Guided Buying

Save time and gain more control over employee spending

Make it easier to manage employee spending and compliance by steering them to the right products or suppliers and identifying product categories that employees shouldn’t purchase.

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Why buyers like it

Guided Buying takes the mystery out of shopping for work by providing clear answers to the question: What am I allowed to buy?

Why admins like it

Guided Buying turns procurement rules into easy-to-follow visual signposts for buyers, boosting compliance and reducing the time spent answering employee questions.

How it works

Getting started with Guided Buying is simple. Just pick a policy type, choose a product or seller, then add an optional note for buyers ― and you're done.


Show employees which products or sellers you want them to choose first.


Identify product categories that employees shouldn't purchase because they don't meet your company's procurement policies. Turn on approvals to help enforce it.


Help employees avoid products and sellers they should never buy.

Only available on Enterprise plan

What buyers will see

Once you create a policy, employees will see notifications on relevant Amazon Business products detail pages and search results so they understand their buying options at a glance. They'll also see custom messages you've written that provide added context or advice.


More benefits

  • Custom messages tailored to your organization
  • Alternative product options shown when available
  • Ability to spotlight specific products or sellers
  • Approval workflows for stricter budget control


  • Do I need to get Business Prime to use Guided Buying?

    Yes, Guided Buying is available exclusively with select Business Prime plans. Organisations will need to be Business Prime members to use Guided Buying. Please go to to learn more about Business Prime plans and benefits included.

  • If I previously used Guided Buying, do I now need to join Business Prime?

    As of October 23, 2019, all customers that wish to use Guided Buying need to subscribe to Business Prime. Please go to to learn more about Business Prime plans and benefits included

  • How do I use Guided Buying?

    Guided Buying is a Business Prime benefit. Please go to to learn more about Business Prime plans and benefits included

  • How do I set up Guided Buying?

    Your company’s administrators can access Guided Buying via the Business Settings page. Within the Guided Buying landing page, Administrators can identify certain products and suppliers as preferred. These products will be badged as Preferred in the buying experience that your employees see. In the Guided Buying landing page, administrators can also identify certain product categories as restricted. Products in these categories will display messaging that you can set explaining why employees shouldn’t purchase these items.