Step 1: Get Started

Buying eBooks for others on Amazon has never been simpler

1. Search for your title
2. Select “Buy for others” and enter quantity
3. Receive a unique redemption link for each Kindle 
eBook copy ordered
Buying eBooks for other on Amazon has never been simpler. Just search for your titles, select "Buy for others" and select the desired quantity, then you will receive unique redemption links for each Kindle eBook copy purchased.
    Can I buy Kindle eBooks in bulk on Amazon?
    Yes, Kindle eBooks can be purchased in any quantity (barring free books and pre-orders) on Amazon Business using the “Buy for others” option on Kindle eBook product pages. You’ll receive a unique redemption link for each eBook copy ordered. Kindle eBooks provide an easy and cost-effective way to source materials for employee professional development, customer incentives, conferences, and events.
    How many Kindle eBooks can I buy?
    The maximum quantity you can purchase in an order is 999 copies of a single Kindle eBook. If you would like to purchase more copies or multiple titles, you will need to place multiple orders.
    What are the payment options on Amazon Business?
    Amazon Business supports multiple personal and shared payment methods, including invoicing. Visit Payment method options for a full list of available methods and options.
    How will I know my Kindle eBooks are ready?
    Once the order is processed, you will receive two emails. Your Order Confirmation email will notify you once the transaction is complete, and the “Your eBooks are ready to go!” email will guide you to the redemption links once they are ready to send.
    Can I return Kindle eBooks?
    Yes, you can return all unredeemed Kindle eBook’s for a full refund up to 60 days after your original purchase date. Once you return unredeemed eBooks, no one will be able to claim the eBook copies associated with returned redemption links. We suggest communicating a deadline for your recipients to accept their copy.
    Do I need a subscription or enrollment program to buy Kindle eBook?
    No, our “Buy for others” feature enables customers to purchase Kindle eBooks in any quantity—no subscription, no minimum order, and no long-term commitment. Buy the eBooks you need, when you need them.
    What countries currently offer bulk purchasing and distribution of Kindle eBooks?
    Bulk purchasing and distribution of Kindle eBooks is available on Amazon Businnes and within the United States and on in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Keep in mind that recipients must be in the country where the Kindle eBooks were purchased in order to redeem them.

Step 2: Distribution

Send multiple redemption links

1. Click Download Spreadsheet (A) to open and manage a spreadsheet with unredeemed redemption links.
2. You can use mail-merge to send the redemption links to your recipients.

Send one redemption link

1. Copy the Redemption link (B)
2. Paste it into an email
3. Customize your message to the recipient
4. To use a standard template, select Copy link with instructions (C) and paste it into an email. The standard template includes information about the eBook, the sender, and instructions to redeem the content.
    How do I send multiple links to a large group of recipients?
    To send out redemption links to multiple Kindle eBooks or to large groups of recipients, select "Download Spreadsheet" from the Manage eBooks page to download a spreadsheet with unredeemed redemption codes and book title. Fill in the recipient name and email in the corresponding columns. You can use Mail Merge using either Outlook (via Excel) or Gmail (via Google Sheets).
    Do the copies of the eBooks/redemption links expire?
    No, the redemption links do not expire and can be resent if recipients don’t redeem them. You can return all unredeemed Kindle eBook’s for a full refund up to 60 days after your original purchase date.
    How do I know if a redemption link has been used?
    To see if redemption links have been redeemed navigate to Your Orders, find the order in question and select “Manage eBooks.” Under status you will see if the links have been redeemed or not.
    Can I buy one copy of a Kindle eBook and share it with multiple recipients?
    No, Kindle eBooks are licensed for a single user. Only the recipient who redeemed the code will be able to access their eBooks from his/her Amazon account. Once redeemed, Kindle eBooks cannot be reused. Customers agree to the Amazon Conditions of Use and Kindle Store Terms of Use when using “Buy for others.”

Step 3: Redemption

    Do my recipients need a Kindle device to read Kindle eBooks?
    While nice to have, Kindle devices are not necessary to read Kindle eBooks. Kindle eBooks can be read using the recipient’s phone, tablet, or laptop by downloading our free Kindle App to iOS, Android, Mac, or PC devices.
    Do my recipients need an Amazon account to redeem their Kindle eBooks?
    Yes, in order to accept a Kindle eBook, the recipient must have an Amazon account – if they do not, they will be prompted to create one when redeeming their Kindle eBook. Once they receive a redemption link, they may click to accept the prepaid eBook, log into their Amazon account , and choose to receive the eBook on a device of their choice.

Amazon Business

    What kind of features does Amazon Business provide?
    Click here to see a full list of Amazon Business features.
    Is there a cost associated with creating a new Amazon Business account or merging a personal account into an Amazon Business account?
    No, it is free to open an Amazon Business account. Business Prime requires additional cost.
    How do I create a new Amazon Business account?
    Start by clicking Create a Free Account. Follow the steps to enter your information for your new Amazon Business Account.
Compare Whispercast and Amazon Business
    Amazon Business
    Can I buy multiple copies of eBooks?
    Yes, if registered for a separate Whispercast account you can buy multiple copies of eBooks in the Whispercast store.
    Yes. Through Buy for others you can purchase upwards to 999 licenses of an Kindle eBook per order. Place multiple orders for multiple titles or higher quantities.
    Can I purchase Audio Books?
    No, audio books are not available.
    You can choose Audible books when the format is available, but there is no ability to bulk purchase Audible books.
    What are the payment options?
    Credit Cards and Amazon Gift Cards
    Amazon Business supports multiple personal and shared payment methods, including invoicing. Visit Payment method options for a full list of available methods and options.
    Am I able to return Kindle eBooks?
    Whispercast supports 7-day returns only for entire orders through Customer Support.
    Buy for others supports self-service returns within 60 days of purchase for unredeemed copies of eBooks.
    Do the copies of Kindle eBooks expire?
    No, unredeemed licenses remain in your library.
    No. The unique redemption links do not expire and can be resent if they are not redeemed.
    How do I manage the Kindle eBooks that I’ve bought?
    From your Library, you can view how many copies of an eBook are available for each title.
    From Your Digital Orders, you can see all eBooks purchased previously. Click “Manage Your eBooks” to distribute eBook copies and view the redemption status of each copy of the eBook.
    Can I upload documents?
    Yes, you can upload and distribute documents.
    No. However, you can use Send to Kindle to distribute documents to recipients.
    How will I see that the recipient has received the content?
    In History, you can view every distribution made from your account.
    The “Manage your eBooks” page lists the status of every redemption code. View Distribution Walk-Through for our suggested distribution options.
    How will I distribute to groups?
    You have to enter and store recipients in groups. When you assign content to that group, Whispercast will distribute the content to every recipient enrolled in the group.
    You can choose to send one title at a time or multiple titles using mail merge. View the Distribution walk-through for our suggested distribution options.
    Will I need to use personal identifiable data?
    Yes. You will need to provide and store the name, email address, and group assignment information in Whispercast.
    No. It is unnecessary to use personal data to distribute content to recipients. You can send or print redemption links on your own without supplying any recipient information to Amazon.
    How will my recipients receive their content?
    Recipients have to accept the terms of subscribing to content from your Whispercast account to receive content to their Kindle account.
    Recipients who receive redemption links click to accept the pre-paid copies of the Kindle eBooks. Once they accept the content, it will appear in the Kindle account or default reading device.
    Can I register for tax exemption?
    Yes, you can. Visit the Amazon Tax Exemption Program help page to learn how.
    Yes, you can. Visit the Amazon Tax Exemption Program help page to learn how.
    Can I buy and distribute free Kindle eBooks?
    Yes, you can buy and distribute free Kindle eBooks.
    No, you cannot purchase and distribute free content on Amazon Business.
    Can I create purchase approvals?
    Yes, you can.
    Yes, you can.
    How can I search for Kindle eBooks?
    You are able to search by Title or ASIN.
    With Amazon Business you have the ability to search the entire Amazon store online for ISBN, Title, ASIN, Publisher, Author, and more. In addition to searching for eBooks, Amazon Business gives you access to the entire site allowing you to purchase eBooks, class materials, and anything else you may need, significantly enhancing your store and purchasing experience.
    How do I reach Customer Support?
    Available Monday through Friday 6AM-3PM PST by email at
    Available by phone and email 24/7 at Amazon Business Customer Support.
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