These absolutely reek of some artificial sent… Nowhere on the package does it indicate they are scented… How is that indicated so I can make sure to n

asked on July 22, 2019

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A: Did you just swap brands? I know different diapers smell differently - luvs and Huggies have their own scent for example. If you came from pampers pure possibly it’s different but otherwise this is the pampers smell. I have mine sitting in a wooden drawer and that lets them air out some from the original plastic casing (when I open those I always notice a smell for a few mins) maybe remove them from the plastic and store in another space where they get air?
· October 14, 2020
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I never smell any scent.
· July 28, 2019
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These definitely have a horrible chemical fragrance. I’m returning mine bc it was not disclosed on packing.
· November 24, 2020
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