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Your photo memories across your Amazon devices

Showcase your best photos, share your favorite memories, and even take pictures with your Echo Show. Plus, with Amazon Photos, Prime members receive unlimited, full-resolution photo storage.

A personalized Echo Show.

Try saying

"Alexa, show my photos."
Alexa will display a selection of your personal photos as a slideshow.
"Alexa, take a selfie."
Use your Echo Show camera to snap a selfie. Swipe left to include fun stickers.
"Alexa, set up my photo display."
Once your device is set up, Alexa can keep a rotating selection of your photos on display.
"Alexa, show Sam's birthday album."
Once you’ve created individual Amazon Photos albums, Alexa can help you view them as slideshows.
"Alexa, show photos of this day."
Alexa can help show you photo memories from this day in years past.
"Alexa, send this photo to Grandma."
Share your recently captured selfie with your closest Alexa contacts.

Unlimited photo storage for Prime members

Prime members get unlimited, full-resolution photo storage and 5 GB for video; custom curated slideshows; benefit sharing for up to five family members with the option to share your full library; and a refined search filter to find the people, places, and things you love at a moment’s notice. All other customers receive 5 GB combined photo and video storage.

Do even more with Alexa. Try saying, “Alexa, show my photos of sunsets,” "Alexa, who is in this photo?" or "Alexa, show photos taken in Sicily."
 Unlimited, full-resolution cloud photo storage for Prime Members.
Turn your Echo Show into a digital photo frame. View your photos in rotation with your homescreen content or a slideshow.

Put your photos on display

Turn your Echo Show into a digital photo frame.
Alexa can surprise you with a random selection of your personal photos displayed as a slideshow, or view specific Amazon Photos collections by using the title of the album in your Alexa request. Try saying, “Alexa, show my wedding album.”
"Alexa, set up my photo display."
Once you've set up your Echo Show device, Alexa can help you view your photos in rotation with home screen content. Select one of your Amazon Photos collections, or relive good times from the past with Amazon Photos features like Daily Memories and This Day.

Memories worth sharing

Share, relive, and reminisce about the memories that matter most to you. Use Alexa and Amazon Photos to share your favorite photos or recently captured selfies. You can use the Alexa app to share photos with friends and family, or create invitation-only groups on the Amazon Photos app to share pictures across compatible Amazon device.

Make memories even when you’re apart. Turn your Echo Show home screen into a photo display that your loved ones can contribute to. Invite family and friends to share their photos to your Echo Show device to begin enjoying ambiently whenever memories are shared. Contacts must be enabled in either the Alexa or Amazon Photos app.
 Learn how to personalize your devices
Pose for a picture on your Echo Show

Strike a pose

Use the camera on your Echo Show to take a selfie. Swipe left to make it unique with fun stickers. You can even choose how you want to capture your likeness: with a single shot, a video, or a four-shot photo collage.

Your photos on your Fire TV

See your photos on the biggest screen in the house with Amazon Photos. Personalize your Fire TV screensaver from your Fire TV, the Amazon Photos app, or the Alexa app. View your pictures by asking “Alexa, show my photos.” Select which photo album to view, hit Play, and voila! You and yours have just taken on starring roles.
 Learn how to personalize your devices
Cloud Storage with Amazon Photos


How can I view photos on my Echo Show?
Personalize your Echo Show to view photos in rotation with your home screen content.
Follow these steps to set up your device:
    1. Say, "Alexa, set up my photo display,” or swipe down from the top of screen and select Settings.
    2. Select Clock & Photo Display > Amazon Photos.
    - For Echo Show 5 or Echo Spot select Home & Clock > Clock & Photo Display > Amazon Photos.
    3. Choose which photos to display by selecting any of the following:
    Manual photo upload
    Photo album
    (see photos from your selected Amazon Photos collections)
    This Day
    (you’ll see photos from this day in years past)
    Daily Memories
    (you’ll see an automatic selection of your pictures daily)

    Learn more here on how-to view your photos across compatible Amazon devices.

    Tip: Auto-Save uploads all photos from your phone's camera roll and continues to upload new photos that you add later. When enabling Daily Memories or This Day, you'll be asked to enable Auto-Save and allow access to your phone's camera roll.
What is Amazon Photos?
Amazon Photos provides secure full-resolution photo and video storage. Learn more here about Amazon Photos.
Can I play a slideshow of all my photos?
Use Amazon Photos and Alexa to view curated photo slideshow selections. If you've already created an album in Amazon Photos, you can ask Alexa to show that specific photo album. Learn more here about viewing slideshows on your Echo Show.
Can I share photos with friends and family?
Strike a pose using your Echo Show camera and share your recent capture with friends and family. Try, “Alexa, share this photo.” You can also invite family and friends to share photos across your compatible Alexa devices. Learn more here about how to share photos with Alexa.
Can I delete a photo from my Echo Show?
To prevent Alexa from displaying certain photos from Amazon Photos set your rotating home screen photo display to a collection that does not include photos you do not want displayed on your Echo Show. To delete photos from Amazon Photos you can use - the app on iOS or Android or on a web browser.
How are Alexa and Echo designed to protect my privacy?
Learn more about privacy settings, common questions, and more resources on our Alexa Privacy Page here.
What can I ask Alexa about my photos?
“Alexa, show my photos.”
“Alexa, set up my photo display.”
“Alexa, show photos from This Day.”
“Alexa, launch photos of my hiking album.”
“Alexa, tell me more about this photo.”
“Alexa, show photos from last summer.”
“Alexa, take a four-shot photo.”
“Alexa, how do I set up photos on my device?”
Prime members can do even more with Alexa
“Alexa, where was this photo taken?”
“Alexa, show my photos of dogs.”
“Alexa, show my photos of flowers.”
“Alexa, show photos of Taylor.”
“Alexa, show photos taken in Sicily.”
“Alexa, who is in this photo?”
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