Avaible spanish (Mexican) language?

asked on October 15, 2018

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No, Spanish is not yet available. Current language options are English, French, German and Japanese. Earlier this year Amazon said they hoped to add Spanish and Italian by the end of 2018, but they aren't available yet.
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Yes. It is available Mexican Spanish, as well as Spain Spanish on the 3rd gen, but NOT on the 2nd gen Echo Dot. So if you are choosing a holiday season offer, or any hot deals from Amazon... BE SURE it is the 3rd gen! :)
Marcus R.
· December 1, 2018
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I was able to program one of my echo's 2nd gen in Spanish and the other in English. Now I have a bilingual setup with my pair speakers and echo sub, but beware, the one in Spanish language is not working with all the capabilities of the English one. Not even half of it. But it's a cool setup, sometimes when I searched for a Latin song the Alexa in English haved problems understanding me but now the problem is solved, the one in Spanish get it everytime. By the way if you're going to try this setup, name one Alexa and the other echo (to differentiate the one in English and the one in Spanish)
· November 28, 2018
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I just bought my Alexa Echo v3 (configured in Mexico) and it works fine in mexican spanish, BUT it will be great that it can be BILINGUAL, (Spanish & English) because some features are still only available in english, like 3rth parties devices, so PLEASE make it bilingual, call one name for english (Alexa) and another for spanish (Axela) or detect it, it's a software easy solution. Thanks
Lorenzo Mariscal
· December 3, 2018
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actually just checked because my parents want this in Spanish (in the US) but there is no option for Spanish at all for systems in the US. I went to the Alexa app, looked foe my device and selected languages. the only ones on the list are German, Japanese, and 5 different types of English (US, UK, etc.). With such a huge latino market in the US I'm shocked this isn't an option, yet they offer Japanese? So odd.
Angel S.
· November 23, 2018
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WHY ? If you live in USA AND NOT A RACIST ESPECIALLY SINCE JEWISH, but if my Holocaust father can learn English to live in this great USA, then so should you!
Makes me sick ! Why not Have Alexa in All freaking languages since we are the melting pot of different cultures and religions? Just has to stop in my opinion and if don’t like my opinion, then advice would be to skip reading this reviewers comments here now ! In my personal opinion only !

· January 13, 2019
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Hi. I have several Alexa devices. Among them an echo dot, but it does not allow me to change the language to Spanish, as if I did it with Echo Spot. How do I update my echo dot to have the language is Spanish?
· January 9, 2019
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Spanish is now available, but only on the devices also sold in Spain or México.
You can buy echo dot 3rd gen, echo spot, echo v2, echo plus and they will have spanish as an available language if you have the latest version of the alexa app, but you cannot find spanish in the echo show or echo sub

· November 21, 2018
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I set one Echo Dot in Mexican Spanish yesterday and it worked just fine. It was pretty funny.
F. Zam
· November 25, 2018
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Keep reading for newer answers, below. Spanish is now available on the Echo Dot 3rd edition. I’d call Amazon for how to download/choose this. It maybe available for update to other devices as well over time. If in doubt about tech issues, I always message or call Amazon. Best of luck.
· April 3, 2019
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