Thrive Thrive Natural Care

The Thrive team wakes up every day focused on two things: making their products more effective and healthy, and building a business that inspires other companies to aim higher by leaving things better. Thrive puts the strength of traditional botanicals from Costa Rica into a powerful natural grooming experience. While providing supply of plants for their products, the Restorative Gardens use native plants to improve soil and biodiversity on degraded lands and to boost farmer incomes.

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Wholesome Pride Wholesome Pride

Wholesome Pride was founded on the belief that no dog needs a treat with 50 ingredients in it. So this team set out to create a dog treat that was produced domestically with limited and single ingredients. Their USA Made treats are grown on family farms in North Carolina. These farmers literally bring the treats to life! The Wholesome Pride Mission: Creating a better, healthier, more sustainable dog treat from farm to tail.

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Fresh Monster Fresh Monster

As self-made, female, and first-generation immigrants, both founders knew entrepreneurship was in their future. As they became moms, they found it unacceptable that they were forced to choose between safety and affordability in kids hair and body products. That's why they created Fresh Monster - affordable, natural hair and personal care. Their mission: to help parents keep their kids clean without worrying about harmful chemicals.

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