Amazon Kids parental controls let you choose what content your child sees, create educational goals, and set time limits by activity.

To get started, tap on the Amazon Kids app, select the profile for the child you would like to set limits for and choose “Set Daily Goals & Time Limits.” Tap the toggle to enable settings for your child.

Getting Started with Amazon Kids
Open Amazon Kids App

Establish a bedtime

Avoid disagreements at bedtime by letting Amazon Kids do the work for you. Set the Bedtime feature by selecting “Set Daily Goals & Time Limits” and choosing a “Turn off by” time.

Set time limits

Set time limits

Want your child to have unlimited reading but limit their video time? The Screen Time setting allows you to customize the time allowed for each activity. No preference? Make it easy by setting “Total Screen Time” for the day

Removing Content

Create goals

Challenge your child by setting educational goals. Use the profile settings page to pick the amount of time you want your child to complete for each category; you can request that they complete reading and math problems before playing games.

In-App Purchasing

Using Smart Filters

This setting ensures children will only see content that has been approved for the age range you select. In the child profile settings, under the “Manage your Child’s Content” section, click “Smart Filters” to set the age minimum and maximum to designate the types of content your child will see.