Composite image of Kindle devices and a braille reader

Kindle is working hard to build experiences that delight all our customers with disabilities, by delivering devices and reading applications which work with assistive technology, features that support a variety of reading needs, tools that enable anyone to become a Kindle author, and more than 12 million screen reader supported books.

Composite image of Kindle devices and a braille reader

Read with Kindle Devices or Apps

Customers with moderate vision impairments or other reading disabilities can make reading more comfortable by customizing their reading environment to better meet their needs.

Focus easily with Reading Ruler

Inspired by physical reading aids, and harnessing the power of digital reading, the all new Kindle Reading Ruler helps improve a reader's concentration and focus while reading.

Customize your reading experience

With all Kindle reading experiences, customers can adjust the font type, size, and weight, screen brightness, margins, and line spacing, or invert the background and text colors. Customers can save settings and quickly switch between reading themes. The Kindle paperwhite and the Kindle Oasis allow customers with light sensitivity to invert black and white on the display. And the large display option expands important parts of the display like the text on the home screen and library as well as the book icons to make it easier to read.

Read where you want, how you want

There is no screen glare, even in bright sunlight on a Kindle device. Select Kindle devices have a built-in light with adjustable brightness to increase contrast and make it more comfortable to read in the dark. Readers who rely on assistive technology like screen readers or refreshable braille displays can use their preferred tools to read with Kindle apps on Fire tablet, iOS, Android or Kindle for PC. Kindle devices rely on Bluetooth to connect to popular speakers, headphones and enable the on-device screen reader.

Navigate and explore Kindle with ease

Navigate your library or within a book using consistent title, menu, and button names. Explore content and navigate item-by-item as well as by touch using VoiceView gestures on Kindle devices and your Fire tablet, or common accessibility gestures on VoiceOver, Talkback, NVDA or JAWS.

Closeup of screen reader supported property from book detail page

Buying Kindle Books

Refine your search on the Kindle Store to easily find books which are screen reader supported. The screen reader supported property on the book details page indicates if popular screen readers will support the book. Functionality may vary across titles and screen readers. If you find a title is not working as you expect it to, please let us know. Contact customer support to request updates to books purchased and downloaded with previous versions.

Kindle Direct Publishing website image on a desktop and tablet

Self-publish with Kindle

Kindle Direct Publishing provides tools and services that enable anyone to become a Kindle author. With popular content-creation tools, authors who use assistive technology can become a Kindle author in three easy steps:

  1. Create and format your manuscript
  2. Upload your book and design a cover
  3. Publish your book in both print or digital formats. For more details about Kindle Direct Publishing check out the KDP University.


We want to hear about your experience using accessibility tools with Kindle products. Please email us at to provide feedback.