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on September 19, 2015
I have now used this for a while. I primarily use this as an access point. In have connected this using powerline adapter to get better speed. The access point then connects to the main wireless router over powerline and 100Mbps LAN port into the main wireless router. There are few pieces which stand out.
1) Using with powerline adapter is the key reason behind the throughput. I am sure many others work similarly. I tried Netgear Wifi Extender before without the powerline adapter and it was a real pain and returned it. The handover was terrible and kept dropping the connections.
2) When using it as access point and keeping the SSID same, you can seamlessly roam around the house. The handover from the main wireless router to the access point is smooth. The wireless printer on the main wireless router continues to be accessible all along.
3) Because my wireless printer support B/G and not N, if cannot force my main router to use N only. But with the access point, I can force the access point to use N only and that way all desktops/laptops/games which keep moving unlike printer get better speed.
4) The device has a slider switch to turn it into Access Point or Router. Tried both settings and the work fine. You just need to switch the LAN cable to the WAN (blue) port when in Router mode.
5) Menus are standard but does not have tons of options like main wireless router. I did not expect and need them either.
6) The small size makes it very handy and useful because you can place it in any corner and is hardly visible. No antennas jetting.
7) Easily covers about 1000/1500 sq ft I wanted it to.
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on April 11, 2014
I use this when wife and I go on week or longer stays at timeshares. They typically charge for wireless by the connection. I use two of these. One connects to the timeshare wireless as client access and then plug the second into the first. The second then provides me with my own local wifi network. Yes I know there are travel routers that will do both the client access and still act as a access point, such as the TP-Link TL-MR3020, but they do not allow as easy customization of the wireless access. Still use the timeshare for IP addresses etc. Would not be able to use a Roku or Chromecast with this setup like I can with the isolated local wifi network I create with the 2 ZyXELs. Can then use my Chromebook, tablet, 2 iPhones, and Roku Streaming Stick with just the one connection to the timeshare network rather then being charged by device.
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on October 20, 2015
Just received them (2) today (10/20/15) so 3 stars for now cause I haven't setup and used one yet. I bought them to use one of them at work as there is no WiFi setup there. The detailed user manual is online. It is 183 pages so have a lot of paper if want to print it out. By detailed I mean it has a lot of information on router or AP setup, security, ip addresses, setup on different OSes, etc.. i will update later.
Update 10/22/15: Five stars. Super easy to setup, just plug everything in. When you first connect to it just put in the default password and you're online. WPA/WPA2 security encryption is already enabled. Unless you want to change the settings to your liking you really don't have to change anything. A great portable travel router at a great price.
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on December 28, 2015
Impressive range and easy to use! I wanted a mini wifi router that also had a hard wired lan port. On vacation, I'll hard wire my laptop so I get maximum bandwidth and then create a wifi network for all of my family's tablets and phones. It was very easy to set up for this task. Our wifi network was twice as fast as the hotel's paid wifi and free to boot!

What blew me away and earned the 5th star was that I was able to connect to this router (which was in the middle of our 3rd floor room) while we were poolside! I was not expecting so much range from something that fits with room to spare in an altoid box!
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on July 13, 2013
This little Hot Spot WiFi router work as advertise, easy setup, plug in your Ethernet cable to it(WAN), plug the power cord to the outlet. Using laptop or Smart phone turn on WiFi feature and it will give you the available WiFi signal, pick your SSID which start with Zyxel-xxxx, when prom for password (case sensitive) enter it. Both can be found at the bottom label of the unit. Yes it hard to read, w/o magnifying glass, for senior citizen like only need to do this once, because your Laptop has a Auto Connect feature, just check that and you're in after that. Your Smart Phone remember the password the first time you in. The signal from this little unit is very strong..even in the bathroom.
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on January 3, 2015
Works well as a bridge from my router to my Panasonic E50 tv. Cant give it 5 stars since it is not al lthat clear how to choose the mode to do so. It has been over a year since I learned how and already forget. I know I had to hook it up to my PC first to change a mode so I could use it this way. But it has worked well hooked up to the TV.
However , I did have the USB on my board blow out. Was it from this device asking for too much power?
I am not sure since ZyXel did say it wants more power than the standard USB. But as far as what the out put specs are, they do not have it.
I asked XyZel what their router requires they said they have no clue. They said the spec sheets only say 5 VDC and their RMA techs said they were not sure but it would draw only what it needed. I an only assume since the power adapter states I can put up to 2A out this is probably requiring more. However I had no issues WHEN using it. It was a month later the USB power overload message popped up .

THe TV was still in warranty so I had the board in the TV replaced and just plug in the Zyxel with the adapter , afraid to try the usb on the TV to power it.
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on December 19, 2012
The reason I got this wireless router was because I wanted to be capable of playing Minecraft on my iPad with my nieces & nephew (on their iOS devices) while out & about (yeah yeah I know...lame...). With the ability to to host a game on an iPad and have multiple other iOS device (at least 4) clients connect to the game. i was slightly worried that the device may not work unless there was an Internet connection present; however, this was not an issue.

Since geting it I have been able to successfully connect iOS devices together in order to play Minecraft; however, I will say the connection did take about 60-90 seconds for the clients to connect to the host. But once connected, no issues.

In addition I wanted to be able to connect my iPhone to the router as well as any computer in case I needed to transfer images or other data within applications . Again, no issue here. Works flawlessly.

Lastly, having known that the device has the capability of running via USB, I picked up a Belkin TuneJuice that has an output of 5V around 800mA and I am able to power the device (for at least an hour on a single set of 3 AA batteries, haven't tried much past that though.) So I literally have a battery-powered router now. I keep the router velcro'd to the battery back and just plug-in/unplug the USB cable when I'm ready to turn it on. And its A LOT cheaper than getting one of the all-in-ones.

I have not used my router as an access point, so I canot comment on that feature. But it handles wired Internet traffic equally well.

Small & very lightweight
Access point & router switch
WPS button
USB powered (additionally had an AC Adapter)
Low power consumption
Standard mini-USB connector (so if you lose the USB cable, you can easily get a replacement)

Boot time is a little slow 1-2 mins before wifi is ready
No protective case/bag (not a big deal, but would be nice)
Gets quite warm relatively fast (within the first 10-15 mins)
Now power switch
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on October 15, 2014
I have had Zyxel before. It is usually good. I was disappointed in this product for the great difficulty of setting up the Access Point feature of this Travel Router. Really? Not only are the online instructions so poorly written that this computer teacher was confused by the details, my Electronic Technician friend was baffled by it. (He used his own method.) Totally worthless as an Access Point for me. I would think this should be as easy as setting up a range extender if this is supposedly so easy and made for the travelor. It is not. I only give it two stars because it functions as a router (for the person I gave it to). Worthless to me.
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on July 9, 2016
I have 3 of these units now. They do everything I ask them to do. I use them for work mostly to talk to commercial devices without being tethered with an ethernet cable on my laptop.

Would buy again (WILL buy again)
Would recommend to a friend (have bought these for co workers, they rave about them.)
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on August 30, 2014
While it worked (for 3 months), it impressed me enough to buy another one, but for general internet browsing only. I am more than willing to forgive the lackluster lifespan given the price and functionality for that purpose, but unfortunately due to the lesson learned, I will never use this product again for the purpose that I originally purchased it for.

I am an industrial Controls/Automation Specialist and I use(d) this router to remain online with PLCs and HMIs, while being mobile and free to carry my programming laptop around to areas of interest on process equipment/production lines in manufacturing plants instead of being tethered to the control cabinet by an ethernet cord.

It performed flawlessly for 3 months and then failed at the most inopportune time; while I was downloading a programming update to a PLC. Luckily I was not downloading a firmware update or I would have turned a $2K PLC into a paperweight, and a $250K/day soda bottling line into a stagnant non-performing asset.

With full wireless signal, it simply stopped transmitting data and the WLAN light turned off, then I lost signal. The signal did not come back until I unplugged the router and plugged it back in. Then I regained signal and connectivity, and retained it for about 5 minutes until it cut out again. unplug/replug again, connection restored again, 5 minutes later, repeat cycle. I did this several times, and each time the connection would last less and less time, until eventually the WLAN never connected again.

Given the high stakes involved with my work, I am willing to spend more on a more reliable product. If you do similar work, I would encourage you to do the same.
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