Customer Reviews: because the internet[Clean version]
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on December 22, 2013
Let me rave for just a minute.

This has got to be one of best albums I've ever heard. Of course Camp was great, but this is a completely different animal – one that feels more troubled, lost, and even dangerous than Camp ever did. The first thing the listener is struck with is how experimental the album is – from the grand scale (the song groupings, the screenplay []) to the intimate (the sax solo on Worldstar, the beginning of Telegraph Ave.). Lemme go through this song by song:

1/2. The Library/Crawl: This song starts angry and takes no prisoners. To be honest, nothing in "Crawl" resonates with me that strongly – that is, until the driving beat suddenly drops out and the hook is sung once again, with only a cello played behind it. Gives me chills every time. The screaming is also on point.

3. Worldstar: As a saxophone player, the solo at the end of this one really wins my respect. Gambino isn't afraid to take risks, and this song shows it. I feel like this one gets more and more chaotic as it goes on – starting with a conventional (per se) trap beat and eventually descending into a frantic exploration of man's love for violence. Plus, I loooove the way he says "My girl ain't bad/ she more like evil."

4/5. Dial Up/The Worst Guys: "Dial Up" is much better once you read the screenplay. The Worst Guys is one that I love a LOT – but I can't really say why. Childish has a great rap, the concluding guitar solo is wonderful....somehow, everything just comes together on this one.

6. Shadows: It's so great to hear real instruments be predominant in a modern hip hop song. This one is just very, very soulful, and the turnaround halfway through is genius. His singing, in particular, really shines on this track.

7. Telegraph Ave: WOW. This format of this one is inspired. The song begins with Childish getting into his car and turning on the radio, at which point the song starts playing. He begins to sing along sporadically, and eventually the track transforms into his own – he "claims" it. "Foot on the gas, I'm just trying to pass/All the red lights, and the stop signs..." This is a deeply melancholic song, but something about his delivery (and maybe the place I'm at in my life) makes it SO relatable. 10/10.

8. Sweatpants: I'll be quick. This one is creative, sharp, frantic, and contains some of the best one-liners in the album. EE EE EE EE ONOMATOPOEIA.

9. 3005: the fact that this is labelled the "single" of the album doesn't make it any less smart or unusual. What is debatably the most cheerful hook on the album disguises another confused and troubled rap. This one, though, ultimately ends on a happy note, and never fails to put a smile on my face. "3005" ends the song arc that began with "The Worst Guys."

10/11. Playing Around Before the Party Starts/The Party: Wow. This is a high point in the album. I've heard PABTPS described as claustrophobic, and I think that's a perfect description for it. And then the wavering, hair-rasing bass comes in as The Party starts...and then Childish raps...oh my gosh. Even though it only lasts for about 30 seconds, it is the most intense, blistering verse on the album. Wow.

12. No Exit: Childish sounds completely deranged on this one. In a good way. This is probably the best possible way he could've followed up to The Party. Best line: "Man, there's a star bound to a body inside of me/20 million degrees, burn a man to his knees."

13. Death by Numbers: Meh. Short, not much to talk about. Good transition.

14. Flight of the Navigator: I could write for a LONG time about this one. This track is absolutely gorgeous, in a profoundly unsettling and creepy way. The lyrics are absolutely gorgeous, as is Gambino's singing and Ludwig's guitar playing. Hell, just go listen to it. I know I was moved the first time. I'd also label this song the second most experimental on the album.

15. Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information): I'd label this the most experimental song on the album. It's when the song jarringly transforms from gorgeous and stripped down to fierce and powerful at 1:20 that you get the feeling you're hearing something special. Gambino's second verse is probably my favorite on the album – philosophical, clever, and personal.

16. Urn: This one is just beautiful. Donald stated in an interview that this is his favorite track on the album, and I can kinda see why. There's a LOT of emotion packed into this 1:13.

17. Pink Toes: this is the only song that I don't feel strongly towards. I do love Jhene Aiko's singing part...but the singing that Childish does is just mediocre. I don't know, maybe YOU will feel differently about it. Give it a shot.

18. Earth: The Oldest Computer: I LOVE this one. It's less experimental than the rest of the album, but it's just as sharp. The beat gets your blood pumping, Gambino's bars are driving, and the end is chaotic, but perfect for the song. There's also a very well-delivered line which gives the date "3005" more importance in the grand scheme of the album.

19. Life: The Biggest Troll: What an ending. This song gives the listener a glimpse of the raw, tortured place Gambino's at right now while also offering some very clear-sighted wisdom and even advice. And then the's creepy, uncomfortable, but above all HONEST – and I think it's the best thing Gambino could've possibly concluded his album with.

Everyone is hurt. Everyone is bruised, confused, and looking for meaning. Gambino has the courage that so many artists lack to show his weakness. And what an album he has crafted with it. 10/10.
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on December 10, 2013
amazon needs to fix the audio rip to [explicit] and not [clean]. but got that sorted out through customer service. none the less great album. the album comes with a script that gives you a better understand of each song(whole album)read the script at each song has meaning and by the end of the album you will find out you were being trolled through the whole album why??? because the internet!!!! read the script it's too dope
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on December 10, 2013
I've read just about every review available for this album so far and I'm SHOCKED by the amount of stupidity displayed by these so called reliable reviewers, so let me set the record straight!

I've listened to this album front to back numerous times and I've finally come to a conclusion, this album is simply amazing. It's seems more focused than Camp but also more chaotic, makes sense right? It's like Yeezus meets Frank Ocean, is that better? But in all seriousness this is Gambino's best work at producing a complete album. Gambino is transitioning hip hop into the artistry of music and that's something that reviewers can't seem to grasp. Everyone is looking for something deeper, for some kind of purpose, but why? Maybe it's as shallow as he wants it to be. Maybe it's just music.
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on December 13, 2013
If Camp was a battle of voices between Childish Gambino and Donald Glover, then Because The Internet is what happens when Childish locks Glover in the basement and invites over mc DJ. It's a beautiful dream that unravels into a wondrous nightmare. Make no mistake, this a concept album through and through, but the beats are unmatched and the arrangements entrancing. His lyrics are smart, and flow precise. With limited collaborations, Childish chose wisely: Chance the Rapper, another intelligent wordsmith, and Jhene Aiko, whose voice you will never forget. In a market flooded by auto-tuned hacks, with recycled beats, Because The Internet is a revelation. There's nothing like it, and there is nothing like Gambino. This is not an album that you blast in a frat party, this is an album where you turn up the volume, turn off the lights, close your eyes, and experience the emotion and detail that it contains.
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on May 25, 2014
I thought Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid M.A.A.D City ruined me for years to come, until I heard this album.

After first listen, I thought there were a few good cuts but the album seemed chaotic and hard to follow. Gambino showed his normal lyrical dexterity and wittiness but I wasn't fond of the production. Something compelled me to do a little more research on Andrew Auernheimer and it lead me to the screenplay that is to accompany this album. I always knew about it just never invested the time.

WOW. Reading the screen play takes this album from a decent/good album with a few tolerable tracks to one of the best and most artistic pieces of music I have ever heard. The production makes so much more sense, it really captures the appropriate feeling at that moment in the screenplay. The album is so cohesive, the vision is clear, and deep. Like Lamar's GKMC, this album needs to be reviewed as a whole not by each individual song. Everything fits perfectly, and the screenplay picks up from where the last track on his Camp LP, That Power, left off. It explores "the boy" and his failed relationships and general angst towards the world among other things. After reading the screenplay, every time I listen to the album I have a movie playing in my head.

I am a true lover of hip hop Nas, Lupe, Common, Kanye (pre yeezus that was trash), Kendrick, Mos Def, this album absolutely fits in with those other great artist. Bino gets a disresptected regularly, and like GKMC this isn't for everyone, but the quality of this album can not be denied whether you like it or not. Although Bino has said himself he is just a rapper, he showed with this project that he is truly an artist.

If you love story telling, artistic, risk taking, self aware artist, you need this in your life. To think Bino did a lot of the production only makes this that much better.

Favorite tracks
Life: The Biggest Troll (Andrew Auernheimer)
Urn - Although just kind of a interlude
Pink Toes
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on September 8, 2014
I gotta be a little honest. I grew up on Hip-Hop and am a person who loves ALL music. But, the last year or three maybe four, I've been really DISAPPOINTED with the genre. The only two artists that are keeping me from disowning hip hop entirety are Drake (my love), and this dude here CHILDISH GAMBINO. I been a fan of his acting career since Community. When he came out with his first single Heartbeat I was instantly a fan. Loved Camp. This album got me truly obsessed with Gambino, though. I listen to this album once to twice maybe even more a day since I purchased it. It's not just an album, it's an amazing experience, vibrant, dangerous, chaotic and beautiful. This is hands down the best album of the year for ME. One thousand thunbs up. My opinion :D
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on December 11, 2013
I ripped this CD a couple days ago (and bought it as soon as it came out) because I'm a huge fan of the Bino--though his recent releases haven't tickled my fancy I respect them (I'm looking at you: Royalty Mixtape) I feel very satisfied by this release. It's a huge departure from Camp and even more so from his earlier records and though Camp will always have a place in my heart as one of my favorite hiphop records this could very well join the list. WARNING: It does take a couple play throughs but some stand out tracks are Sweatpants and Telegraph Ave. (a remix of Oakland by Lloyd). The album as a whole is a lot darker. Very mature. The album isn't as feel good get pumped but is a lot less cheesy which is a plus depending on your mood about his music.

The biggest piece of advice I can give though when listening is READ THE SCREENPLAY. He wrote a 72 page screenplay that ties all of the tracks and the story together and after reading it makes the album so much more enjoyable. It can be found on his website, look it up, it's at
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on August 25, 2016
This album is an experience. And what an experience.

I'm not a big fan of Gambino's first album. It was all too literal, and most of it was just him recounting his youth.

This album is better in every way. The lyrics have more meaning, their is humor that is tasteful and quick, and the production quality it phenomenal. Every track works on its own, but when listened to as a single Album, it works even better (something I've done several times now)!

Pick it up if you're curious.
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on December 6, 2014
I'll start off by saying: I'm more of a metal fan than a rap fan, but ultimately what I like in music are mood shifts and the meticulously crafted alternate reality that it creates. For that reason I like the progressive metal genre and, while I would hesitate to call this "progressive rap", Gambino takes a lot of sonic 'risks' that are very common in that field of sound. He manages to avoid a lot of the cliches that have turned me away from rap/hip hop in the past and instead delivers a fun, "anything can happen" experience that drew me in from beginning to end.

Whatever you may feel about the lyrical story being told, the music is handled masterfully. Hip hop is notoriously bad when it comes to mixing more 'laid back' moments as they often come off as mere distractions from the hardcore music surrounding it. Because The Internet captures every mood better than I could have imagined and is worth a listen just for the dramatic shifts. It doesn't hurt that I came to enjoy Gambino's rapping style pretty much instantly and decided this would be the first hip hop album I would ever buy.
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on October 8, 2015
Because The Internet is one of the greatest rap albums out there (but I'm a west coast girl who listens to alt rock music all day, so what do I know). I'm giving the music 5-stars, but the actual listening experience 0 stars. Can someone please tell me how to operate Amazon Music? Like I don't get it at all.
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