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on September 24, 2016
How did I ever miss this one? I watch every zombie movie available or so I thought. 1979. I was a junior in HS. Watched a ton of Hacker/Slasher/Zombie movies at the drive-in(miss those) from the confines of my 67 Chevelle(miss her too) around this time. All I can think of is I was either doing the tube steak boogie in the back seat or was drunk and passed out in said back seat while this was playing. With the nudity probably didn't make it to the big screen. Never saw it on Netflix, Hulu, Creature Feature or Shock Theater(remember those?). Boobies in a zombie movie are rather rare unless it's a puss oozing, skin falling of zombie and that's not attractive. Thanks Amazon for making my zombie watching debauchery complete. Or is it? What other zombie movie has slipped through my grasp?
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on September 14, 2014
Fulci's famous classic, as a matter of fact, the movie he is most known for. As a fan of Italian cinema and most importantly exploitation films, Fulci's Zombie (1979) is a good gore film with decent special effects, but if you ask me --if its better then any of the American made Zombie movies starting with the Night of the Living Dead (1968) all the way to George A. Romero's franchise, I will clearly declare and without any hesitation say that American made zombie films are much more scarier; hence, better. Fulci's film lacks the "scare" factor that is crucial in the zombie genre.

List of things that made me grade this film with 4 stars:

-Interesting plot/movie setting
-Three good looking ladies (including one who likes to snorkel half-naked...)
-Stunning sequences (e.g. zombie guy fighting a shark while underwater...)
-My type of ending...
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on February 4, 2015
Fulci's "Zombie" (actually "Zombie 2") is actually a genuinely scary movie, one of the better zombie pictures to emerge from the gates of Hell from which they come (how's that for some hyperbole?). Blue Underground has done a great job with this transfer, as the picture and sound are absolutely fantastic here. The film makes the zombie mythology work for me--exotic locations, Haitian rituals, appropriate music, a lot of gore, and some very beautiful women on display--some clothed, some not! It certainly qualifies as a fun horror movie, with my only criticism being that some of the violence is difficult to watch and over-the-top, but it's a zombie picture and not a kid's film so I will try to meet it halfway on that count. Unfortunately, this copy does not feature any extras other than the trailers and bios, but for a single copy of the movie itself, this was a good purchase (certainly not something that you see on TV movie channels every night). B+
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on September 8, 2016
Exceptional blu ray. The sound and picture are a little better than previous releases. A damn good classic of a movie.
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on July 21, 2010
The main setting is an obscure, uncharted and plague ravaged isle named Matool which is cursed by a most incredible and horrible phenomenon of obscure and inexplicable origin! Seems that the succumbed victims of the aforementioned pestilence are reviving as foul soulless creatures which commit atrocious acts of murder and cannibalism and threaten to amass into an inexerable horde which will overteem the the isle and, in the words of one character, "transform it into a wasteland of terror!!", . . thus setting the scene for some of the most brilliant, amazing, grisly, gruesome and horrifying scenes in the history of horror cinema!

One particularly imaginative, visually stunning and powerfully shocking sequence takes place entirely underwater and depicts a skin divers confrontation with both a live shark and an apparently amphibious ghoul. The said shark appears first, thus establishing a sense of menace and impending peril ( so that one expects a shark attack on the skin diver to ocure ), then the divers subsequent encounter with the aquatic ghoul provides an unexpected and horrifying twist!
Another amazing and horrifying scene, featuring very good acting, editing and make up effects work, is set in a graveyard and depicts a freshly revived corpse, with a hideous rotted visage, slowly rising, like an erecting penis, from the soil while a young girl observes visibly transfixed with intense amazement, revulsion and horror ( which is very convincingly conveyed by her facial expression ), the viewer cutting repeatedly between the two subjects all the while.
Another very creepy and well done scene has a terrified woman urgently attempting to push a door closed, while another, yet unseen force pushes simultaniously from the other side. Then the viewer pans over to a close up of the doors gape, through which a rotted human hand, pressing against the door, is barely visible!
In this same previously related scene, the zombie, having punched it's arm through a wooden vent in the door, grabs the womans hair and pulls her by her scalp. Then a large jagged splinter ( formed by one of the busted and protruding wooden shingles ) pierces her eye ( graphic close ups of the jagged wood puncturing and slowly demolishing the soft moist orbal tissue ),then breaks loose and remains deeply embedded in the eye of the now screaming woman! This scene is not only grisly and explicite ( which it certainly is indeed ) but, moreover, it also effectively demonstrates the zombies utter lack of pity and humanity ( they'll stop at nothing to gain their victim and sate their hunger, and will commit the cruelest enormity in the process of same ), thus making them more sinister and terrifying!
The scenes depicting the plague victims ( set in a rather crude makeshift hospital converted from an old spanish mission ) are also very creepy, grotesque and disturbing. Particularly a scene in which a heap of bloody, bound and shoud-covered corpses are collectively dumped into a large grave, to the aural accompaniment of loud, ominous, haunting and very authentic sounding native chants, wails and drumbeats.

Now, this movie gets routinely dismissed, by many reviewers, as a "rip off" or "imitation" of George Romero's Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead for the obvious fact that it features the same basic theme of contagious cannibalistic zombies but, none the less, this film really is a classic in it's own right. And, despite that standard old "rip off" allegation, it actually does have some elements which do distinguish it from Romero's zombie movies,.. like the island setting, voodoo theme, the rotted look of the zombies and much grimmer over-all tone. I've always thought that Fulci did basically the same thing with flesh eating zombies that Hammer studios did with the old Universal monsters ( Dracula, Frankenstien, The Mummy, Werewolf, Phantom of the opera,.. etc. ) or that Sergio Leone did with the western,.. . that is he took the basic theme and gave it a completely different and unique look, ambiance and mood,.. recaste it into a whole different meilieu, so to speak. And for that he definitely deserves his fair share of admiration and acclaim.

The gore and make up effects ( by Gianetto DeRossi ) are certainly one of this films strong points. The zombies ( in divers states of disfigurement and decay ) are very realistic and frightening looking. They are also even better portrayed than in most other films. Though they ambulate very slowly ( as other reviewers have already noted ) they're also completely silent with no expression. They don't leer or stagger and make allot of noise ( grunt groan or go "Ehhh!.. Ehhhh!! .. Ehhhhhhh!!" ) like in other zombie flicks. These zombies actually seem to sort of sneak up on their victims. Approaching them very slowly, silently and sedately ( in a seemingly mesmerized or somnambalised state ), then suddenly BITING real quickly them when they get near, which makes them more creepy and frightening to me.

The soundtrack and original musical score ( by Fabio Fizi and Giorgio Cascio ) is another of this films noteworthy qualities. Truly eerrie, nightmarish and, at times, even sensual,.. almost like a more macabre version of Tangerine Dream. And it perfectly suits the mood and imagery of this film. And, even despite these many alLegations, made by other posters, about "poor writing and bad acting", it actually does have some interesting plot elements and a few interesting characters and decent performances from some talented actors among it's cast. In particular, Richard Johnson as the scientist character who's trying obsessively to determine a "rational cause for the phenomenon" ( right,.. he is NOT a mad scientist "creating" the zombies, as some other "reviewers" have erroneously stated ) while scoffingly dismissing the natives assertions about "voodoo" and "demonism", and being driven increasingly perplexed and frustrated by his own futile efforts ( "Nothing fits!!!" ), and his terrified and distressed wife ( played by a certain Olga Karlatos, most recognizable from the 1980's blockbuster hit Purple Rain ) who just wants to depart the "damn island" before the ever-amassing menace overruns the place and claims her victim,. .. which it indeed does eventually ( she's the victim of the grisly eye puncturing related previously )!

If you want a creepy, atmospheric and, oh yes, gruesome horror film ( and THOSE are qualities which I certainly value and admire in a horror flick ) then this is a flick that I would definitely recommend to you.

"Too late!! Too late!! It's a waste of time to lock the doors!! For they will be here soon, . . to destroy us,.. . ALL!!!!
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on October 28, 2016
It's great to see the World Trade Center towers in the first quarter of the film. The haircuts and clothes firmly peg this as a period piece from the early '70s. If you keep in mind when it was made, it's a novel take on the zombie yarn. It looks like the later part of the film was made in St. Thomas, and it's funny to see how the distant islands plainly seen in some scenes belie the uncharted status of the island. It's not bad and there are some funny '70's period aspects that I enjoyed so I have to give it four stars.
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on June 20, 2016
I did not know this movie even existed until a friend told me about it. I was surprised by the effects in that era. I am sure that it was the talk of every town when it was released by then. The extras are neat with the radio advertisements that just send chills down your spine and stirs up the curiosity of listeners to go and see "Zombie."
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on July 17, 2011
After watching "Zombie" and having perused a number of reviews, I'm more convinced than ever that there are two distinct schools of thought regarding zombie movies. There's the Romero school (of which I'm definitely a member); and there's the Raimi school (of which I'm definitely not a member). The differences between the two schools are distinct and, in my opinion, noteworthy. The Romero school is best characterized by social awareness and a genuine pathos for both the zombies and their victims. The Raimi school is best characterized by grossness, gore and a minimal empathy with either the zombies or the victims. Now, of course, zombies would necessarily be completely gross entities, with worms, rotting flesh and oozing pus and slime - exactly as both Sam Raimi and Lucio Fulci depict them. This is not to say that George A. Romero in any sense glamorizes or sanitizes them; his zombies hold their own with the best of them. But he doesn't over-emphasize their grossness or dwell on it to the point that the viewer completely loses sight of the fact that they were once living, breathing humans. With Raimi and Fulci you get the impression they were always hideous, gross beings from beneath the ground, without any redeeming characteristic. And I truly think this is the most significant difference between the two views. No matter how many people they tear apart and eat, Romero's zombies retain a certain innocence; whereas Raimi and Fulci's zombies exude a truly sinister, even evil, aura. Again, the latter's focus is on the pure horror of the situation; whereas the former's focus is primarily on the absolute misfortune that has overtaken zombie and victim alike. Watching a Fulci (or Raimi) film, you come away thinking "Couldn't have happened to a more deserving lot!"; watching a Romero film, you come away thinking something like "Why do such bad things have to happen to essentially good people?" The Romero type of zombie film draws the viewer in, making him or her more attuned to the emotional dynamic; whereas the Fulci/Raimi type of film tends to hold the viewer at bay, letting him or her concentrate primarily on the purely physical element of the movie - which is why you rarely encounter the eye-gouging or gut wrenching or limb severing type of attack in a Romero film that are the very hallmark of a Fulci/Raimi film.

Of course, this admittedly somewhat artificial breakdown doesn't really apply to zombie comedies; and falls apart entirely when it comes to truly unique and original takes on the zombie genre, such as the "Resident Evil" series or the "28 Days After" series. Both of these focus almost exclusively on the "good guy" versus "bad guy" dynamic, with the poor zombies hopelessly out of their element. They're just along for the ride.
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on September 8, 2016
It was better than the cheapies. I wish you would offer all the resident evil movies with premier. Many of the older zombie movies are good and Worth watching but not to pay extra for. Please give us zombie lovers a better selection. If they are good we would buy or rent. I hate renting a program and it is trash and I'll never watch it again. Consequently until know the zombie movie is good I will pass it up if I have to pay for a 48 hour window.
Thanks for listening.
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on April 2, 2002
I've wanted to see this movie for quite some time and heard many rave reviews regarding the extreme gore (in fact, the original theatrical trailer claims that "barf bags" were handed out to patrons before they entered the theater). I hadn't gotten around to purchasing the original Anchor Bay issue DVD, and then it went briefly out of print, and I didn't feel like paying an arm and a leg (pardon the bad pun) for used ones, so I waited in hopes that maybe it would show up again.
Well, lo and behold, Anchor Bay re-issued the DVD, and I quickly bought it with anticipation; after viewing it, I felt that it was not quite what I had heard it was. The special effects were good, but not great (the zombie makeup was better than the actual gore), and the acting and dialogue dubbing were subpar, which Fulci's films are noted for.
Overall, I wouldn't say I was completely disappointed, but I wouldn't say I was overly impressed, either; considering that most of Fulci's films were low-budget affairs, the effects were good, but I don't feel that the film lived up to all of the hype and "infamy" bestowed upon it as being so gory and disgusting. I can point out better films that Fulci has made such as "City Of The Living Dead" and "House By The Cemetery".
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