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Zombie Hunter [Blu-ray]
Format: Blu-ray|Change
Price:$15.66+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on April 23, 2014
Thank you once again, K. Harris, for your fine review of this movie.I am really glad that I wasn't the only one who thought this movie was kind of spoofy. Yes, the acting was over the top, and the special effects were not particularly good with obvious animation.It was kind of like the cast of Gilligan's island with a distinctly Ginger character and a Mary Ann figure and with zombies, monsters, and of course the magnificent Mr. Trejo who played "Father Jesus" (for us gringos out there, that is pronounced "Hay-soose."). He played his part straight and well! I never get tired of that gravelly voice! I got a kick out of the town of Dahmer, and the movie also reminded me of Mad Max at Thunderdome. I enjoyed the third party narration, like someone was trying to tip us off whether to be scared or to go ahead and laugh. However, my favorite scenes involved the magnificent Mr. Trejo laying waste literally hundreds of zombies with an axe--without a shirt in sight too bad his part was so short. Thank you JESUS, (or "Hay-soose" as the case may be") for those shirtless scenes. I wonder if Mr. Trejo's scowl muscles get tired?
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on October 11, 2013
Hey friends, This zombie movie is over the top. I loved it despite some of the cheezy segments. The acting was ok. The CG wasn't too bad. It was violent, gross, action packed, and even had a stripper! Danny Trejo was cool. Our hero/anti hero is "Hunter", a 30 year old adult who doesn't talk much in the acting segments, but will not shut up in his narration. He talks with a more husky voice than his voice really allows--to me that is funny because it is like a 20 year old man with a duck dynasty beard that makes him look like an 18 year old Amish teen! Kevin Black directed this and wrote this and is in most of the credits over and over, giving me the idea that he must have had something to do with this film. These zombies are not dead. They might as well be. They are the result of a new drug. The CG monsters are pretty bada**. Enjoy! Greg
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on October 31, 2013
This gets two stars for Trejo - otherwise it would get only one. As others have said, it's not the worst movie ever made, but it falls far short of its goals. The "intro" (how the apocalypse started) could have easily been left out. There's a few funny lines, and the "freezer scene" gave a chuckle, but the blatant continuity errors were as annoying as a slap in the back of the head. I don't know if they were there for comedic interlude, or just really poor attention to details. The ones that jolted me: car windshield cracking, then magically "healed" in the next scene; character shot in the chest, then a couple scenes later it was just a minor arm wound. Shirts that get covered with blood are then sparkly clean for a couple of scenes, then blood-soaked again (no killing happened in interim); a direct chainsaw hit (complete with cgi blood spray) that evidently didn't happen, as the character is fine a moment later; and many others. Speaking of details, someone in the production crew is either color-blind, or had no idea how items would look on "film". Pink blood? Bourbon whiskey the color of urine? Cover art barely related to content (that axe never appeared, and Danny Trejo had barely 10 minutes of screen time). Add in "entrails" that must have been made of leather (or the zombies were toothless; all they seemed to do was gum the guts!) and some bad cgi, and there you have it.

I guess "disappointed" pretty well sums it up. If you're a fan of bad zombie movies, or like to have a few friends over, have drinks and get silly making like MST2K, it's worth checking out on NetFlix - otherwise, pass on this one.
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on March 13, 2018
I hate when danny trejo dies in his movies but I still give it a B for its awesome visual effects.
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on January 30, 2014
Those expecting to see a lot of Danny Trejo in this film will be bitterly disappointed. This is clearly a case of false advertizing as Trejuo has about 5 minutes (if that) of screen time. The zombie story is about as bad as it gets, too. Danny probably did this cameo as a favor to the filmmakers and then they capitalized on his appearance. Shame on them.
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on June 30, 2014
Danny Trejo was by far the best thing in this movie, unfortunately he only had about 5 minutes of screen time. Featuring him prominently on the cover is kind of like putting a picture of a chicken on a can of chicken noodle soup, there may be some in the can but it isn't the major ingredient. Without Danny Trejo this movie is basically a run of the mill, low budget zombie movie. Entertaining if you are in the mood for something mindless and full of cliches but certainly nothing special.
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on February 27, 2014
I saw the trailer for this and thought it was going to be awesome. I'm a huge movie/B-movie buff. I was impatient and bought it on impulse because it was taking forever to release on Netflix. Short and simple, It was a waste of money. Worth watching for free, not worth watching twice. Whoever made the trailer really did a good and deceiving job. If your looking for an awesome B-movie rent Bounty Killer. Now THAT is a badass flick.
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on October 17, 2013
I'm still trying to figure out what the reason for one "character" was. IF that's what you would call it. The beginning was boring and frankly didn't make much sense. When the "main character", who is NOT Danny Trejo (the sole reason I bought it to begin with), enters it gives you a hope that it will actually not be that bad. He was the only good part, until the end. That was just stupid. I would NOT buy this. I was disappointed and will definitely let reviews guide me next time. Pass on this one. Trejo's part was so small and minor it wasn't worth buying this. He's a great actor and I wish he had been more of a focus.
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on February 9, 2014
Danny Trejo is a zombie killing priest named Jesus, but the protagonist is Martin Copping--the Road Warrior who joins up with Jesus, a couple of losers and two Daisy-Dukeing women. Huuuummm, which to choose: the older Gingerish woman or the younger and more innocent Maryann? Also check out Trejo in Rise of the Zombies.
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on December 6, 2014
Danny was just a bit player, but always nice to see him on film. He has this acting thing down: he can be Danny Trejo better then any other actor in the business. the main players were OK to watch: I would have purchased this even if Danny was not a featured player. the production took a little getting used to, but once I switched myself into graphic novel syndrome, I accepted the effect, especially the purple splatter. will definitely watch it again soon.
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