A fast, cost-effective way to create, edit, and upload images to Amazon listings from your phone


Introducing the AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio…

An assembly-free, collapsible device with built-in LED lights that enables you to quickly and easily capture quality images with a smartphone or camera. Save time with quick set-up, and save cost, capturing as many images as you want without needing to use a photography service. It fits a wide variety of product sizes, while easily storing and transporting when not in use…see more details on features later in this page


Use the Amazon Seller app to capture, enhance, and upload your images…

The Amazon Seller app can capture and edit new photos or edit pre-existing photos from your phone. Access this feature when updating photos for your product listings, or select Product Photo Studio from the upper-left navigation menu.

You can optimize photo brightness, make the background pure white, crop, validate quality, and upload the photo to your product listing or save to your phone…









Title Install the Amazon Seller app…

Android | iOS

Available worldwide on iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.0+


Optimized Lighting and Imaging Options

Inspired by studio lighting, a main light fills the box, a second light provides directional accent and highlight, and the inside walls bounce fill-light into your object. Each light is daylight balanced at 5600K with high CRI (Color Rendering Index), high output LEDs, for producing good contrast, consistent color, and enough output for handheld photography. Diffusion material protects the LEDs, while softening shadows and eliminating LED-dot-reflections. The background material is covered with a zero-texture, bright white, durable coating. A top hole allows imaging from above, and the front flap has 3 doors to maximize image angles and bounced fill light, while minimizing outside reflections.


The AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio has been carefully designed with your time and busy schedule in mind. The no-assembly design allows you to set-up and create images within seconds, without needing to fuss with separate lights, tents, poles, etc. On the go? Not a problem. When collapsed, the 2.6” (6.6 cm), thin, portfolio design is easy to take with you using the shoulder strap or handle. At 25"x30"x25" (63.5 x 76.2 x 63.5 cm), the large size can cover a wide variety of products. Do you want to get your images to your listings faster? The Photo Studio feature in the Amazon Seller app can create, edit to Amazon’s imaging standards, validate quality, and upload images to your listings from your own smartphone.

Durable and Safe

The entire structure and materials were rigorously tested to ensure it is ready for your daily use. For safety, the LED lights automatically shut off if the box is closed while still plugged in, and are fitted with a diffusion cover to not only improve lighting, but also protect against inadvertent contact.

Thin, convenient, and easy to store…


Actual images captured with the AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio, using a smartphone and the Photo Studio feature within the Amazon Seller mobile app…




Basics studio
built-in LED's


common style studio
tent with separate lights


common style studio
built-in LED's


Basics studio
built-in LED's


Snapshot with
room lighting


Basics studio
built-in LED's


Snapshot with
room lighting

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio Features List

• Designed specifically to meet the imaging needs of Amazon sellers

• No assembly required. Set-up and create great images within seconds

• Quickly and easily collapses into a thin 2.6"(6.6 cm) portfolio carrying case that is easy to store and carry

• Built-in LED lighting with enough output to enable hand-held photography using your smartphone or camera (tri-pod/stabilizing clamp NOT required)

• Covers a wide variety of product with its larger size at 25" x 30" x 25" (63.5 x 76.2x 63.5 cm), while remaining conveniently lightweight and portable

• The front 3-door system optimizes light, while keeping out unwanted reflections for your reflective products

• Lights turn off automatically when the box is collapsed

• Durable in both material and construction

• Ability to image from the top and the front

• Business card pouch

• Capture unlimited images without the need of a professional photography service

• 1 year warranty

• image capture and edit feature integrated within the Amazon Seller mobile app to fast-track images to Amazon listings (not yet available for vendors)

If not using the app feature described in this page, for best results, you must use exposure compensation or a manual camera app to optimize image exposure (brightness). Start with these settings - ISO 200, S 1/200 (shutter speed), AWB (Auto White Balance), then adjust as needed for your product.

If not using a mobile device, start with these DSLR/P&S settings (adjust as needed): F8; S 1/125; ISO1600; Focal length 30 or equivalent–Using a longer focal length, smaller F-stop (Aperture), and/or longer shutter speed will require use of a tri-pod

In the Box

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

User Manual

Power supply

Pre-installed removable background (sweep)

Tech spec

Product Weight – 15 lbs. (6.8 kg)
LED – 5600k daylight balanced; two light banks to provide studio directional lighting and contrast on product

Product dimensions when open – 25"x30"x"x25" (63.5 x 76.2x 63.5 cm)

Product Dimensions when closed - 25"x30"x2.6" ( 63.5 x 76.2 x 6.6 cm)

Output voltage – 11.4V to 12.6V DC

Input voltage – 100-240 Vac Nominal

Output current – 2.5A

Materials – Polyester 60%; Nylon 40%

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