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on November 8, 2013
So, hopefully people read 5 stars after the one stars like I do... I'll start with my review then point out a few things from the one star reviews...

We're still on formula with our twins. This means their poop is this disgusting blend of yellow chunks and dark green paste. thick paste... peanut butter paste. Chunky green and yellow peanut butter poop. This sprayer gets it all off.

Now on to the 1 star wonders:

1. The button leak
The "old style" button did leak. They have since fixed that problem according to other people. I have seen pictures of older buttons and its a small difference, but there are two different styles. I have also been told that the company is great about replacing buttons.

2. The "forgot to turn it off"
Really? they didn't follow instructions and then complain. If you left your outdoor hose on with a nozzle on the end, do you know what happens? I do, we made that mistake last summer... the pressure will build up until the weakest point fails (in our case, a section of the hose broke) and it will flood everything. We didn't go to the nozzle maker (I think it was Ace hardware brand) and complain because we accepted we were stupid.
And being sleep deprived is no excuse. Really, there's a reminder printed ON the sprayer...

3. Pressure is too high/only one pressure available
You can adjust it. That handle you use to turn it on- just turn it a little less.

4. It makes a mess.
See my answer to #3. If you have adjusted the pressure already, then it stands to reason that every sprayer will have the same problem right? (if its at the lowest pressure setting it can be to easily clean the diaper then any sprayer would do the same thing.)
Buy or make a "Spray pal" look it up. you'll thank me.

5. Pressure too high to be used for postpartum cleaning of "personal area"
Again see #3. But really, who just decides to power wash their nether regions? Doesn't it make sense to check pressure before spraying water on yourself, especially after the area has been ripped/cut and stretched and otherwise damaged...
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on January 5, 2015
The device is easy to install if you have the newer flex-hose style, hand tightened nut on your toilet, which most newer toilet installations do, and mine did fortunately. They don't really tell you this and if you have the old style water supply, you will probably need to replace that first with the flex hose and plastic nut that you hand tighten under the water tank. My issue with the sprayer, and why it didn't get a 5 star, was it leaked like a sieve. Where? Right where the sprayer flex hose hooks into the bottom of the hand sprayer itself. The black rubber washer that's supplied has too big a hole in the middle, and water came squirting out the bottom of the sprayer, down the hose, and all over the place. Fortunately, I fixed it by putting a second, same sized black rubber washer with a smaller hole, under the first washer. The hole on this new washer was basically the same size as the inlet from the hose coming into the housing. By the way, I tried the second, smaller holed washer by itself, and it helped, but still leaked slightly. Also putting the second washer on top of the original didn't change much. But putting it under the one that was supplied worked, and continues to work, like a charm. Now the sprayer functions leak free and it's up to (almost) a 5 star. The only remaining thing I don't like is that the tank attachment that you hook the sprayer on has too fat a clip so the porcelain tank top can't quite sit snuggly on top of the tank anymore. Not sure what the fix for this is since it's plastic and if you make it thinner, it could snap, and if you make it metal, it could scratch the outside of the tank where it hangs (who cares if it scratches the inside of the tank where there's no porcelain anyway..?). Otherwise, this sprayer is a real godsend for pre-cleaning our Bum Genius diapers, and it sure beats the shower sprayer into a bucket we were trying to use before.
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on April 12, 2013
We got our first bumGenius Diaper Sprayer in 2008 when we started using cloth diapers with our first son. We primarily used it for rinsing diapers, but also found it handy for rinsing the tub/shower when cleaning. After 5 years of use, it stopped working so we bought a new one. I noticed the sprayer had increased in price by about $20 and figured out why when it arrived. The hose is much stronger than on our previous one. Instead of a long, clear plastic tube, it's now a shorter stainless steel reinforced hose. I suppose that's better for preventing leaks or burst hoses, but it's not as useful. Now the hose is too short for rinsing our tub/shower and makes it tricky to rinse diapers because of the configuration of the toilet and water supply line. Nevertheless, a diaper sprayer is essential for cloth diapering. I just miss the old, longer hose.
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on November 13, 2013
Sorry to be too blunt but we don't use this as a diaper washer but rather as a poor man's bidet. Older folks sometimes benefit from a bit extra, particularly in the realm of papers that can be soft but ineffectual. We have bidets in our other home and find this little wand works perfectly well at a small fraction of the cost. Beware however! broken water pipes and fittings cause millions of dollars of damage each year and a lot of inconvenience. This little sprayer comes with a very handy and easy to work shut off handle that is quickly reached while sitting in place. Once the valve is turned on you can press the button for the sprayer. Turn the main valve off after each use and you eliminate the risk of accidental flooding from a burst line. That is not to say that the parts are inferior, they are very good. But they do get manipulated during normal use and certainly are subject to more wear than the other static lines in your toilet. Any one can install this, you don't need a plumber.
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on February 20, 2017
Suuuper helpful with soiled diapers but does cause a lot of splashing when you get the pressure up to truly rinse the diapers (valve allows for variable pressure). Still, we used it and I really miss it since it has broken. The handle simply stopped working, a flimsy black button and we don't feel it was used enough to warrant a total break, hence the three stars.
Very easy to assemble, you don't need a Handyman for that part.
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on May 7, 2015
Installs easily if you follow directions, though there are not enough pictures or directions to completely do it without figuring out a couple small (but pretty easy, only took a few seconds to figure it out) steps for yourself. The screw and bolt that connect the white clip that hangs over the toilet with the metal pocket the spray goes into are not packaged well. Before we opened the package, the screw came out, unbeknownst to us. Fortunately it came out on our living room floor and so later, when I noted the screw was missing, my wife asked if it was the one we had found on the living room floor. Similar story with the bolt. The toilet clip causes your toilet lid to not fit on quite securely so don't jostle it to much, that is not really the fault of this product though.
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on December 24, 2015
Love this product! Little background story: I ordered this sprayer and about a month later had to take the filter apart due to some water problems. Well... I had a little accident. A part of the sprayer (like the entire black filter thing with holes in it? Hope that makes some since.) fell into the toilet. So, first I cried... Like a little baby, then I got my dunces back and called the bum genius company and explained what happened and told him I had all my payment info and I was ready to just pay for the replacement part. He said, no problem Mrs. Dees! We will just send you your replacement today and it was in my mail box the next day! <3 Wonderful product, wonderful company!!! Two thumbs up in my book!!!
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on September 1, 2013
For parents with cloth diapers, a sprayer is a must-have to rinse off the diapers before putting them in the dirties bag, or washing them. The Bum Genius diaper sprayer is easy to install for someone with a trivial amount of comfort working with plumbing. If you have opened the back of your toilet to fix it from constantly running, and you've ever hooked up a garden hose, you know enough to do this job right. Attaching the hose just needs to be hand-tight to prevent leaks. We never had any trouble with leaks at all.

The downfall of this unit is its lifespan. After 19 months, the trigger broke and we can't open the valve any more to spray water. At least it failed in the closed position, and not in the I'm-going-to-keep-spraying-water-all-over-your-bathroom position. The manufacturer's website claims a 3 year limited warranty so I'm about to see how easy it is to get a replacement part. Having lived so long with a working sprayer, it is only now that it has broken that I realize how terrible the dunk-and-swish method of rinsing off diapers really is.
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on July 19, 2014
I bought one in Feb/March and it now spits or leaks water even after turning off at the valve and draining it. I have learned to turn it off, drain it, then hit the button multiple times and shake it a few times. Sounds like works but the rest works so well that I didn't want to gamble on another model, I ended up getting another to keep at my Mom's house for when we visit.
The pressure it great, it's better than dunking, it's better than rinsing and brushing, and it's cheaper than liners.
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on June 6, 2014
I like this because it had a pressure nozzle to adjust the flow of the water. However it makes a mess. My husband hated this thing but to be fair he has a bit of a germ phobia and initially when spraying a soiled diaper it made a mess causing it to splatter everywhere. For me though it was much better than the idea of dunking my dirty diaper. I keep my hands out of the toilet and was just careful while spraying. It's also very good quality sprayer. Now I just use it to clean my toilet as we stopped using cloth diapers.
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