Amazon Cash

Shop without a debit or credit card on Amazon

Add cash to your Amazon Balance at participating locations to shop millions of items on Amazon.

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No interest or fees

Shop without a debit or credit card for all your essentials. There are no fees for using Amazon Cash.


Add cash regularly at participating locations to save up for that special purchase or keep an

eye on your Amazon Balance throughout the month. Your Amazon Balance is always available to you.


Amazon Cash uses a unique personal barcode or your verified phone number

every time you add cash to your Amazon Balance. For easy access, print your

barcode off your computer or save it to your Apple Wallet/home screen on your smartphone.


Once you add cash, your funds are immediately available to start shopping on

Whether you’re grocery shopping or fueling up the car, participating Amazon Cash locations

are likely to be right where you already are.

How it works


Bring your cash to a participating location

and ask for Amazon Cash.

Use your barcode or phone number

to identify your account.

Add between $5-$500 to your balance

that can be used to shop on Amazon.

2 Different ways to add cash

Participating stores will support at least one of the following methods to use Amazon Cash

Scan your barcode

Give your mobile phone number

Use the provided barcode to identify your

Amazon account by scanning it at the

cashier or kiosk.

Use your mobile phone number to identify

your Amazon account by giving it to the

cashier or kiosk.

Featured Stores

Western Union *At participating locations| CVS | GameStop | 7-Eleven | Rite Aid

Each Amazon Cash transaction adds an Gift Card to your Amazon Balance in seconds. View Terms and Conditions

LT35 Easy to shop, simple to save | Qualifying students, EBT and government assistance recipients can save 50% on Prime | *Conditions apply