How teen logins work
Teens browse with their own login
Teens place an order
Parents review and approve the order
What families love
Separate yet connected logins
Shared Prime benefits
Optional spending limits
Common Questions

What is a teen login? Teens ages 13-17 can now have their own login (unique username and password) that is connected to a parent's account. Teens can browse on their own and choose to pay with either their own gift card or a payment method chosen by their parent (“parent's card”). When a teen places an order, the parent receives all the order details via text (or email) and can approve the order by texting back “Y”.

Can I convert an existing Amazon account to a teen login? Yes, typically an existing account can be converted to a teen login as long as no Kindle devices have been registered previously. Prior to converting, you will be asked to remove all payment methods, addresses, and Amazon Households from the account if applicable.

Can my teen use their Kindle or Echo device with a Teen login? Kindle and Echo devices cannot be registered to a teen login at this time. We suggest your teen creates a new login with a different email or phone number separate from the one registered to their device.

Can my teen access digital content through my Family Library? Teen logins cannot access shared content through the Family Library at this time.

Why is my payment information requested during sign up? Teen accounts are linked to a parent Prime account. We ask you to add your preferred method of payment for your Teen account during sign up, to ensure that once your teen begins to shop, we charge the correct card on file. As the parent, you will not be charged for any purchases until you approve them.

Can a teen and parent share Prime benefits? If a parent is a Prime member, the teen will receive select Prime benefits at no additional cost including Prime Shipping benefits, Prime Video (not including purchased video library sharing), Prime Photos, Prime Early Access to deals, and Prime Exclusive brands such as Wickedly Prime and Amazon Elements for Prime. Prime Music, exclusive promotions on pre-order video games, and purchased video subscriptions are not sharable.

What payment methods can a Teen login use? Teens can make a purchase with a gift card, or with the credit or debit card shared with them by a parent. This card will appear as “parent's card” to the teen at check out and not contain any of the card information. If a teen wants to use their own card, a parent can add the teen's card to their payment methods and then share it with the teen.

As a parent, do I have to approve every order? By default, a parent will have to manually approve every order the teen places. Parents can choose to skip the approval step by setting up a spending limit. If a teen places an order under the spending limit amount (eg. “orders under $50”) the order will automatically be approved and scheduled for shipping. Parents will still receive a text and/or email notification with all the order details and can cancel the order through their account.