Alexa Education

Enjoy the freedom of no longer having to switch between multiple school apps and accounts – just ask Alexa!



School Communications


“Alexa, what assignments do I have due Friday?”
“Alexa, what homework do the kids have coming up?

“Alexa, what are my class updates?”
“Alexa, what did Hannah do in school?”

To get started, find out if your school uses a supported service from one of the below education-technology skill providers.


Q1. How do I get started?
If your school or your children’s school uses any of the above services, and you have a supported account from the service provider, you may enable the skill and link your account for that service. Go to the Alexa app and navigate to the “Skills & Games” section. Search for your provider and follow these steps to enable the skill and get set up:

  1. From your provider’s skill page in the Alexa app, click 'enable to use'.
  2. Follow the prompts to select your school, enter the same username and password you use to access the provider's service from mobile or web, and complete the remaining confirmation prompts.
  3. Once you see a message that a skill has been successfully linked, select done.
  4. The skill is ready for use! If you wish to enable the Limit Access feature, you can do so from the Skill Settings page.

Q2. Can I enable more than one skill?
Yes. You can enable and account link the skill for each service that you have a supported account with. You can access information from multiple skills at the same time—just ask ‘Alexa, what homework is due this week?” or ‘Alexa, are there any school updates?’ and you'll receive information from all your enabled skills that can answer your question.

Q3. What questions can I ask these skills?
You can ask questions like those outlined above. Details about the specific questions that each skill supports are included in the skill detail pages, which you can access by clicking on the logo for the skill above that you’re interested in.

Q4. Do these skills work with FreeTime for Alexa?
No. These skills are not intended for use by children.

Q5. How do Education skills work?
When you ask for information from an Education skill that you have enabled and linked to your account, a recording of what you asked Alexa is sent to Amazon’s cloud where we process your request. Amazon requests relevant information from your Education skills so that we can respond to you.

Q6. How do I delete my voice recordings?
You can review and delete the voice recordings associated with your account by visiting Settings > Alexa Privacy in the Alexa app. From here, you can also choose to have your voice recordings over 3 or 18 months removed automatically. When you delete voice recordings associated with your account, we will delete the voice recordings and the text transcripts of your request that you selected from Amazon’s cloud. For more information, refer to the Alexa and Alexa Device FAQs.

Q7. Is any student record data used for advertising purposes or to provide product recommendations?
No. The student record data Amazon receives from an Education skill is not used for advertising purposes or for making product recommendations.

Q8. Where can I learn more about Alexa and my privacy?
For more information on Alexa and your privacy, visit the Alexa Privacy Hub at