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Alexa Multi-Room Audio

Music and entertainment for your entire home
Singing in the kitchen

Surround yourself with music

Ask Alexa to play a song, artist, or genre from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, Pandora, and others. With multi-room audio, you can fill your whole home with music, radio, podcasts, audio books, and more using compatible* Echo devices in different rooms. You can even pair with Fire TV to feel scenes come to life with home theater audio.
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Try saying

  • "Alexa, play music everywhere."
  • Ensure you have the ‘everywhere’ group to never miss a beat.
  • "Alexa, play Audible in the bedrooms.”
  • Set up the 'bedrooms' group to listen in bed.
  • “Alexa, play rock music upstairs.”
  • Set up the 'upstairs' group to rock out.
  • "Alexa, play happy birthday downstairs."
  • Set up the 'downstairs' group to surprise the birthday kid with a song.
  • “Alexa, play my favorite songs everywhere."
  • Ensure you have the ‘everywhere’ group to hear your favorite tunes.
  • "Alexa, play classical music in the living room."
  • Set up the 'living room' group to listen to music with friends.
  • "Alexa, play a good podcast everywhere."
  • Ensure you have the ‘everywhere’ group to keep the conversation going.
  • "Alexa, play hip hop music in the garage."
  • Set up the 'garage' group to play workout jams.

Group speakers for multi-room audio

Speaker groups allow you to play music, podcasts and news on multiple Echo devices at once, providing a multi-room audio experience. In the Alexa app, you can create custom speaker groups, such as 'Upstairs,' 'Bedrooms,' or 'Downstairs.' You can also just say, "Alexa, play music everywhere,” and music or audio will play together on all the supported devices throughout your home.
“Alexa, play music everywhere.”

Create stereo pairs for a wider experience

If you have two of the same Echo device models, you can use the Alexa app to create a left-right stereo pair for a wider sound stage or add the Echo Sub for increased bass.
“Alexa, play jazz in the living room.”
Create stereo pairs for a better experience
Set up a home theater.

Set up a home theater

Transform your living room by turning it into a home theater. With the Alexa app, it’s easy to pair your Fire TV and compatible Echo devices and take your streaming experience to the next level with Alexa.
“Alexa, play 'Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan'.”

Simple set up with the Alexa app

Customize multi-room audio speaker groups, stereo pairs, and home theater in the Alexa app.
  1. Open the Alexa app
  2. Select the Devices tab
  3. Click the ‘+’ button
  4. Select ‘Combine Speakers’ and
    customize your speaker groups
Simple Set up with Alexa, how to customize speaker groups

Watch and learn

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Q. “Which music and audio providers can be used for Multi-Room Audio?”
A. You can use Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Audible, plus podcasts, news, and more for multi-room audio. To change your Alexa music/audio provider, open the Alexa app, and click More. Next, select Settings, choose Music & Podcasts, and then Link New Service or choose your service provider and follow the on screen instructions.

Q. “What’s the difference between Multi-Room Audio speaker groups, stereo pairs and home theater?”
A. 1) Multi-room audio speaker groups play music and audio across multiple compatible Echo devices. Devices can be located in different rooms and added to multiple speaker groups. 2) Stereo pairs are a set of two compatible Echo devices that are in the same room for left-right sound during music and audio playback. 3) Home theater systems pair one or two Echo devices with your Fire TV for a home theater set up.

Q. “How do I play Multi-Room Audio on my Echo devices?”
A. To play music on all your compatible Echo devices in the 'everywhere' group, just say “Alexa, play music everywhere.” For additional flexibility, you can set up additional multi-room audio speaker groups via the Alexa app with a specific name, like 'downstairs' and then say “Alexa, play music downstairs.”

Q. “How do I get started with setting up Multi-Room Audio speaker groups, stereo pairs or home theater?”
A. Open the Alexa app, select Devices and select the + button in the top right-hand corner. Then select ‘Combine Speakers’ to set up and customize your speaker groups any way you like. To include stereo pairs within your multi-room speaker group, set up the stereo pair first and then add them to the desired multi-room speaker group. Use the multi-room speaker group name, like 'downstairs,' to start playing music on your preferred speaker group. “Alexa, play music downstairs.”

Q. “Do stereo pairs need to be the same type of Echo device?”
A. Yes, for left-right stereo pairs, each device must match the audio profile of its mate. See compatibility page for further details.
*Compatible Echo devices includes current and previous generations of the Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Studio, and Echo Show.
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