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Zumba Fitness - Nintendo Wii
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$34.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 20, 2010
I am into weight lifting and hate cardio. I was told by a cardiologist that my bp and heart do wonderfully as soon as they have me step on a treadmill and recommended that I do cardio even though I workout in other ways. I hate organized workout routines and programs, as they tend to bore me quite quickly. I decided to try the Zumba DVDs because of all the raving I heard about Zumba. I loved the DVDs so much that I purchased the Zumba Fitness for WII. All I can say is within 10 minutes, I already burned 100 Calories (I wear a Polar HR monitor). Within 30 minutes I had burned nearly 400 calories. Yes, my lungs burn but I do not focus on that because it is so darn fun! The Zumba Class is so amazing! It really feels like walking into a class and learning by the art of "keeping up!" It is motivating because you watch your energy point go up the better you do. I use to do cardio once every few days, now every free moment I get, I turn on my Zumba Fitness game so I can "Play" while burning loads of calories. The only downside to this game is you may find yourself taking showers throughout the day if you play all the time, like me, because you WILL sweat buckets. People complain about the basic graphics, but I really think the lack of graphical beauty allows us to focus on ourselves. HAVE FUN, DROP WEIGHT, STRENGTHEN YOUR HEART with this fun game. I love it.
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on February 2, 2016
I decided to buy this game after reading the reviews, I've been trying to get in shape. A couple of points:
1, I am a gamer so game interface isn't something I really think about but I can see how it would be difficult to navigate if you aren't used to game formats.
2, this was my first time ever doing Zumba and I felt like a bouncing fool( which isn't a bad thing) they do provide tutorials on how to do the steps but they aren't very clear at all and move fairly quickly so you might have to go through them a few times.
Overall I think it's a good way to get in shape it got me sweating after only s couple minutes
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on August 8, 2012
I've been on a workout kick lately, hitting the stationary bike for an hour every other day, the rowing machine on other days and in between some Lotte Berk and BellyDancing.
I popped the game in, was able to create my profile quickly and easily with very little brain work and was up and shaking in no time.
I've done cardio dance DVDs in the past but I'm by no means a professional dancer/choreographed cardio girl BUT I was able to pick up the moves and had a great time burning calories and sweating my socks off!
I THOUGHT the beginner 20 minute routine would be a piece of cake but I was THOROUGHLY exhausted, sweaty and feeling the burn at least 10 minutes into the session.
It was a very gratifying workout.
The music is not my cup of tea but hey.......I'll get over it and it wasn't super annoying. I'll live and live stronger and healthier if I keep up with this exercise routine.
I like that you're able to create a calendar to track your progress and change it around to your own preference.
I cant wait to shake it and get my heart rate up, working out to this exercise routine again.
I'd also like to add that this is a great workout option if you're a little nervous about public performance. I know I've gone to gyms and been overwhelmed by the well choreographed ocean of exercise mavens and turned down classes for fear of looking like a total clutz.
This is great! You can do it in the privacy of your own home and if you buy it used like I did, get your money's worth in two sessions! Seriously, most zumba classes are 10 bucks a pop, a game for 20$ or less that will give you UNLIMITED CLASSES is a steal in my book!
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on June 11, 2011
This is a really fun game and a good workout tool. I happily work up quite a sweat using it. The controls don't seem terribly intuitive on the Wii and I feel like maybe it was actually made for a different game system and then ported, but it's not too bad.

However, I was greatly disappointed with the teaching factor of this game. Perhaps it's better for people who have done Zumba before and are familiar with the moves, but for a first timer it can be hard to follow. The instruction mode where you're supposed to learn the steps seems almost worse than useless. They register that the move is right whether it is or not and push you though the stages so fast that you don't really get it. Plus, in some of the steps it seems as if the person on the screen keeps moving forward without of course going anywhere, but if you try to emulate you'll end up running into the TV sooner or later. Since I wanted to use this to learn Zumba, it's been rather frustrating.

On the upside, the game play itself is actually easier and less frustrating than the tutorials. Here is where it's a good thing that the game is very forgiving about whether or not you're really matching what's on the screen since sometimes I can follow along and sometimes I can't figure out what they're doing, but as long as you keep moving in the general direction you're okay. Again, I feel disappointed because I actually wanted to learn Zumba and do the real steps and all, not just kind of hop madly in the right direction, but as long as I'm burning calories I suppose my actual goal is being met and if I set aside the frustration factor, then it's quite fun. I've only played it four or five times so far, so perhaps I shall slowly learn more of the steps as I continue to play, we shall see.

Long and short of it is that as an exercise aid I give this an A+, as a Zumba learning tool I give it a D. Not a good way to learn Zumba from scratch, but it is a good way to work out.
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on November 1, 2012
I got this game the other day in the mail and I couldn't wait to start burning the calories away!

I have never done Zumba before, but have heard such wonderful reviews about the work outs that I wanted to try it.

I first started with the tutorials to teach me the dance moves, and it was a little bit challenging at first. The first time I tried to dance to the game it was impossible (plus I found out I need to move some furniture around to be able to dance better), and with having not done aerobics I was barely able to get thru the first 5 minutes.

Just after 3 days I was able to catch on to the dance moves (the virtual instructor is great with helping you out and keeping you on track!) and today I was able to completely nail the first 20 minute work out! I was surprised to get results of catching on to Zumba that quick, and I'm happy that it is helping me gain my stamina. After the first night of using this game, I was able to feel the burn that I really had gotten a workout!

There's another game I use also to help me keep on track, but...between both games this one is my favorite dance game. The only problem is I'm having trouble using the Zumba belt, I'm getting better results holding the wii remote in my hand because it keeps up with the game better somehow then on the belt.

Other than that I absolutly love it and I'm glad I decided to purchase this game!!
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on March 13, 2014
I have nothing negative to say about doing Zumba or this exercise/game. I take part of the blame why this was not a success for me. I had never done any Zumba in a real class setting, nor had I ever seen it performed other than on TV. I haven't danced for many years. I have done Pilates, Aeorbics, and Yoga with great success but I struggled to coordinate my actions with the Wii. The fact that the Wii could not accurately "read" my actions, made it frustrating and not fun. I'm keen on "form" when doing exercise and felt that a lot of the movements were just busy steps that didn't activate many muscle groups. I'm sure there are Wii users that find this great, it just wasn't great for me. I'm a sold out "T-Tapp-er now and wouldn't give up its efficiency for anything else I've seen to date.
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on May 19, 2011
I LOVE this game! The music, dance steps, layout, the wii controller goes in the belt & dance-exercise those pounds away! I'm already losing weight & getting a little toned too! It doesn't feel like I'm working out - just having fun & learning basic dance steps. I consider this to be high-impact aerobic exercise. I started out with Wii Fit, then Just Dance 1 & 2, then Wii Golds Gym Dance, & then Wii Zumba. I feel I bought & played these in the correct order over the past few months. While my parents (ages 71 & 84) love Wii Fit as much as I do, they think Golds Gym Dance is good but don't care for Just Dance or Zumba at all(too fast & difficult for them). However I thoroughly enjoy Zumba. I'm 41. My Step-Daughter (30) & 2 of my Step-Granddaughters (9 & 10) also enjoy Wii Zumba. My advice is to copy the dancers the best you can & you'll pick up the steps eventually. I'm not a coordinated dancer & I certainly wouldn't want to do Zumba at a gym around others! I'd probably crash into the other people! However, I feel confident dancing along to Zumba in my family room (with all the furniture moved out of the way). I have actually picked up a lot of the steps & have just started the intermediate dances - which are still very new to me but that's ok - at least I'm getting a good workout. The only thing I wish I could figure out is how many calories I'm actually burning (I'm guessing 500-ish for one hour). My advice to those Zumba beginners: Wear a comfortable workout outfit - sports bra is a must & wear socks & sneakers. I never use sneakers for my other Wii workouts but for Wii Zumba: I always have to wear sneakers or else my feet hurt after a half hour. Make sure you have a large 30 oz. of ice water close by & a terry cloth towel. Trust me, you'll be very thirsty & perspiring very quickly. Have fun with Wii Zumba in the privacy of your own home.
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on January 29, 2011
I was really excited for this, and it was so disappointing because I could not even get through the first few moves. The "instructor" is a neon-colored very 80's silhouette and you can't see what she is doing. I can't see if she is supposed to be moving forward or back in her steps, and there seems to be no way to stop her progression once she has started and she just ramps up the speed and makes the moves really complicated so fast. It makes me feel so stupid when she keeps telling me how "great" I am doing when I am just standing still and peering at the screen and trying to figure out what the heck she is doing.
What is the point of an instructional dance/workout DVD if you can't see the instructions?
I wish I could return this, but the "return" button on Amazon is greyed out.
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on March 9, 2011
I have never attended a Zumba class nor have I ever followed a zumba session on video. I have been interested in Zumba for quite some time and finally decided to get this. I am glad that I did!

The moves are fun, and I enjoy the challenge of moving my entire body, not just the hips, in ways that I am unaccustomed to. I am not one that is skilled in the art of any type of dance, but I do so adore watching people dance and have always felt a strong desire to dance. I think this is a wonderful game to have some fun with. I especially enjoy doing it with my sister, who has attended Zumba classes and says that this is very much like her experiences in the classroom. You just kind of start and go with it, and try try try...not to match what the instructor's moves and wonderful foot work and turns look like ect. but to try and just keep moving and smiling no matter how much of a fool you feel or look! Don't pick yourself apart for not looking like an experienced dancer, everyone starts as a beginner, so we've all been there, or here...or, wherever!

You have to be willing to have fun with it and not take yourself too seriously. Oh sure you can pick the game apart. The band on the waste tends to come off of the area I originally fasten it around (I have bigger hips and thighs) and ends up moving up my waste and bouncing around my stomach! Hah! But, after fighting my urge to stop and mess with the band over and over, I found that since the wii remote is still wiggling it doesn't seem to make a big difference on what the game is picking up. Regardless, you are still moving, you are still attempting fast movement and hip wiggles and foot work (mine is atrocious!) that you otherwise would not be doing.
Also, the practice mode- it is pretty sensitive and if you are wearing the wii remote it signals that you have 'mastered' a move and continues to the next. Think of the solution, not the problem. This is an EASY fix. Where is imagination? If you are trying to get a move down a little better, just take the band off! The character on the game is still moving for you to follow, if you are simply trying to get some foot work down more or perfect something, why does it even matter if the band is on? When you get it down, just put the band back on or simply wiggle the remote around till the practice session moves to the next move. Personally, i think practicing the moves took away from the fun of it all and made me start to nit-pick myself and feel negatively about how I fell short of this move or that. If you feel bothered, don't do the practice. There simply isn't any practice in 'real' zumba class, the dancing is the practice, helloooo. But enough of my rant. It is nice that the practice is offered for those who feel ready to try and perfect their moves.

The point? If you are willing to have fun, and put your nit-picking aside to just wiggle around and enjoy, this game should bring you some wet t-shirts and a whole lot of smiles. A sense of humor helps :). So go ahead, laugh at yourself, just don't stop moving!
If you try it out, and you feel discouraged, try doing it with a friend (hopefully one that won't be a negative nancy about every little thing they don't like) or a family member. I found that once you let yourself experience the joy of something and you can laugh with someone else about it and just go with it, it can reinforce a positive attitude instead of whatever initial negativity you may have.

Fun game to have!
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on March 24, 2011
This game is definitely a workout! I'd never taken Zumba classes before, never participated in anything like it, so this was kind of a leap for me. It works well with my schedule (I'm a graduate student) in that I can do a routine twenty minutes here, twenty minutes there...or simply go all out for an hour routine if I have the time to set aside. The music is definitely fun and it's nice to compete with myself over beating my highest score.

I agree with other reviews (if I remember them right) when they say that the tutorial is kind of a waste of time. Because of the way the instructor is shaded, it's a little more difficult to tell what her feet are doing...because of that and the controller being so sensitive, it's hard to get a grasp of the steps in the tutorial. I just skipped it, went straight to the beginning routine and learned the hard way. After two or three times through the routine it's easy to catch on to.

I will say that I'm now looking in to a Zumba instructional video...never having taken a class before, I feel that with this game I sort of "get" the steps, but have a feeling there are more nuances and subtle movements that the game is unable to show.

In summation: I think this game is great for a beginner who just wants to move around (and you will sweat!)...but after a while there's the sense that the game can't teach you all the little tricks that really help hone those problem areas and burn calories. It'd be a great partner to a real instructional DVD or even a class... by itself it's a lot of fun...but really basic.
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