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Alexa makes your life easier, more meaningful, and more fun by letting you voice control your world. Alexa can help you get more out of the things you already love and discover new possibilities you've never imagined.
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Getting started with Alexa

Alexa-enabled devices are simple to set up and use.
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Alexa app
The Amazon Alexa app is a quick, easy way to try Alexa on your phone, as well as set up and manage compatible devices.

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Setting up your device
Setting up your device
You can set up your Alexa-enabled device in a few simple steps through the Alexa app.

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Featured partners

Alexa Skills bring you great experiences from top partners you know and love, as well as tens of thousands more for you to discover. Play games, listen to podcasts, meditate, order food—there's something for everyone.
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“Alexa, play music on Spotify.”
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“Alexa, play Today’s Hits on Apple Music”
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"Alexa, answer the front door."
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"Alexa, play NPR."
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“Alexa, open ESPN.”
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“Alexa, open Food Network Kitchen.”
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"Alexa, open Headspace."
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“Alexa, open Disney Stories.”
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Q. What is Alexa?
A. Alexa is Amazon’s voice AI. Alexa lives in the cloud and is happy to help anywhere there's internet access and a device that can connect to Alexa. Making Alexa part of your day is as simple as asking a question. Alexa can play your favorite song, read the latest headlines, dim the lights in your living room, and more. Basically, Alexa wants to make your life easier, more meaningful, and more fun by helping you voice control your world—both at home and on the go.
Q. What's the difference between Alexa and Echo?
A. Alexa and Echo work hand in hand—so you don’t have to use your hands. While there are lots of Echo devices, there’s only one Alexa. Alexa puts the smart in Echo smart speakers, screens, and wearables. Alexa lives in the cloud, which means you can ask Alexa for help wherever you find Alexa —in Echo, Fire TV, Fire tablets, and other Alexa-compatible devices. Alexa is even in the Alexa app on your smartphone.
Q. What is the difference between Works with Alexa and Alexa Built-In?
A. “Works with Alexa” devices are those you can control using the Alexa voice service, such as a smart light bulb, thermostat, or plug. “Alexa Built-in” describes third-party devices that let you access the Alexa voice service. For example, you can control a Works with Alexa device using your voice by saying “Alexa, turn on the light” to an Alexa Built-in device (or an Amazon device with Alexa, such as an Echo smart speaker or smart display).
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