I don't care for bluetooth audio. Can I turn off bluetooth and just use a cord instead. If so, is the cord included?

asked on March 28, 2018

Yeah don’t know what the seller is talking about but the cord is included lol
Amazon Customer
· December 27, 2018
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The seller is saying exactly what they mean. You have to turn on the headphones (to the BT setting) in order to listen with the cord. Kind of dumb, if you ask me, because it drains the battery when it really shouldn't. My last pair of Bluetooth headphones didn't use the battery when using a cord.

Glenn Carter
· August 2, 2019
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They probably used the old original Bluetooth and assumes it is still the same. The original bt was junk but so was the original combustion motor. Mulch better now.

Wes Pierce
· January 11, 2019
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