them grab you. You have a health-bar, but Zombies can grab you and kill you in one hit, if you don't push them away in time or hurt them. Pretty much making the health-bar useless, until you take small amount of damage from hurting yourself or getting smacked around.

The story is relatively short, but the scares, panic, and feeling of uneasiness add tremendous value in a game that otherwise would be considered sparse. Saving requires you to get back to your bed in the safehouse, making short game times almost impossible without rushing to your death. Make sure you have plenty of time to play before hopping into ZombiU.

Multiplayer Experience:
I love playing this with my girlfriend. She hates FPS games, but certainly loves being the Zombie King as she sends hoards of zombies using the WiiU game-pad to thwart my attempts at capturing points. This experience is perfect for those that want to experience an FPS in a whole new way. I can see sequels of this game really expanding on this experience.

While it is short and the modes leave you wanting, they're perfect for an hour or less gaming sessions with a buddy or significant other.

The game is best when connected to the Nintendo Network. The survivor zombies that show up and the random messages warning you of what is next make the ZombiU world come alive. The game is all about surviving and there is plenty of challenge to do so. The gameplay and style can leave you wanting as repetition sets in early. I often found myself wanting a break after each challenge and wasn't compelled to play for long times. I don't believe it is worth the full $60 pricetag as there are other Zombie survival options for other consoles. If the WiiU is your only avenue, then it is definitely worth picking up at full price.
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on November 6, 2016
I'm a little late with this game but it's fun and addicting. Only thing bad is that it seems to load more than let me play. Sometimes I'll wait 45 seconds for a load screen, then walk to a door to open it only to have it load again.... Also, when you die you lose every thing you had unless you can find your old zombie person before you due again. All in all its a fun game.
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on September 1, 2014
Ok, so this review is long over due. I bought this game back in late November 2013. And to be honest....When I first bought it, I had my doubts. I usually check out others views of things. But also want to see for myself if I'll like things. With this game I kinda bought into others (negative) views more than usual. Anyways...I did buy it before trying it out. Not knowing just how great it actually is (to me)! This is a challenging game! You must strategize,manage items carefully,watch your surroundings always. IF YOU GET BIT ONCE YOU ARE DEAD!!! Good news is though that you get to continue as a different generated player. You continue the story where you were (mission-wise). All your inventory in your safe house will still be there. However, if you had items on you when bit, you lose them (kinda). You are able to actually run around and find the old (now zombie) you. If you find the old you, you can kill that zombie & loot it for all your lost items in the backpack! Also you will often run into other people's old characters that are now zombies. Those will have the gamer's gamer tag,score with that character,and the items they lost. It's pretty sweet! And yes, someone else playing can find and kill the old you and loot it before you. So you might wanna find that zombie quickly! Throughout the game you will be able to use a few guns. But, ammo is scarce. Especially for the guns later aquired in the game! You also get a crossbow. You have a melee weapon (cricket bat) which will not ware down. A flashlight which battery drains. But can be charged any time. You have the option of spray painting hidden messages for other players. And either give a heads up...or trick them! They can see your spray paint messages with the scanner on the Wii U Gamepad. You will use the gamepad for scanning for weapon upgrades,clues,codes for doors,notes,zombies locations,ect...And to even pick locks! This is a cool feature in the game play! The sound is really good. There were only a few voice actors. So the characters you are may be a bit repetetive though. But aside from that, the zombies sounds,sfx,birds,thunder and lightning w/ rain,ect..all sound good! The music is great too!!! The controls/gameplay is fine in my opinion. Pretty simple to pick up and remember. I think the graphics work. They are about (or slightly better) than say Left 4 Dead graphics. But that's not cause the Wii U's capabilities. It could've hosted a more power graphic ZombiU. However, Ubisoft said they didn't focus on the graphics. But focused on the gameplay,ect..instead. If you are not all about graphics...You'll likely be able to enjoy the visuals along with everything else! For me the story is good too! It starts off slow (in my opion), story-wise. But then get's better. This game is like a mix of Resident Evil 2,Left 4 Dead, and maybe House Of The Dead. Easily among the best zombie/survvival horror games in years! Like from Resident Evil 2's release to now. It doesn't have any DLC,no great multiplayer (but there is one of sorts),ect...But this game doesn't need that to be a classic! This game is gritty,simple yet challenging!! I have given it a 4.8 out of 5. And that is due to how great and solid this game is. Even the camera angles are really great overall!!! This could use better multiplayer,better graphics, but surely does not need it to be a stand out game! It holds up to games on other systems too! What this game really lacks is just the right advertising/promoting. And it lacks to be given a chance by many people! I very highly recommend trying this game out for yourself. Also, there is a cool extra feature on this game. Zombi me is a feature that you use your gamepad and have it detect your face. Then it can turn you into a zombie. Once it does this, you can snap a pic of it and upload it. And it allows you to choose between a few different zombie layouts!
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on December 30, 2012
This game is TERRIFYING. Make no mistake. This is not Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, or even RE 5 or 6. Zombi U is not about mowing down hundreds of zombies. Zombi U is about survival, and it's horrifying. You can tell the roots of the game from its controls, with such features as a 180 quick-turn button (a hallmark of the Resident Evil series), and spraypaint on walls (a feature popularized by the Souls games). This is a game where every hallway and every zombie encounter is hand crafted, ala Dark Souls. It's never cheap, always frightening, and very rewarding.

If you liked the early Resident Evil games or the Souls games (Demons and Dark), you'll find a lot to love about Zombi U. Any survival horror fan should try it.

POSTPLAY: So I've finished the game, 100%. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Everything I said previously still applies. It's a tense, challenging survival horror game with some unique gameplay ideas. My only complaints are that it's on the short side, with about 15 hours of content. There are a couple of other minor issues. I would've liked to have seen more areas, larger areas as well, with more zombie types and more melee options. I'd give the game a 4.5, but Amazon won't let me do that! Here's hoping for ZombiU 2!
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on September 21, 2014
One of the best games on Nintendo WiiU. Sadly, a game that deserves a strong franchise or at least a sequel but will never get one because UBISOFT are greedy and the game did not make as much money as the company intended.

Is ZombiU another zombie game? Yes. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely, not! ZombiU has a few features that sets it apart from others in the genre. Most notably, is the innovative way the game uses the WiiU controller like a backpack, map scanner, etc. Doing this can put your character in a life or death predicament because if you take your eyes off the TV screen for too long managing your "backpack" you may be in trouble. So, do it in a safe place or be quick if not. Another feature that drew me in was that if your character dies you lose your gear unless you hunt down your previous dead self, but do it fast because if you die again all that gear is lost forever. You only get one shot to retrieve it. Best way to avoid this, is to make appropriate use of your storage crate in your safe house and manage your gear smart.

Is ZombiU a perfect game? No, it's not without it's flaws but what game is really perfect? NONE. ZombiU has a few minor glitches from time to time but nothing that plagues the game and most go unnoticed when wrapped up in the game. One noticeable glitch that was beneficial to me is that there was one zombie that no matter how many times I killed him and took his gear (a lot) he kept coming back to life with full gear. So, I had so many first aid kits I didn't know what to do with, lol.

Anyway, ZombiU is awesome and it's a shame there won't be a follow up game in the near future or probably never at this rate.
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