Reading customization

Read more comfortably with Kindle

E-reader, phone, and tablet

Inspired by the artistry of print books and powered by our Enhanced Typesetting engine, Kindle page layouts are designed to make reading enjoyable for everyone.

And, because every reader has unique preferences, Kindle lets you customize your text size, font type, margins, and more.

Make your reading experience your own on Kindle E-readers, and the free Kindle apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, PC, and Mac.

Brightness and bold control updates

Adjustable brightness, layout & page color

Read comfortably in any environment by setting the brightness, layout and even page color (available on the free Kindle apps for Android and iOS). Text alignment, line spacing, and margins are all customizable so your page looks just the way you like to read.

And, on the Kindle Oasis, set the front light to automatically adjust brightness based on the ambient light.

Read with continuous scrolling

Read with continuous scrolling

Scroll your book vertically—just like a webpage. With continuous scrolling it’s easy to explore your book while saving your place. Want to reference a map on another page, or a character from another chapter? We remember your current page when you use the vertical navigation bar to explore other parts of your book, so you can instantly jump back with one tap.

Continuous scrolling is available on Fire tablets and the free Kindle app for iOS and Android. You can scroll millions of titles, with more being added every day.


Print-like layouts and high quality visuals

Kindle book pages are laid out for the easiest reading experience, and they dynamically adjust based on your screen size and the customized reading settings.

And, enjoy images and charts in even more detail with the ability to zoom in on high-quality visuals.

Font, themes, bold control, and size control on Kindle

Customize your reading experience with themes

You can now save multiple reading settings on your Kindle device and quickly switch between them, selecting the font, boldness level, page margin, line spacing and orientation settings you prefer.

Bookerly font

Font type options designed for readers

Bookerly (serif) and Ember (sans serif), both Kindle-exclusive fonts, emulate the style of the best fonts in modern print books while providing great readability on digital screens of all sizes. Or choose from several other traditional fonts.

Easily invert text color with Dark Mode

Easily toggle Dark Mode via quick settings from any page on Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation and Kindle Oasis 10th and 9th Generation devices. One tap on the Dark Mode icon inverts text color from black to white.

Kindle E-reader with headphones

Accessibility options

In addition to the reading customization options above, Kindle offers support for blind and visually impaired readers using screen readers such as VoiceView, NDVA, and JAWS, as well as OpenDyslexic, a font preferred by some readers with dyslexia, and more.

Learn more about Kindle accessibility features.

Find all these options in the Display Settings (Aa) menu for any Kindle book with Enhanced Typesetting. To learn if a book supports Enhanced Typesetting, go to the Kindle eBook Store and look for "Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled" in the features list.