How to get FREE Shipping to Israel

Set your location

Set your delivery address to Israel

Check detail page

Qualifying items shipped by Amazon will display “FREE Shipping to Israel” by item price

Review Shopping Cart

Review your Shopping Cart to see if your order qualifies for FREE Shipping

Select AmazonGlobal at checkout

If your order qualifies, “AmazonGlobal FREE Shipping” will be pre-selected at checkout

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I receive the Free Shipping promotion on my order?

International Free Shipping is available on eligible products shipped to Israel and are or part of orders worth USD 49 or more. Not all items are eligible for Free Shipping. Look for “FREE Shipping to Israel” or “FREE shipping on qualifying orders over USD 49” throughout your shopping journey. You can also visit our store for popular items eligible for Free Shipping. Once you have a cart with eligible items and exceed the promotion threshold, you will see the Free Shipping option at checkout.

2. Why didn't my order qualify for the Free Shipping promotion?

There are several reasons why your order my not qualify. Free Shipping is available if your shipping address is in Israel your items are eligible, and your total order meets the minimum Free Shipping threshold of USD 49. If your cart contains non-eligible items, you might be charged shipping fees for these items.

3. Do I need to meet the free shipping threshold of USD 49 by purchasing one eligible item?

No, you can meet the threshold either by buying several eligible items with a total value that meets or exceeds the free shipping threshold – or you can purchase one eligible product that costs USD 49 or more.

4. Why does the Free Shipping threshold change when I shop in Israeli Shekels?

The Free Shipping threshold is USD 49. The threshold in local currency is based on the conversion rate to the United States Dollar and may vary. The current currency conversion rates are displayed in the currency picker and at checkout.

5. How fast will my order be delivered if I choose Free Shipping at checkout?

Estimated delivery time will be provided at checkout and varies depending on item availability & delivery address.

6. Am I still required to pay for import fees on my order?

There are no changes to the import fee deposit policy. To review the policy go here.

7. Are import fees or VAT included for calculating the minimum threshold for the Free Shipping promotion?

Import Fees and VAT are not included in the Free Shipping eligibility calculation. The Free Shipping threshold must be met based on on price and quantity of the eligible items.

Amazon reserves the right to modify this promotion at any time