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on September 11, 2016
Amazon, PLEASE change the name of your product description to ADEN BY ADEN + ANAIS, because these are NOT original Aden + Anais. Original Aden + Anais are much softer and bigger than these muslin swaddles. I'll be keeping them because they are still useful, but definitely not as good quality wise as original Aden + Anais. I feel very misled and would not have purchased these swaddles if I knew they were the cheaper and lower quality of the brand.
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Throw out all of the other receiving blankets you inevitably registered for because of an internet checklist. These swaddle blankets are more expensive, that's definitely true. But they are simply amazing. The size is perfect and the material is so good it makes me wish they made adult swaddle blankets. My friend's two year old uses her favorite blanket nonstop and it's been around since day 1.

Pros: Soft, great size, durable, excellent quality
Cons: Price, but you definitely get what you pay for.
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on August 22, 2017
these were purchased for a friend, but I've used these swaddles with my kid some years ago and they make our lives as first time parents way easier. First and foremost, these swaddling blankets are breathable, so even if the kiddo manages to get out of it, bunch it up, and get it all over their face, they can still breathe through it. These are also not as hot as other blankets, so the kiddo won't bake while swaddled. Second, they are much larger than the regular blankets, so you can actually swaddle the your baby as long as they need to be swaddled.
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on March 27, 2013
These are my daughter's favorite blankets! We've had them from birth and my toddler is still in love with hers! Now I buy them for all my new mommy friends!

When I was pregnant I decided not to buy any because they were expensive, and I had received a ton of blankets at my baby shower. But I received in a big bag of hand-me-downs from a friend and since then it has been a favorite. When I received it, it had been used previously for about a year and it still looked almost new. We've had it for over 18 months now and it is still going strong with no stains or tears!

We live in Florida and its humid and hot here almost all year round, so lightweight blankets are a must for swaddling. I used this even in the winter layered with some of her other blankets because her A&A one was her favorite. When she was too old to swaddle (she didn't really like it once she learned that her legs could do entertaining things), she liked to hold it and sometimes teethe on the edge, which never frayed even after she got some teeth. Then she started daycare and she took it with her every day for naptime. Since she's been talking she calls it her "beetie", she has no names for her other blankets. She isn't super attached to it like some kids are to their blankets or other lovies, but this one definitely has a special place in her heart compared to the others. I find myself washing it more often, and if I ask her which blanket she would rather have, she chooses the same one every time. We've used it to block the sun while she napped in her stroller or carseat, its caught tons of spit up, and we've laid it on the floor or ground for her to play on.

I eventually did buy some when I was asked to photograph a friend's newborn baby. I had seen somewhere that someone had bought a bunch of A&A blankets and used them as backdrops for newborn photos and I decided to do the same. They were perfect. The colors are just muted enough to provide a backdrop that won't steal the attention from the baby, but they are adorable enough to compliment the theme of the photos. I got a 4 pack at Target during a sale and have never regretted it. The pictures were too sweet, the mom was thrilled, and I had 4 new A&A blankets! They are small so they don't take up a lot of room like a big backdrop might. I found a ton of different ways to use them in the pictures, and I only had 4!

In short, these blankets are comfy, lightweight, durable enough to use for multiple kids, way bigger than your average flannel receiving blanket (so they can swaddle baby as they grow, and eventually use as regular blanket), and have multiple uses. These are 100% worth every penny.
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on September 26, 2017
Didn't realize I was buying the smaller, not as wonderful version of the Aden and Anais blankets. My son has another one that is full size that he loves and we bring everywhere, I got excited when I found the dinosaur print and ordered them, then realized they were the smaller kind. I was hoping they would still be the same quality but they are NOT. they are good, just not as 'luxurious'. Super thin and even after washing and drying, little fibers fly everywhere then you move them around
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on November 18, 2015
Ok so saying I love these blanket is an understatement. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!! As any mom to a new born I worried about my baby smothering in his blanket like constantly. So here we go:

Pro #1- this blanket is breathable even when in the face you can breath through it. Now I'm not saying it's another proof but my son was a blanket baby. He would not sleep without a blanket in his face. No mater what I did he would grab the blanket and shove it in his face and fall asleep! No with other blankets I was freaking out but with this one I could relax (a little) because you can see he fibers and know that he can still breath.

#2- I have big babies! Well normal to big. All my boys where high 8 pounders. My problem with normal receiving blankets are way too small for my babies after the first week or 2 of life. These blanket are large you can really swaddle and tuck them tight so they feel cozy and secure. Also so they can't get those little hands out to claw their faces, another plus.

#3 breathable!!! In the hot winter months it gets to be over 100 degrees here. My child will not sleep without this blanket. I was so thankful it breathed well and do not over hear him. Also the breath ability came in great when breastfeeding. Now when your out and about and little one gets hungry I hate packing around his blanket all his stuff and my nursing cover. This blanket doubled as a nursing cover. It's thin but still allows privacy while nursing. #4 pro ties in well here as while breastfeeding and covered by a blanket you tend to create a little inferno. Having a babies heat plus ur heat plus covered in a blanket equals an inferno. The next thing you know ur sweating and extremely uncomfortable and u can't just stop feeding your baby. This blanket helped so very much. Air was able to circulate which decreased the discomfort of overheating.

I have to say I have 3 boys under the age of 6 and thins blanket is something I purchase for EVERY soon to be mom because I know they will love it as much as I did.... So far everyone has!
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on July 12, 2017
My son is obsessed with muslin blankets. They are great for swaddling in infancy but beyond that, serve as great blankets for the toddler years as well. My son definitely runs hot, so it's been so nice having something lighter weight for him. The design is great and these blankets have washed beautifully.
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on March 9, 2017
Such a cute set of swaddle blankets. They are soft and hold up well after several washes and trips in the dryer. These were used daily when my son was a newborn and beyond. They are thin, but keep warmth in without overheating your baby. I love giving these swaddle blankets as gifts, one of my favorite baby items!
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on February 28, 2013
bought these for newborn niece and my mother and sister couldn't stop talking about how cute and soft they were, and I loved how much cheaper these are on amazon than anywhere else I looked (everywhere else was a good $10 more)
enjoy these, they are great. I'm expecting a baby in a few months and will definitely be buying these by the dozen.
One more thing - I am a pediatrician and noticed when I was in residency training that during my months in the neonatal ICU, so many parents had brought these in for their little premature peanuts.. that was actually where I first found out about them. If parents of tiny preemies love these for their sick little ones, what more can be said :)
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on January 10, 2015
I am often skeptical of trendy baby items, especially when they cost more than alternatives. Was it worth the money to get these swaddle blankets? Absolutely. My husband hated trying to swaddle our daughter in these blankets, but they worked really well for me. However, I used these blankets for a lot more than swaddling. They were great to put down at Mommy & Me class, so she wasn't just laying on the mat (which could have been clean, but better safe than sorry, right?) They were great as a breastfeeding cover. I also used them to extend the shade on her stroller. My point is, you will use them for more than just swaddling. There are tons of great prints, we liked this collection because it is gender neutral.
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