Parent Dashboard

Amazon Parent Dashboard lets parents discover the books, videos, educational apps, and games their kids enjoy in Amazon Kids and gives them the conversational points they need to discuss them after the screen is off.

Getting Started with Amazon Kids
Open Amazon Kids App

Activity Reports

The weekly and three-month reports show you what your child has been using in Amazon Kids, as well as how much time they’re spending with each content type. Discussion Cards help explain more about the content

Add Child Profile

Discussion Cards

Discover and connect with your children on their favorite books, apps, and videos. To view discussion cards, click the bubble next to a title your child has viewed from within the Activity Report. The Discussion Cards have a summary of the content, key themes, and questions you can use to talk to your child with about the content.

Removing Content

Adding more content

If you purchased any additional apps, books, or videos you’d like to share with your child, you can add it to their Amazon Kids profile from Parent Dashboard. To use this feature, select “Add Content” for the profile of your choice. Once you select the content, it will be available on your child’s Amazon Kids home screen within 30 minutes!

In-App Purchasing


You can use our locking feature to let your kids know it’s time for dinner. To use this feature, select “Lock Devices” for the specific Fire tablet on which you would like to pause Amazon Kids. Your child’s Amazon Kids experience will be locked for the amount of time you choose.

Remote settings

Remote Parental Controls

You can set daily time limits, create educational goals, and choose what content each child sees from Parent Dashboard. To use this feature, go to Parent Dashboard and select the settings for the child profile you wish to change. After updating the setting, you will then need to select “Finish syncing my settings” which will automatically update across all of your child’s supported devices.